On Rides for a Dollar a Minute

@samburger Thank you! It didn't actually require a huge degree of fitness, since much of our time was spent sitting around soliciting people. I'd say I ran maybe 15 minutes an hour, on average? But there was some brute strength involved in getting the rickshaw moving and stopped, and obviously the running adds up over the hours. I was a) a teenager, and b) a varsity athlete at the time, so it never felt like a strain. Those were the days....

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On Rides for a Dollar a Minute

@Roberta Ha, yes it was! I worked in the market year-round and at John booth on the canal from 1999-2001. Did we overlap?

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On Thoughts on Class and Finance from the OC Series Pilot Script

@polka dots vs stripes It's no Southland, obvs, but season one of The OC is probably my fave single season of the whole damn teen dramedy genre. Yeah, it's super schlocky, but the presence of smart, wise-cracking Seth Cohen really adds some brains/humor to the soap opera. It goes off the rails badly after the first season, but if you love Ben MacKenzie and have any penchant at all for silly teen dramas, season one is worth your time. Says I.

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