On A Room in an Elderly Stranger's House, and Other Places I've Lived

I pretty much did all these but in reverse - at various points I lived on Girard, Belgrade, and Huntingdon, as well as a stint in South Philly. Now I'm in DC and lust after the palatial apartments I could have in Philly for what I'm paying now.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

@sherlock It has been the exact right number. These kittens were found under a car together and are SO INTO each other, and the shelter lets you adopt two for the price of one, and they were only charging $14 for adoption fees on Valentine's day... so two was the inevitable.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

High-interest student loan (11.49% fixed rate): January 2014: $3,017.63 February 2014: $3,017.63 Savings January 2014: $4,360.69 February 2014: $4,495.15 I adopted two kittens this month. Kittens are EXPENSIVE.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

High-interest student loan (11.49% fixed rate): December 2013: $3,027.63 January 2014: $3,017.63 Savings December 2013: $3,988.66 January 2014: $4,360.69 Goal for this month is to call my student aid office and see if I can up my requested aid amount for the fall and pay off that stupid high interest loan with federal aid money (which has about half that interest rate). I've got a LOT more in student loans (~45K and three more semesters at an expensive-ass school to go) but they are all federal so I should be able to put them on IBR/loan forgiveness when I graduate.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

This made me realize that I haven't been to the dentist in 3+ years due to no dental insurance, so I called a few dentists in my city to see what they charged. So far, I've gotten: - $109 cleaning + $68 mandatory new patient exam - $286 cleaning + mandatory x-rays of unknown cost - $145 cleaning/checkup - $250 cleaning/checkup + $45 to $160 for x-rays The variation is really interesting, especially considering all these places have 5 stars on yelp are in the same general area (and in the same building, for two of them).

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On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

@grobel I used to check it every day when I worked at a desk job and liked to procrastinate, but I don't really check it more than once or twice a week at this point. I only use credit cards or cash because I'm paranoid about my debit card number being stolen and I only get paid once a month, so the amount in my debit account is pretty consistent except when I pay all my bills on payday.

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On How Are the MOOCs Doing?

I've never finished one, but I usually am registered for 5-10 at any given time. I use them to supplement my actual graduate school classes. I'm in a field that touches on a lot of subjects - linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, statistics, etc. - and I've found it helpful to be able to have a resource to look into some topics my classes don't fully cover. I've also signed up for random ones that look interesting (Jazz Appreciation, cooking) and watch whatever lectures I find most interesting. I have no intention of actually working through the coursework, but I've found them to be good resources nonetheless.

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On Careers Seriously Considered Because of TV

i dream of becoming a caterer, just so i can party down.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2013 Check-In

High-interest student loan (11.49% fixed rate): November 2013: $3,181.58 December 2013: $3,027.63 Savings November 2013: $3,558.07 December 2013: $3,988.66

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On What Did You Bring For Lunch as a Kid, And How Are We Still Alive?

I'd blocked my early food choices out of my mind until now. Elementary school through middle school I went through phases, and I'd eat the same kind of weird meat sandwich for ~6 months (bologna, pastrami, capicola, or salami) until I got sick of it and switched. There'd be random other stuff - Sunny D and Warheads were my favorite combo for a while there. In high school, I'm amazed I didn't have a heart attack. They sold Boardwalk fries at my school, so I'd usually eat a big container of those with Old Bay. Sometimes I'd sneak off campus to 7-11 where I'd eat a couple of those jalapeno and cream cheese taquitos along with a Red Bull. WHAT.

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