On Another Way to Find Things to Purchase

omg why did i click on her blog. I want that reed krakoff bag so bad now. MUST resist.

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

@stuffisthings I dont think it would be awful to have pieces reused but in terms of a filming perspective it might be a nightmare. Reusing means the clothes would have to be cleaned, stored and accessible for reuse.That amount of storage along would be crazy. Plus you cant only have one of a shirt- they normally have a few incase one gets damaged during filming or incase some scenese are shot on location, on different days etc. Dont forget you may see a character in an outfit for 3 minutes but the ACTOR may have worn that for 3 days. In historical shows, however, you more often than not see characters wear the same thing becuase it would be ludicrous to think anyone below(and even including) aristocrats would change their clothes that quickly. Even so- the set always has more than one of a garment around in case of damage. (it would cost epic amounts of money to have to refilm something because lord so and so stained his coat in the breakroom but then to not have that coat to shoot with) As an aside- I always encourage my (non fashion) friends to buy less clothing but buy better clothing. It is preferable to have a few key outfits that are well made, natural fabrics and fit you perfectly than an entire closet of junk. I buy this way myself and as a result have many well made clothes that are- on paper- outside my income bracket. If I am only buying a new dress every season (or even better - every season and on sale) its actually not a hardship for me.

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

@sherlock Personally it frustrates me more to see the size of their "newyork" (urban) apartments.

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

@Shan Palus@facebook Tt is a combination of reasons- 1. Fit and quality. This is of the utmost importance when you have a moving active character (no photoshop). THe fit, look and feel of a fast fashion garment is not comprable to a designer one. ever. And if hte actor looks sloppy- the blame falls on the costume crew (or they have to make alterations which makes a 10$ shirt a 300$ one. It becomes more obvious when you ahve characters wearing 'fancy' dress (date nights, prom dresses etc) Fact is- the cheap ones do not look the same on film as the good ones. Any anything you see in ads are faked in photoshop. its not the models figure they retouch. 2. Timing. Shows are filmed months before they are filmed. If it is a very 'trend' show they need access to clothes when they are still trending. yes fast fashion has a fast turn around time but they are very buy it today wear it tomorrow. For a show you need to buy it today- let it sit aroudn for 6 months and still ahve your character look good (if not fashionable) in 6 months, 8 months etc. 3. the fashion industry is incredibly incestuous. So it tv and film. Im sure there is not more than a little you scratch my back I scratch yours. + im not sure how likely fast fashion places are to even want to be involved. They make their money knocking off hte designers seen in the show. Heck half the time they are prob designing it because " new girl" (or insert other trend character) are wearing it. Characters from shows can set the trends even more than designers can. 4. advertising= big $$$ 4. I could go on and on... but at the heart of it- I personally feel that designers should get paid and recognized- . Using knock off clothes in shows..is just in poor taste. And when you look at the budget of a tv show (think how much an actor makes an eposide) 15K or even 100K is really a drop in the bucket. For the record- I studied costume design and now work in the fashion industry (not as a designer). I have many friends who still work in costuming. They have some really crazy stories :)

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On The Cost of a TV Show's Wardrobe

They borrow them from designers or are given them by designers for exposure. Even when they dont- the budgets are huge. They also get 50 outfits for every one you see and many get returned to the store (or were only borrowed in the first place) 105$ for a shirt on a tv show is nothing. much of the other clothing you see is many many many times that.

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On Can't Afford to Travel But Can Totally Afford to Be a Travel Snob

last year i wound up in Turkey for 2 weeks thanks to one of those emails. It was amazing. Tourist-y or not- I saw a country- and part of a country (cause it was a bus tour) that I would have NEVER gone to on my own. I was looking for a new trip as soon as I came back

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On Here's the Salaries of Some Lobbyists

These 2 along with others from 20 states will get government pensions when they retire because of 1 weird old law that says that even though they are private employees, because they represent public orgs, they get free money. IM confused as to why you consider a government pension "free" money. Yes its great they get it- but i dont think its free. Its part of their compensation and perhaps why they took/keep/stay at the job. Maybe wtihout the pension they would demand 400k in salary. Maybe without it they would work somewhere else. I see no reason to be mad that they get a pension. Id rather be mad that i dont. But they are not getting one in lieu of me getting one. Why do people get mad that some people make a lot of money. I like to hear that some people in some industries make money. I like hearing that my boss and her boss and their bosses make way more than me- it means that maybe - hopefully- ONE DAY i too can make a lot of money and not be relegated to a pitiful salary until my death.

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On The Cost of Optimism

Am i the only one who thinks it is wrong that a blazer only costs btw 8 and 50$. Clothing should not be that inexpensive.....

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On The Things We Buy to Make Us Feel Whole

i feel this way about green juice and finally broke down and bought a juicer. I dont use it every day or even every week but it is still one of the best purchases I have made in the past two years.

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On The 'Getaway' Apartment

i think this article made me physically ill. Now the rich people are scooping up the studios with cash too... no chance for anyone else.

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