Trying to Pay Off Debt and Falling Off the Wagon (As We Do Sometimes)

Mike: We’re going to do a monthly debt check-in later today. Let me know what your new balance is.

Logan: It’s gone up.

Logan, Where Have You Been?

Mike:: Logan! So enquiring minds would like to know how you are doing and what you’ve been up to.

True Fans of True Detective


Winter Sports, Ski Tags, and Baby Leather Jackets

Are you watching the Olympics?

Our Adult Wardrobe

Logan, do you have a similar memory? Acquiring some grown-up clothes that made you feel like an adult when you put them on?

More on Those Slabs of Plastic Redeemable for Goods and Services

A conversation about gift cards.

Do You Get Paid Sick Days? Y/N

Logan and Mike talk about sick days.

We’re Gonna Need You to Work That Week

Are you taking time off for Christmas?

A Trip to the DMV

When’s the last time you were at the DMV?