On What Would It Be Worth To You To Be a Laker Girl?

I have a small collection of antique etiquette books from 1870 to 1940...most of these are in the books in some form or another even as late as the second world war. Things haven't changed as much as people think they have.

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On Friday Estimate

@ronswansonluva shellac manicures are my new dirty pleasure. I sew so a regular manicure lasts all of 4 minutes on my nails but shellac is amazeballs. Im debating getting one today.

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@ATF Congrats!

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights i collect antique clothing (victorian, mostly undergarments) This is a vintage clothing and textile auction so there are some antique pieces i want for my collection and some vintage pieces i may buy (if the price is right) to wear. The big problem is always that i dont have the bank roll the dealers im competing against do. Auctions are the best though. I love the hunt.

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On Friday Estimate

@readyornot friday nights at the whitney are free.... 6-9. If you want to save some money try to hit it today. (info on their website)

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On Friday Estimate

i am going ot an auction...i hope to spend less than 700$. but maybe more? (Ive been waiting for this auction for 4 months.... so i expect it to do some damage) Groceries- 50$, Gas 50$ Beach on sunday train ticket 25$? Lunch at beach - 15$ So...probably about 1,000 dollars. Hopefully less depending on who bids against me. EEk

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On Expenses Relating to My Wedding That I Couldn’t Possibly Have Anticipated

@theballgirl @ATF Tailoring should be expensive. tailoring a wedding dress even more so. It should also be done on time and it sounds like they are taking on more work than they can do. To tailor the bodice of a wedding dress with lace- you have to remove all of the lace and beading. Do the tailoring and BY HAND re add all of the trim. I also always hem dresses by hand (much more elegant than by machine) and if the hem has trim guess what: it has to be removed and resewn by hand. The reason they don't show the half done dress is you would have a panic attack if you saw it mid "surgery" For the record- im not a tailor but am a trained seamstress.

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On Which Extinct Job Would You Be Best At?

Seamstress if i had to get paid.... perhaps lace maker. Neither were well paying jobs. Or rich lady embroidering in the window if money was of no interest to me. I really love to embroider/sew

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On The Billfold Book Club Discusses Helaine Olen's 'Pound Foolish'

@dude even if the math you give is correct- I would still rather have the equivalent of the benefits of my iphone for 30 years (or whatever comparable technology comes out) than 102,000 dollars to give to a hospital to prolong my meager and self sacrificing life. That is not to say that I don't save or do as much as I can for my future but there is a limit to what (selectively) I will sacrifice for my present self no matter what you tell me the potential value of it will be in 30 years.

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On Just Because You Have a Standing Desk Doesn't Mean You Can't Sit Down

I work in heels. Tall ones. I guess that makes me sound like a stripper but really i just work in the fashion industry. A standing desk would be crippling. At home I do like to stand when I cut sewing patterns but sadly I dont have the table space anymore to do so so I am relegated to the floor.

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