On The Curious Case of $2 Bills in Ecuador

@Lily Rowan i do too. i was always told by my mom its good luck.

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On #FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

@Lily Rowan i guess my point is not what it would cost me- but what it would cost the people who use certain products/services. I don't really eat at Mc donalds but admit that a 30% increase in prices wont break me if i really want Mc donalds . ( I likely already pay 30% more than most of the country as I live in NYC- im fine with this mostly ) What i am not understanding is if you raise the wage of all minimum wage - then products across the board (not just mc donalds) get more expensive. This includes all of the products from toothpaste to tshirts that are marketed towards people of low income. So now that person is paying more for food from fast food or grocery store, shirts from Walmart, pretty much all consumer goods. I presume there would eventually lead to an increase in rents etc although the direct correlation is more complicated. Essentially a High waters raise all ships sort of thing. If seems the only other option is to put the pressure on outsourcing and thus you are taking advantage of the poor in another country.

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On #FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

HI - I am not being snarky but really want someone to explain to me: If the minimum wage is raised to XX. wont the cost of goods that are geared to consumers in the minimum wage bracket go up and therefore they will be in the same position ? I am just not understanding how this is a solution but accept that I am not an economics expert and would love to understand more.

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On KonMarie and Me

@Poubelle again it is not a fair comparison. Clothes arent made to last an arbitrarily assigned length of time. Something like a sweater can be extremely durable and long lasting or it can be fragile delicate and get ruined easily. A jcrew sweater is likely made of wool or some wool blend and will require certain amount of care when cleaning. Depending on the knit- it may pill or fray if you put too much abrasive things against it (purses, overcoats etc) Your HM sweater was likely made of acrylic and though long lasting may not have been as warm/comfy/ cozy/ stylish as the natural counterparts. Or maybe it was the best most fantastic sweater you ever owned- that is ok too. I am not advocating for luxury brands (and i dont consider Jcrew luxury) but rather educating one self on how different materials hold up and understanding what you want out of your clothing. If you need the toss it in the wash 5,000 times and wear it till you die sweater- cashmere knits are probably not for you. On the flip side as a textile collector I have pieces that are literally hundreds of years old. Some of the more recent (about 100-110 years of age) I can wear gently. All of these would be destroyed in a second if i expected to throw them in the washing machine. but that they woudl be destroyed doesnt mean there is something inherintly wrong with them- it means i need to know how, when and if I can wear them.

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On KonMarie and Me

@Derbel McDillet thats an interesting point but often comes down to preference and use. What fiber is right for a certain garment depends as much on how the garment will be worn/used as it does content. I wouldnt expect to wear a silk dress in the same way i would wear jeans or workout clothes.(and so I have different durabilty expectations) Personally I love silk but even within the fiber of "silk" there is a huge huge variety of quality. (Joe fresh's silk feels like polyester) But if silk isn't for you- rayon is often a better substitute than polyester. You would be shocked how many so called "luxury" brands don't use natural fibers for the very reason that the consumer isn't educated enough to know the difference. The biggest shame is to pay silk prices for a synthetic dress. That said- I am a bit of a textile snob myself and generally prefer a natural fiber over a synthetic one. Of course there are cases where this does not hold true- (swimwear comes to mind. Thanks Victorians but you can keep your wool swimsuits) Ill add that being machine washable isn't a requirement for the clothes I wear and I don't want my clothes to be indestructible. Clothes that take a beating the best aren't necessarily the best clothes. I like the clothing to look good on me and wear well in the environment in which they were intended

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On KonMarie and Me

@orangezest i dont thnk it is fair to compare jeans (which historically are made to be very rugged) to a sweater- Thats like expecting a banana and an onion to have the same shelf life.

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On KonMarie and Me

@steponitvelma to be certain reveiws and feedback from others can shorten the process (although reviews will never help you with fit) i am not suggesting doing this research everytime you purchase but rather cultivating a knowledge base that will allow you as the consumer to make smarter decisions in textile purchases. Simple things like looking at fabric content and understanding very basic construction can go a very long way in choosing quality goods.

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On KonMarie and Me

@steponitvelma to do this- to find the better clothes because they are truly better and not just branded- you must do a lot of work. You have to understand fabrics, sewing, construction, patterning and fit. You have to know your figure, how you live, what you do in your clothes. you have ot know what can be repaired and what can easily be altered. you have to be constantly vigilant because brands change factories, and fabrics from season to season. Essentially it is a lot of work to know the difference and manufacturers of those "label" brands depend on your laziness/busy schedule/intimidation to ask these sorts of things.

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On Know Your Value, Get $10,000

THe potential reward of 10k (which is about half that after taxes) is not worth me risking makign a fool of myself onstage in front of everyone. negotiating is hard enough behind closed doors with one or two bosses- i cant imagine doing it in front of the world. Particularly with using parts of my real life job as ammunition.

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On Spring Shopping

I subscribe to the philosophy of buy less but buy better. It works for me. I also wear antique (Edwardian) and sometimes higher end vintage clothing. It helps that I can sew, repair and recreate things And for fancy nights I walk around in corsets and 18th century reproduction gowns. Yeah. I pretty much should have been born in another era.

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