On Am I An Adult Woman If I Can't Handle Sephora?

@OhMarie I dunno. I have the worst luck with drugstore makeup not matching my skin tones. Being able to try on stuff at Sephora has actually saved me money in that I only buy one lipstick and use it regularly instead of three that I kind of hate.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

$40 every 2 months (1BR in sturdy mid-century building). Literally $30 of that is fees, though...

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

@lemons! How do you keep it from going stale and smelling like freezer ice though? Frozen bread is pretty dismal.

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On Making Decisions With Two Heads

From what I read, it sounded like it was his ambition for some time but he shelved it for her. Great piece, Logan, thanks for sharing it with us.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live downtown in a wintry city. Usually ok weather (March-November): walk everything under two miles, bike everything from two-ten miles, bus ($5.20 return-trip fare) for longer trips. Horrible weather (December-March) walk under two miles, bus everywhere else, try not to leave house. Supplies/air/repairs on my bike run about $30 a year. I spend about $30 a month in the winter on transit... super complex calculations indicate... about $15-20 a month on transit, factoring in emergency bus trips. I only take cabs when I'm traveling. I also pay about $100 extra a month to live downtown and not commute. To me the time saved alone is worth it.

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On I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About Hair Removal What About You

@hthomas420 99% of the time it's just getting older. We're splitting hairs here, not talking coarse (not course! Seriously people?) patches of bramblebrush

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On Some Things Are More Affordable for the Unluckiest Generation

Pffft. I could entertain my damn self if I had a car to run and house to maintain.

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On 1 Thing You're Like a Dream Come True

My 1 thing: booked a long overdue hair appt. During work hours, but they owe me OT so no problemo. Not looking forward to this phone call: "Please book an appointment to discuss your credit portfolio with us." AAHHH WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

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On A Quick Recorded Convo With My Dad About Retirement

@highjump Thirding this! Logan's voice is lovely.

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On A Conversation With a Single Mom Living on $40,000 a Year

@fake coffee snob Lots of high achieving poor kids do household chores or take care of their siblings. It's not like OP's pulling them from elementary school to plough the farm, for heaven's sake.

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