On Why Don't American Women Bike To Work?

I SHOULD bike to work, because I live 3 miles from my office and there is a bike path that I could take almost the entire way. I don't bike to work because I take my dog to work, and I am afraid to put him in any sort of carrier because 1) I am pretty sure he would not like it and 2) I don't really want to be a person who puts a dog in a carrier and bikes to work, because then it seems like I've become some sort of yuppie who likes their dog too much, and I just haven't figured out how to emotionally handle that. And also helmet hair. But I do carpool instead! If anyone has had success biking with a dog in a carrier, I am interested to hear about it.

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On Things I Am Looking For in The Mid-Sized City of My Dreams

Other than the weather, Burlington VT meets most of your requirements. It does get pretty cold - not Maine or Canada cold, but cold.

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On Cosmo Quiz! What's Your Workplace Personality?

Every time I have applied for a job that required this kind of test up front (Panera, Banana Republic, random deli in my hometown) I have not even gotten an interview. So, I don't know what that says about me. But I do love the M-B test. My husband and I are both INTJ (introvert love!) and we are both lawyers (which, according to the M-B is a good fit for us), for whatever that is worth.

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On Don't Want No Scrubs: What Not to Wear to Work

My main takeaway from this is OMG What Not to Wear is finally streaming on Netflix!

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On Say Yes to the Dress, Pt 3: The Conclusion

Wedding dress shopping made me cry, but not in a happy I found the dress way. More in a please make this end way. And the crying was not on a pedestal in front of a 3 way mirror, it was in the privacy of my car.

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On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

My college interviews were so deeply embarrassing that I have blocked most of them out of my memory. I do remember that during an interview for Northwestern (let's get this out of the way now, I did not get in) the very friendly middle aged man interviewing me asked, based on my interest in theater, whether, if I were to make it big, I saw myself as a character actor or a star. I did not at the time understand the distinction, and also had no interest in acting, but of course, did not know how to communicate that in anything other than awkward mumbling.

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On Everybody Wants to Do 1 Thing

Renew my driver's license (by mail) so that I can avoid the DMV!

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On Are Family Dinners Anti-Feminist?

This is great just for the "Supermarkets are not Red Tents."

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On It's a Weird Day. Let's Rank States!

Vermont for the win! But seriously, it is the best here.

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On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

@Samantha My attitude started shifting when I lived in a different country for two years and was exposed to a different culture around work and home. The people I got to know worked hard, but their jobs didn't define who they were as people. Their home and family lives were as important, and they made that their priority. It really changed the way I thought about myself and my (at that point unknown) future career. I had been raised in a culture obsessed with achievement, and I found a new happiness in myself when I let go of the idea that career and success would make me a whole person. Instead I thought about what I was good at and liked to do and how that would translate into a paycheck.

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