On Symbolic Purchases

Good luck, Aja! You can do it! Thanks for sharing.

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

My company makes us have them. I give them to people who I interview or meet in other recruitment contexts, and also to try to win free burritos. And I gave someone to my mom. Perhaps someday I'll use them for actual Business with clients! One can dream.

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On Failing At Shoplifting, Life With Kesha

I never have, 50% out of guilt, 50% out of being convinced that I would have gotten caught and would have disappointed my parents. It's weird that I never had that same frisson of fear when, say, illegally downloading things, so I guess it was probably 90% fear of getting caught? Or maybe the tangibility of a stolen CD vs. a downloaded album is what makes one feel like theft and the other feel like...nothing.

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On The Cost of Living in a Non-Profit Women's Residence

@Nicole B. Weaver Having housekeeping included is another awesome savings (if not in terms of money, then definitely in terms of time) but I can imagine that's offset by having someone root around through your stuff and narc about your candles.

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On The Cost of Living in a Non-Profit Women's Residence

This is so interesting!! I live near a building that used to be a women's residence of this nature (and is now luxury condos, natch) and I had no idea they still existed. When you say your electric blanket etc. were confiscated, does that mean they do room checks? Are there other similar intrusions on your privacy?

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On $100 Million For An Apartment & It's Not Even Pretty

NYC real estate idea: build fifteen chateaux on top of each other, casting a giant, turret-y shadow on Central Park. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

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On Parents Send Invoice After 5-Year-Old Misses Their Child's Birthday Party


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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@ireneadler Your last paragraph is really striking, and touches on something that can be easy to overlook: the benefit of having parental assistance isn't just the actual money, but also the psychological comfort of knowing that even if you fail, someone can bail you out (which you acknowledge the converse of: "...which has undoubtedly shaped the career options I've been able to pursue."). I would love to see the Billfold address this more.

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On First They Came For The Girl Scouts

I loved being a Girl Scout. We did a lot of science-y and business-y badges, camping, cool stuff like that. I remember making an oven out of a cardboard box wrapped in foil, left in the sun (I...may be missing some steps, but it worked!). I was horrible at selling cookies because I was crazy shy, but it seemed irrelevant to what we did the rest of the year? That may be, though, because our troop was well-funded otherwise. We also set up booths outside of supermarkets, etc., and it was a really good lesson on how to 'sell' in that sense, how to approach and treat customers, how to make change, how to describe products, etc. It sounds silly now but at age 9, they're great skills to learn. Yay Girl Scouts! Now someone find me some Samoas/Caramel Delites.

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On Survey: Does It Always Make Sense to Go for the Lowest Fare?

@Caleb Second what Caleb says. I actually do like Norwegian, but their seats are small, their legroom is small, and they don't pad their seats so it sort of feels like sitting on a metal chair wrapped in a thin layer of foam. That may impact your desire to get an aisle seat or more legroom. That being said, service has always been pleasant, planes have been clean, etc. I do remember their overhead bins being somewhat small the last time I went, but that was a shorthaul flight. Have a fun trip!

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