On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

Hi Jane, I think we might be working for the same company as we also have 3 dollars breakfast and 6 dollars lunch. As for me, I generally always bring lunch and have breakfast twice or thrice a week at the office cafeteria. Let's be honest here. Packing own lunch is any day cheaper than spending 6-7 dollars. I generally bring a turkey or ham sandwich, pasta, quinoa or sautéed vegetables with bread for lunch. Let's say I am spending 4 dollars on meat, cheese, and bread. That's 12 dollars. I make 4-5 meals out of this, so its approximately 2.5 dollars a meal. That is saving of 4-5 dollars a day and about 100 dollars a month. (If I make pasta it is even cheaper as I make enough for 2 servings and don't have to worry about dinner). I had a hard time getting into the habit of packing my own lunch but now it has become a second nature and I don't have to think about it any more. Also if I haven't brought your lunch and cafe is serving which I absolutely hate (like Rabbit ragu pasta) I am stuck. Also, the cafe at my work allows people to bring their own lunches so I can enjoy company of my co workers as well.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part III)

Hi Amanda, I just really enjoyed reading your 3 posts and could totally relate to your life circumstances. Not too long back me and my wife were in same boat as you and Adam. I was making close to six figure but we had no idea where our money was going. Unlike you guys, we were too lazy to keep an account of our expenses and do any type of budgeting least we find out that we are spending 800 dollars eating out! We have always wanted to buy a house but we had no idea how in the world we will save 100K as downpayment needed to buy a 500K house. So we never really tried towards saving for it (A goal too far our to achieve). All that changed when we found out about loans programs that would allow us to put only 15 grand down. We got our spirits back and with motivation and energy started budgeting and cutting down our expenses. In three months we were proud home owners. The point I am trying to make is not that you guys also decide to buy a house, but work on a goal which is practicle (can be achieve with your current income without stressing you too much), can be achieved in foreseeable future (what you want today may not want 5 years down the line so why to spend energy towards it), adds value to your life (a vacation in Europe sure sounds fun but spending all your saving on it won't leave you in any better condition then you are right now) and most importantly is based on mutual consent (what good is a goal if it creates problems in your relationship.) I wish you all the best in your mission to make positive changes to you life.

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