On The Best Places to Raise a Family (Or Not)

I could really use a well-constructed list on this topic! Wife and I are in suburban CT for the next two years while she finishes her residency, and then we'll have to move. Back to NYC was the assumption for a while, but it's SO EXPENSIVE and we're planning on having a kid before the move. My brother and I were raised in Queens, but the idea of renting a two-bedroom place in the city makes me so nervous about money! We also talk about trying somewhere new, but we need to be in or very near to a city for our jobs, and our criteria knock off plenty of places. We've done Boston and DC and don't want to return to either, so there's all of the Northeast (Providence? Yeah, right). We're both very liberal, we're Jewish, and we don't want to live somewhere homogeneous - there goes most of the South and the Midwest. We also don't dig humidity - there goes the rest of the South. What's left? LA is something we talk about, and we've visited plenty and have friends there, but all our family is East Coast and LA requires so much driving. San Fran? We've visited there too, but it's ridiculously expensive, and didn't vibe with us. San Diego? Maybe, but it seems pretty blah compared to the two other Cali options. The Pacific Northwest? Been there too - Seattle and Portland - and it's too wet/dark for us. Why can't there just be affordable close-in suburbs to NYC? Why must they all cost scrillions of dollars?

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On Earning a Living as a Floral Designer: An Interview With Ladybird Poppy's Sarah Tedford

"Yes. After high school, I was taking pre-reqs for radiology and would come home over the summer or holidays and work there. My focus for a degree was completely different being radiology or, later, dental hygiene." So she was pre-med? Radiology is a residency one applies to after four years of med school and four years of undergrad. Beautiful bouquets on the site!

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On 'I Set Out to Get as Many Scholarships as Possible'

@Sadie Hallelujah for debt forgiveness after 10 years. Med school bills for my wife will be 300k+ once she's finished her residency, but the residency counts for 4 of the 10 years, her fellowship will count for 2 more, and then a few years working at the right kind of hospital means the balance of the loans is erased.

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