On Your Bosses Think They Work Longer Than You Do

I went from full time to 3 days a week (working from home) a year ago when I started my PhD, and I also have a business/freelance work on the side. I got an app (HoursTracker) which I 'clock into' any time I start my job/ freelance work/ PhD to hold myself accountable and make sure I'm actually doing enough hours on my salaried job. Now that I'm 'clocking in', I feel like I work nearly 100% of my working hours, whereas when I was working full time in the office I probably was productively working... maybe 50-60% of the time? Weird how that works.

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On All My Grownup Jobs And How I Actually Got Them

@moreadventurous I think I must be the only person in the universe that has only ever gotten jobs (three total) by seeing a job ad, applying, having an interview and getting it. The second job, my new boss was friends with a former colleague and might have talked to him about me, but otherwise applications went in totally blind. I realise this is kind of unusual to be successful this way!

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On How Do You Split the Cost of a Group Trip?

My experience with group trips is that at the beginning, everyone agrees it should probably cost, say, $200, and then there are a few people who decide that we must have lobster and caviar and hot tubs with gold flakes and at the end, someone sends an email going, "Okay, everybody owes me $600!" and it is very frustrating being the poor friend.

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On Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

@Meaghano I love those last couple of weeks at a job after you've resigned... I basically just sit on Facebook cheerfully all day because I no longer give any shits at all.

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On Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

In the UK a month's notice is standard, but I've generally ended up leaving after about 2 weeks because I still have a couple of weeks of annual leave left that I have to take. I know, I know, it's tough.

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On Let's All Move to Vienna

@Eric18 Except Montreal! I was doing a hypothetical "what if I got a job in X city" search and real estate in Montreal is surprisingly cheap. Best city ever. I miss it so hard.

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On The Cost of Love

I spent something like £1,500 (my half, apparently) on a pointless holiday to Portugal with my overspending, alcoholic exboyfriend. Every time I said I couldn't afford something (generally "more cocktails" but also "unnecessary 5* hotel") he said he would get it (he earned over three times as much money as me, for reference). I do not understand how I ended up paying for 50% of this waste of a week. We broke up a month later. I'm not still bitter about it or anything.

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On I Just Bought a SAD Lamp, AMA

I didn't realize I needed one... but now maybe I must also buy myself a SAD lamp? Will it help me get out of bed in the morning? Because if I set my alarm for earlier than 8 am, I lie there starting at my phone (or the ceiling) for about half an hour before dragging my sorry ass to the shower. I am le tired. And I get 8 hours of sleep every night.

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On The Hidden Costs of Working From Home

Also - it only just occurred to me today (after working primarily from home for the last 6 months) - but in addition to the mental health/ insanity implications of not leaving the house for the majority of the day, working from home also means becoming a Seriously Sedentary Person. I used to walk at least 30? 40? 60? minutes a day from the house -> train -> work + occasional walks to bathroom/ lunch place, etc. Now my longest bit of exercise is walking downstairs to the kitchen when I want food or coffee. So I just ran up and down the stairs for the 2 minutes while my kettle boiled. That counts, right?

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On Keep It Short and Sweet When Quitting

The thing is... her email isn't even clever, funny or terribly amusing. I can imagine she must have been real pain in the ass to work with.

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