On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

@ronswansonluva congrats on paying off...and i second the emergency back of up "just in case" things dont go as well as you hope.

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On Job of the Day: NASA Test Subject

@Samantha wiht your head slightly down you would find it very aggravating to read or do anything. try it at home for an hour...it's unnerving.

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On How I Learned to Love Investing

@bltaug3 this. yes. please. I am ready to make the jump. I fund my 401k. I have my emergency savings. I dont have debt. Investing is my last major hurdle but i feel like im standing at the bottom of the mountain and unsure of how to even start the climb.

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On Jimmy John's Employees File Lawsuit Re: Working Off The Clock

its wrong but this makes me crave Jimmy johns so bad...

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On Plus-Size Shops Vs Plus-Size Shoppers

@Chel the best brands are actually the new ones- a new brand (even a new one owned by an existing manufacturer) puts more effort into establishing quality from the get go. Take for example BCBG runway collection. When initially launched the collection was composed of silks, gorgeous wools, hand done details and amazing patterning. Over time- due to both the economy and a price pressure- the price points have gone down about 100$- 200$ a garment BUT at the cost of all the amazing details that made it "special" The new garments are almost all polyester, blends with loose fit (less patterning) and no hand done details. They were much better when they were trying to "Prove" themselves. BCBg is of course not a plus sized avenue but I would not rule out other "unknown" labels. Do some research and you may find an amazing brand. Just dont be crushed when they may hit the down slope. Finally- just because a designers label is on the garment doesn't mean the same manufacturer is producing it.

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On Plus-Size Shops Vs Plus-Size Shoppers

@NoName @inthepost Also important to note: its the BUYERS not the CONSUMERS not buying the line. People forget there is a difference (I also work in the apparel/consumer goods industry) We face the same problem- great products with lots of variety that never make it to the selling floor.

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On Reader Mail: Starting Out as an Adult

@DrFeelGood i still do this...and i didnt just start my job. it reminds me why im willing to 'suffer' with smaller pay checks.

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On What Would It Be Worth To You To Be a Laker Girl?

I have a small collection of antique etiquette books from 1870 to 1940...most of these are in the books in some form or another even as late as the second world war. Things haven't changed as much as people think they have.

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On Friday Estimate

@ronswansonluva shellac manicures are my new dirty pleasure. I sew so a regular manicure lasts all of 4 minutes on my nails but shellac is amazeballs. Im debating getting one today.

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF Congrats!

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