On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2014 Check-in

I paid off my credit card last week! Officially debt-free. I am very proud because I did it while 1) growing a modest emergency fund and 2) keeping some things that were not absolute necessities but high priorities like living alone, playing roller derby and eating out more than occasionally. And now I have a budgeting and tracking system that works for me and that I can keep using to really get my emergency fund up to snuff. I have enough left over from my last payment to take myself out for for a really nice dinner (and pay with my debit card!) and then starting next month I'll be putting most of that money into savings, except for a few dollars that I'm using to bump up my weekly allowance for going out/fun stuff. It still hasn't really sunk in. Debt free! I've had a balance on that card for almost five years. I started paying it off (after a few false starts) a year and a half ago, and at that point this seemed so far away.

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

Oh, I loved hearing about this! I've been thinking of doing this myself. Every exposure I've had to coding makes me think that I would love it, and I've started learning some Python through free courses online. I feel the imposter syndrome hard though!

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On Monday Check-in

I think I did okay, but maybe spent a little bit more on groceries than I guessed. $99.96 on groceries -- $10 of which was for pizza supplies for date night $14.65 on getting my boots fixed $5 tacos $7.65 on coffee and a cookie That's it! That's all I spent. Total $127.26. I love January, it's so much easier to stick to my budget because nobody wants to do anything that costs anything.

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On Friday Estimate

Back to weekend estimates! I was really busy at work before the holidays so I let them lapse. I have a date night tonight, we are going to make pizza, so I will say $10 for supplies. I have a fairly hefty grocery list, so maybe $75 there. There is a new cafe open down the street from me that I am in love with, so I'll say $10 for a visit there with my knitting. I have to pick up some boots that I had repaired, I'm going to guess $15 for that. I am skipping my trip to the market this week and I've already done my laundry so I can't think of any other expenses, but I'll bump it up to $125 from $110 just in case.

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On Monday Check-in

Canadian here, so it was a regular weekend for me. But an expensive one, since I started in on my Christmas preparations. I spent $75 at a craft fair on christmas cards plus a present for my mom. I also found some underwear for me ($30). I started on my christmas baking ($35.50 for supplies, but I'll need to do a separate trip next week) and even sent off my first batch of cookies ($14.20 for postage). And I bought some Christmas music ($12) to listen to while I was baking. I also went out for coffee with two different people ($5 and $3.75), bought some bearings for my roller skate wheels ($40.25), went to the farmer's market ($34.50), made a separate trip to the grocery store for regular groceries ($46.71), did laundry ($2), and was too tired to cook dinner sunday night, so I got a poutine ($8.75). Very productive weekend! Total: $307.66

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $70, and then completely forgot to use the grocery store gift card on which my conservative estimate hinged. :( It's okay though, that gift card will come in handy in a few weeks when I'm buying all my holiday baking ingredients. Groceries: $37.99 Breakfast sandwich: $7 Poutine: $9.50 Frozen yogurt: $0.40 (I had a $10 voucher) Laundry: $2 The new Arcade Fire album on iTunes: $12 A pair of sweatpants for winter lounging (secondhand): $3 Total $71.89.

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On Friday Estimate

Today is my last weekend before payday, and it's been an expensive month, so I'm reigning it in. I have $90 to get me to payday, I'd like to reserve $20 for next week, so I have $70 to spend this weekend. I have a $20 gift card to use at the grocery store and I only need a few items, so I'm going to estimate $20 more. I'm skipping my usual trip to the farmer's market because I only need apples, which I will buy elsewhere. And I don't know what I'm doing for fun yet, but that leaves me $50 for whatever fun I want to have, which is pretty damn good! Oh and I might go out for frozen yogurt after my (pre-paid) spin class, but I have a voucher that I bought via team buy, so that should only cost $1 or so.

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On Monday Check-in

I think I estimated about $95, because I wasn't planning on going out at all this weekend, so I just needed groceries and farmer's market stuff. What I should have realized is that if I am not going out, I have to budget more money for extra snacks. Farmer's market: $57.50 Groceries: $65.20 Frozen yogurt: $8.90 Laundry: $2 Total $133.60. Snacks!

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On Friday Estimate

I had a busy week this week and another busy week coming up, so I plan to do not very much at all this weekend, and it's going to be great. Groceries: $60 Farmer's market: $30 Laundry: $2 Coffee or something: $10 Total: $92

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On Monday Check-In

It was a long weekend here, so I'm checking in on Tuesday. I think I estimated about $125, and I ended up at $131.25 (much closer than most of my estimates). As predicted, almost all of that money was spent on food: snacks and more snacks for a couple of social events, plus hefty trips to the grocery store and farmer's market. I made a really delicious squash casserole though, with marinated goat cheese from the market in the topping. Yum.

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