On On Being An OK Person In An Age of Personal Brands

I think in this scenario I would've tried to beat her at her own game. You say her Instagram likes and comments are so important to her? Well I'd start airing out aaallll the dirty laundry on her photos, for everyone to see. Maybe it could backfire and make you look petty, but if there are other victims (and you already found at least one) they might also come forward.

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On Communal Living & Class Antagonism in a Poor City

Fascinating read. I do wonder, though, would there be the same level of support if this had been, say, three families from Guatemala sharing the space? If it wasn't a group of bohemian, artistic families "cohabiting" in the house? A lot of this seems more like a clash between old(er) money and the sort of people you usually see gentrifying "gritty" urban neighborhoods. The piece doesn't really touch on the fact that the all families involved seem pretty privileged.

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On Dear Bank: I'm Breaking Up With You

The sad fact is that for big banks, retail customers like you just aren't worth the time and money. Even if you regularly kept a large balance and used the account daily, you're just not who they want to do business with.

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On So You Don't Have Curtains...

I'm not like this at all. Every place I've moved to, installing or changing the curtains is one of the first things I've done. It is, hands down, the simplest way to transform a room into a home. It's easy too! Where I am currently living didn't have rods installed when I moved in, and I used the screwdriver on a swiss army knife to install the things! (I am not a particularly handy person either). Anyway... Curtains! Just pick some and put them up!

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On 'It’s a sordid business, temping.'

Maybe my experience wasn't typical, but I can't speak highly enough about temp agencies. I'd been underemployed (retail) for about 1.5 years when I finally went into an agency about potential work. Within a week of interviewing with them, they had placed me. I had only a tiny amount of office experience, but that didn't prove to be a barrier. That job was supposed to last for four days while someone was on vacation. When it ended, they asked me to stay on for two weeks, then two months. After that, they made me an offer to join the company full time. I now work at a growing tech company with great pay and benefits (fully funded health insurance ftw!). My manager told me why I was asked to stay on - because when I finished up the minimal amount of work assigned, I asked, "what else can I help with?"

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On The eBay Auction, Two Ways

That sale of the Antiquities set make me cringe... I know this isn't a MTG discussion board, but I have to chime in. The thing about the really old cards is that they are actually pretty powerful in the game these days, simply because no one ever sees them coming. You can do a lot of powerful combos with the right mix of old rares and new commons. Oh well, $760 is nothing to sneeze at...

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On WWYD: Unsteady Income

This sounds very similar to a situation I found myself in when I used to work in television, freelance. My advice (if you want to stay in your chosen industry - I didn't, but that's another story) is to go on unemployment. It's less money than you would make working another job, but it's better than nothing. It sounds to me like you've only got to make this work for a few more weeks (though I don't know how many times I've heard that before) so you just need a small amount to bridge the gap in gigs.

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On Women and Money in Nashville

@Megano! Why didn't this load when I had nothing to do at work?! argh!

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On Women and Money in Nashville

I'm confused! Was this an essay or a blog post on Flavorwire? I can't find the next ten paragraphs, only the first two... : /

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