On Are the Suburbs Worth It?

@Josh Michtom@facebook All those points being said - it still remains that drug abuse and domestic violence are not only problems for those in poverty. Poverty can and does exacerbate these issues, but that still doesn't mean that these are only issues for the poor. The domestic violence statistics actually are very similar - it's just actually much harder to see in communities with wealth.

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On Are the Suburbs Worth It?

"unemployment, drug addiction, unstable housing, or abusive relationships" - drug addiction and abusive relationships really aren't an economic problem...

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On More Workers To Be Paid For Overtime

@Marge Yeah, I'll be very interested to see how this shakes out in the non-profit world - I feel like they are "exempt" from a lot of these things. But, I have no supervisory duties and am not an executive, yet am salaried. And routinely work over 40 hours a week as a required part of my job (events).

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On Why Do We Tolerate Whole Foods-ian Pseudoscience?

Watch out with that raspberry leaf tea business - some research says it causes early labor! (I'm serious.)

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On The Unemployed Extrovert

@testingwithfire It's been my experience that once your friends start to have kids, it goes back to this kind of thing, BBQs, movies at someone's house, etc, b/c the cost of the babysitter is very high, and going out again becomes a big deal.

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On Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major

@heavyrotation I don't know what the company that the stock options are from has to do with it, and also I didn't know it was Tumblr until you told me so...so what? There's no reason to apologize for stock options in a post detailing the who/what/when of stock options. I get that it was probably supposed to be for effect, but, it just came off as immature and a bad look for ladies in general. (to me)

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On Employee Stock Options as Explained By an English Major

You sure are terrified of someone thinking...something...about you having stock options. You don't have to throw it in everyone's face, but you also probably don't have to apologize for it 100 times in one post. It's a personal finance blog. It's okay to talk about money here.

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On Work Saves the Day

This article made me tear up a little bit. And want toast.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

I had an Executive Director throw a stack of papers in my face after threatening me if I didn't falsify grant reporting information. I laughed in her face and walked out.

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On Interview With A Former Coworker Who Went to Lunch and Never Came Back

I have done this. It is amazing. And totally worth it. Good for this guy.

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