On Our Debt to Our Parents

@garli Oh whoops, yeah you are right about that.

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On Our Debt to Our Parents

@garli I took it to mean that people who have been good parents are more likely to have good relationships with their adult children, so their adult children are the best people to help them in various ways. I see this in the retirement community that my parents live in - those seniors who have good and close relationships with their adult children benefit from their childrens' assistance with all kinds of things (not necessarily financial support either, but in providing manual labor, transportation, helping them navigate various bureaucracies, etc.), whereas those whose children are estranged for one reason or another have to rely on people that they may not be as comfortable with, or they have to pay people for assistance, or make do on their own. But, having read your comment, I agree that this statement is unclear. Maybe Mike will clarify what he meant?

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On Our Debt to Our Parents

My father is significantly older than my mother, so although he is getting more and more limited in his ability to do various things (he turns 90 this year), she is able to look after him, and they are financially stable enough that he is able to manage his medical expenses. Whenever I visit, I make sure that I take care of any house projects that they are not up to (cleaning out the garage, changing a/c filters in the ceiling, putting things in and taking them out of the attic, etc.), basically anything that requires climbing on a ladder. It is likely that my father will predecease my mother by several years, maybe as much as two decades, and I have always been clear with her that she can move in with me or at least move close to me when she's ready. It's something I discussed with my husband before we got married, and something we are both committed to. My mother's mother lived with us for several years when I was a kid, from the point where she got too sick to live alone, to the point where she died. Some of my father's older relatives lived with us as well. So, to me, it's just normal to expect that if my mother needs to or wants to, she'll come live with me.

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On Everything You Need To Know About Spending Money In A Strip Club

I think that has to be the only time that Bill Murray has been described as Bill Murray from Charlie's Angels. Which makes me believe the story more.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

I guess this is good motivation to stop procrastinating about my 2015 budget...

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On The Cost of My NYE

@LookUponMyWorks Yes - and thank you!

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On The Cost of My NYE

First ultrasound - $0 (no copay - huzzah for great insurance) Fancy steak dinner at home - $100 Going to bed at 8:00 pm - worth it One of the best New Year's Eves I have ever celebrated.

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On What the Last Four Feature Films I Saw Taught Me About Money

I saw The Hobbit. It wasn't exactly about money, but it was very much about greed. Greed is bad, will divide good people and leave you vulnerable to orcs. A lesson that Peter Jackson apparently ignored when he decided - hey let's take one story and turn it in to three movies.

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On The Cost of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

LOL forever at the line "Those who really wanted to get in the spirit, ran out and bought the kinds of sweaters our mothers would wear around the holidays when we were kids." My mother had (yikes, maybe still has) a white sweatshirt with a christmas tree on it with battery operated lights. Even as a 5 year old, I knew it was ugly.

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On Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

In my office we have an annual holiday potluck on a Saturday night at the home of whoever feels like hosting. It's byob and dates and kids are welcome and sometimes former employees come too. It is actually pretty fun, but we have an intense workplace, so we enjoy getting together and ranting.

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