On Updates: Medical Bill Solved + Two Vacuums

Re: the out of network med bill thing.. that's a very common way for offices to deal with out of network payments. I know of a number of places, including physical therapy, orthopedic people, that purposefully decided to go out-of-network for everyone, taking just a copay from their customers and accepting the OON reimbursements for the rest of their payment. It is pretty rare from what I've seen that doctor offices actually get paid 100% of what they bill.

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

I'm in the reverse of this situation - making low to mid six figures in an industry I enjoy (and with growth potential) in NYC while supporting my freelancer wife in the media world. The key to success with this, and not driving yourself (or your partner) nuts is to be fully invested in the two of you as a team. If there is any real selfishness, it would be too easy for bitterness to creep in and from there, the slippery slope downhill. It by no means is possible for everyone to manage but it absolutely is possible with open communication and trust in one another.

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On How Can I Better Invest This Money My Boyfriend and I Plan to Use for Our Wedding?

Have low expectations - any CD or other note you put it in for a year or two won't get your more than a couple percent at best right now, and that's $40 / year per percent. Not exactly killing it. If you're willing and able, throw it in the index fund, but also remember taxes will apply on any earnings, and you'll have the risk of it dropping.

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On Banking Using GameStop

Sounds like the plan of an angry and uninformed libertarian.

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On The Culture of Overwork on Wall Street And in Silicon Valley

@Beaks Necessity is relative. If you want to keep you job and your firm wants to keep a client, then situations like this are certainly a necessity. Nobody said this is life or death here.

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On The Cost of a Haircut in Various Cities, According to Square

"... the $15 haircuts they get in some basement downtown." As in, barbers? Was $15 at the place I used to go on 84th/3rd in Manhattan, there's one by my office on 45th / Lex for $14 a pop, and the one I go to in Astoria now is also $14. You even get the straight razor treatment to finish it off and clean things up. You may not get a full shampoo - but really, is that worth another $35+? Not so much.

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On I Bought a House When I Was 21

@EmmaP Useful details! Context is important. Still crazy to comprehend only having $400-500 in expenses/month, but I suppose that's what I get for living in NYC the last decade.

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On I Bought a House When I Was 21

@ezb That doesn't typically work that way if you're 19. Point is that there is a lot unsaid about the major sticking point that people have with buying a house at a young age. This site is about providing the details - where are the details?

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On I Bought a House When I Was 21

So.... how did you each come up with $17,500 for a down payment? This ignores the biggest hurdle to home ownership for young buyers. "Years of being frugal" doesn't come close to answering how you come up with that much liquid assets.

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On Traveling Without a Plan or a Budget

So when something goes wrong... what's your failsafe option? Reliance on parents? Someone else you know to get you out of the hospital, or somewhere else you're stuck?

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