On What Will You Do With Your Extra $200?

@ECW Yep! It happens to me around August. On a side note, to warn you about it, our paycheck company puts a notice on your paycheck that says something weirdly robotic in caps. It's like SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTION REACHED or YOU HAVE PAID THE MAXIMUM SOCIAL SECURITY FOR 2014 or something. Beep boop boop whatever you say robot overlord.

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On Secret Debt Threatened My Marriage

Who paid off the debt after you were married? Was it just your burden, or was it part of the marital budget? It sounds like the former from you sending in the check and the marriage counselor's words, but it would be interesting to see a follow-up of how this debt was integrated into your marriage, given your fiance's reaction at the outset.

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On The Real World Cost of a $22 Gadget

@andnowlights Exactly. I wish people would, at the least, recline their seats slowly rather than rocketing them back as fast as possible. At least give me a fighting chance to get my gangly limbs out of the way!

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On Producing a Beyoncé-themed Burlesque Show on a Budget

This sounds amazing. (How did NOBODY want to perform to Ego?! That song is perfect.)

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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

I don't understand the advice given here! Like, because you were previously happy with your salary, you shouldn't be impacted by the fact that they're willing to throw that same exact amount of money at someone who has none of the qualifications/experience you have (unless "being a charming man" counts for something which, oh wait, IT DOES IN OUR SOCIETY)? Ugh. Quit! You deserve better.

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF If you're going to be in South Beach, check out Yardbird and Ola! The speakeasy-type bar at the back of the Gale Hotel is also super romantic and fantastic!

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On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

I live in a super 'trendy' neighborhood in the city, and pay through the nose for my rent. I had to basically give a blood sample plus a crazy security deposit to get my apartment. It's a very small building - about 15 units - with no security, and the super lives offsite. Two of my neighbors use AirBnB/HomeAway (I've found their listings after I noticed hordes of tourists being unable to unlock our front door) and it drives me crazy. Because the area is really popular, they can command ~$300 a night on these sites, and I think to afford it, entire families or groups of friends will come stay. So what is supposed to be a quiet, secure building is instead filled with a half-dozen strangers for a few nights, soon to be replaced by another 5 of them the next week. So far they've just been noisy during the daytime and messy - but I'm afraid that some group will turn out to be destructive, incredibly loud at night, or worse. I actually have never seen either of my 'real' neighbors there, or at least not in months. Maybe they're living with significant others? And yet...I'm reluctant to turn my neighbors in? It grates on me that my small building now looks like a hotel half the time, but narc-ing seems so unpleasant. But I should call the landlord, right?

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On The Burrower, Part II

In addition to totally confusing me, this series made me sad in a sense. The level of subterfuge and mental energy expended on 'hiding' (literally and mentally) was overwhelming. I realize the focus is on the 'how' and not the rest of her life, but the fleeting mention of one coworker being the only one who knows made me wonder where the author's friends were, if she ever loosened her strict eating-out-of-the-trash diet to go out, if the three-days-in-the-office-without-leaving was ever interrupted to walk around the park, etc. It just seemed really lonely.

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On The Burrower: Part I

Where did you shower...?

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

I work at a big law firm, and while I don't think I'll do it forever, I don't go into work every morning feeling like my soul is being crushed. I am sure there are clients I would not want to represent and work I wouldn't want to do, but you can find fulfilling work outside of the non-profit sector. That being said, I don't think the legal market will recover to where it was before the crash. Applicants should really calculate how much they'll need to make per year to pay off their loans, and not rely on law school admissions offices' numbers on what graduates make. The numbers are hugely skewed by the inclusion of people who work at big law firms, to say nothing of all the other ways they're manipulated. Research the area you want to live after grad, and what different types of lawyers ACTUALLY make there (small firm, medium firm, government, etc.). Is the life you want to live sustainable on all of those salaries, or just some? I went to school with a lot of people whose only plan was to get a job at a big firm, and when that didn't happen, they were left with an extraordinary amount of debt and a salary not much larger than what they had made before they got a JD.

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