On How Drugs Get Priced (How to Pay for Them Up to You)

@Morbo And who paid for that research? The drug company or us via government funded grants?

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On I Hid My Chronic Illness From My Employer and It Mostly Worked Out

@polka dots vs stripes I am in the US with a chronic illness, also an autoimmune one. Luckily (?) mine is just trying to destroy my joints, so I don’t feel sick and need to miss work. And, definitely luckily, my insurance has approved and is paying for me to be on some ridiculously expensive drugs that are helping me. I always have some amount of worry about what would happen if I lost my job, and therefore my insurance, because I would have no dream of paying for these meds that cost more than I earn in a year.

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On Someone Design These Women Some Clothes

@Anna Jayne@twitter Seriously! Are we all supposed to wear a smock of shame until we have an acceptable BMI?

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On Four Election Dayz

@Fig. 1 That's not true everywhere; different states have different rules. In Maine where I am, we have same day registration. There was an attempt to get rid of it last year, but luckily that lost by a pretty wide margin.

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