On Fran Lebowitz Tells You How To Do Money

Slacks and a nice overcoat! I love it. She sounds like my (90 year old) father.

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On The History of the Wooden Nickel

My third grade teacher used to give out round tuits as a bonus for getting around to something without being asked. We could redeem them at the end of the year for various prizes. I LOVED it and exchanged mine for books (because I was already a nerd).

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On On Doing Everything Right and Still Making the Wrong Decision

@BillfoldMonkey Yeah, my heart thinks I want to live in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, fortunately when we were ready to buy a house my husband continually reminded me how much I liked living 10 minutes from work and 5 minutes from a grocery store - and how, even though I loved spending weekends at my sister's house in the country, I had never actually lived in the country myself.

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

Before I actually owned a house, my dream house would have been "old rambling house." I used to have an obsession with Victorians. Now that I own a house (and have to clean and fix up said house), I've realized for me, the smaller and simpler the better (although not tiny home small, not as long as I share the house with other people and dogs). Hence sleek and minimalist is now my dream.

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I did not get an allowance. When I needed/wanted something I had to negotiate for it, which left me with a weird relationship with spending money on myself. I started babysitting in high school and averaged $20 a week, which usually funded a movie and a diner with friends. My parents didn't talk to me about money at all (my dad even refused to fill out the FAFSA), which I do not recommend. Basically, I will do the opposite of everything they did, because nothing they did prepared me to manage my own finances, and it took me a long time to figure it out. I also did not have regular chores (other than doing my own laundry) but was given assignments around the house on an ad hoc basis (I also do not recommend that approach).

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On CA Money vs Midwest Money, & "Relative Wealth" at U Michigan

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On What Is It Like To Go Luxury Shopping In Sweats

When I was in college I visited a friend in Florida who took me to the Mall at Millenia. Not knowing what I was getting into, I wore a t-shirt, flip flops and corduroy cutoff shorts (because I was awesome). We went to Tiffany and Co. so he could buy his mother a necklace. I waited awkwardly in the front area of the store, admiring various rings until a salesperson pointed me out to the security guard. I was cornered and questioned by the guard until I left the store in total embarrassment. I'm not sure if they actually thought I was going to attempt some jewel thievery, or if they just wanted my corduroy cutoffs out of their store.

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On The Home I Would Choose For Myself

Forget future husbands (although, someone write that romantic comedy about meeting at a chair launch) - please go to this chair launch so that you can come back here and write about how someone "introduces a chair," because I would really like to know what that is like.

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On 38 Roommates in 10 years

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

We are going to a Japanese steak house because we are dorks, and I will get lobster and steak. And I have requested a new pair of pajamas. As my gift to him I will actually respect his wishes this year and get him nothing. So probably $150. We usually just do a nice dinner at home, but that's what we did for New Year's this year (when we usually go out for a fancy dinner), and since we are having a kid in July we are starting to be more mindful of the whole go out and enjoy life before you have to worry about babysitters, etc.

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