On How Money Complicates Sex

@j a y Certainly, but condoms are (1) expensive too and (2) rely on your partner to agree to wear them consistently. Even though in an ideal world nobody would be having sex with partners who refused to use condoms (AND, on an even-more-likely level, nobody ever forgot OR made one mistake in not using them OR they didn't ever break), that's not the world we live in. Birth control in the form of pills, the IUD, etc., allows women (alone) to actively prevent pregnancy.

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

@HelloTheFuture I would agree with @Lily Rowan - for example, most of us couldn't buy a house in Manhattan, since there are like...5 free-standing houses, and they all cost twenty million (jillion) dollars. So my dream house is an apartment that I own, unless it's a fever dream where I have a billion dollars. Thank you for clarifying!!

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

I’m a little confused by, “Many of you who filled in “other” for your dream house wrote about . . . apartments. For some of us, our dream house is a rental.” Is the second sentence not linked to the first (i.e., some people just said "I want to rent forever" and others said they wanted to buy an apartment), or did the survey respondents specify they wanted to rent an apartment forever?

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On 38 Roommates in 10 years

This was such a nice read! I can't help but think that someone who has such warm, kind things to say about past roommates must also have been a great person to live with. It can't just be lucking out!

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On A Guide To Anthropomorphizing Your Student Loan Lender

My favorite (?) thing about Sallie Mae/Navient is the chipper, exclamation-mark-laden thank you email they sent you after each payment. They grate on me more than the actual bill. Oh, wow, how nice of you to thank me, you're SO WELCOME!! (You dicks.)

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On All Right So How Should We Pay For College Then

I dunno, we could take like 0.00000001% of the defense budget and kick it over to education? ETA: I realize this is not a novel idea and is a flip response, but I get so frustrated by the majority of the media, both left and right, wringing their hands and acting like there's no other sources of money out there. I didn't like this 529 cutting plan, but I don't get why the result is 'that, or nothing' and now that it's dead, no college help for anyone.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Harry Potter

@HelloTheFuture do Futurama next!! They talk about money all the time! The characters are so heartwarming! Think of the cost/benefit analysis you could do of 500 lizards vs. a parrot!

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On Symbolic Purchases

Good luck, Aja! You can do it! Thanks for sharing.

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

My company makes us have them. I give them to people who I interview or meet in other recruitment contexts, and also to try to win free burritos. And I gave someone to my mom. Perhaps someday I'll use them for actual Business with clients! One can dream.

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On Failing At Shoplifting, Life With Kesha

I never have, 50% out of guilt, 50% out of being convinced that I would have gotten caught and would have disappointed my parents. It's weird that I never had that same frisson of fear when, say, illegally downloading things, so I guess it was probably 90% fear of getting caught? Or maybe the tangibility of a stolen CD vs. a downloaded album is what makes one feel like theft and the other feel like...nothing.

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