Is Talking About Money So Terribly Hard?

Is money just too hard to talk about, that is the question.

Whatcha Been Cookin’?

On the preparation of food.

The Way We Shop

We talk about ethical shopping.

The “Bootstrapping” Myth

Mike: Earlier this week, we had a feature story about how a person got her job at a public relations firm. Part of that answer, we discover, is through connections this person had. “You should take every meeting,” she said. “Because you never know who’s going to have a job open up over the weekend. That’s a lot of how I got my job.” I appreciate how upfront she was about this because it basically demonstrated how “bootstrapping” is often a myth—the idea we got from Horatio Alger who wrote stories about boys working hard and moving themselves out of poverty and up the ladder. This is a part of the heart of the American Dream, but, of course, Horatio Alger wrote fiction. It’s not as simple as that. Were you raised with a “bootstrapping” mentality?

We Hope You Love Her As Much As We Already Do

Mike: Logan, so we’ve got some programming news to announce, yes?

The 1 Person On Earth Who Doesn’t Fantasize About Having Money?

What is ur fantasy?

Would You Ever Quit Your Job With a Youtube Video? Y/N

Logan: Happy Friday, Mike. So three things happened in the world this week: The government shut down, Miley and Sinead got in a fight, and a woman quit her job with a YouTube video. I think that’s it right? That’s the gist of it. Anyway there are some lessons to be learned from all of these things (it’s terrifying that 80 white dudes can shut down the government; don’t read another word about Miley Cyrus ever), but I thought the one we could talk about is: Quitting your job via YouTube video. Have you watched it?

On Fran Lebowitz and Work

Mike: This week, I listened to an interview that Jesse Thorn did with American writer Fran Leibowitz, who has been described as a “modern Dorothy Parker.” And she talked a lot about some of the difficulties she faced just doing her job, and some of her thoughts about money. So I thought it might be something interesting to talk about!

Throwing Parties, Going to Parties, Spending Money on Parties

Logan: I feel like we talk about weddings all of the time always, but ha, I would like to talk about them some more.