On Are You Getting a Health Insurance Premium Rebate?

Got a whopping $0.94 check from Anthem Blue Cross. This rebate is a joke.

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On Money-Saving Strategy That Has Never Worked in the History of Ever

This only works if in between lunch and dinner you eat all the snacks provided by your office (popcorn, trail mix, fruits). Even so, I've only been able to sustain this diet for a few days max before feeling disgusted/starved.

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On The American Express Customer Service Representative Who Loved Me

@punzy Yeah I'm aware AmEx charges a higher percentage on transactions, which is why it's rarely accepted at small businesses, but often accepted at larger businesses (Costco, major airlines, Amazon, etc). But he kept insisted I was crazy for paying such high annual fees for the card, which ended up with me defending my AmEx card and failing to convince him that I don't pay any annual fee. He probably had a similar experience as this writer and was sure all AmEx offers were just as crappy as the ones offered to him.

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On The American Express Customer Service Representative Who Loved Me

I'm not sure where people get the idea that all AmEx cards carry fees. Sure some do, but not all. I charged a car repair on my AmEx card and the guy interrogated me on why I would pay all these fees for an AmEx card that can't be used anywhere and I was like, what fees? I use this card everywhere, plus it's the only credit card Costco accepts. I've never paid any fees in the past 7 years and they offer great rewards, travel protection, and customer service. He wouldn't stop insisting on the fees and it seemed he wouldn't let down even if I showed him all my bills from the past 7 years to prove him wrong.

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On Reader Mail: The Rules We Live By

Mike Dang with another great piece. It's hard to live by someone else's rules when everyone's situation is different. I've lived in the same place the past 5yrs and rent has been anywhere from less than 1/5 to over 1/2 of my income (currently at 1/4). I'd rather cut back on expenses to make up the cost, than constantly move anytime my income fluctuated. Besides, those 1/3 rules don't take into consideration folks like me who don't own a car and live in a walkable city. What we don't spend in transportation can be allocated as needed.

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On Cheap Eats: Forget Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and Make Your Own

Just made this yesterday after realizing all I had in my kitchen was pasta, butter, cream, and leftover shredded Mexican cheese mix (from quesadillas the other week). So much better than the blue box stuff and the leftovers were still gooey the next day! Btw, also added some vienna sausages per my latchkey kid days.

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On What the Kids Are Paying for Prom

I went almost a decade ago and hung out with a frugal crowd who all had minimum wage jobs. Drove all my girlfriends to the Jessica McClintock outlet to buy $10-50 dresses, friend drove his mom's van to transport 4 couples, and ate at some teppenyaki place showing up to prom smelling like bbq. Awesome time on the cheap. Kids have higher standards these days. Have you checked out a hs yearbook recently? Fewer awkward photos, more fashionable kids who can pass as 20-something.

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On Make Your Own: Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Thanks for the dinner suggestion! I already have half these ingredients in my kitchen. Cheap dinners for the rest of the week!

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On Credit Unions Are Great, Until They're Not

I use Schwab which allows me to use any ATM (any!) and get reimbursed for all fees at the end of each month. It has an iPhone app that allows me to deposit checks under $1000 by phone, otherwise I have to mail in deposits. My boyfriend uses a local credit union that lets him use any ATM with no fees and he can deposit checks with no limit by phone. There are better banks/credit unions out there. Just keep looking.

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On The Hair Cowboy

Do hair modeling for free/cheap haircuts! I've had free haircuts from students that took 1-3 hrs and sometimes looked awesome and sometimes awful. The best haircut in my life was a $25 hair modeling gig from a pro that usually charges $100+ and was looking to test out new styles on a human guinea pig. It's a great option if you're willing to take a risk.

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