On Earning a Living as a Floral Designer: An Interview With Ladybird Poppy's Sarah Tedford

"Yes. After high school, I was taking pre-reqs for radiology and would come home over the summer or holidays and work there. My focus for a degree was completely different being radiology or, later, dental hygiene." So she was pre-med? Radiology is a residency one applies to after four years of med school and four years of undergrad. Beautiful bouquets on the site!

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On 'I Set Out to Get as Many Scholarships as Possible'

@Sadie Hallelujah for debt forgiveness after 10 years. Med school bills for my wife will be 300k+ once she's finished her residency, but the residency counts for 4 of the 10 years, her fellowship will count for 2 more, and then a few years working at the right kind of hospital means the balance of the loans is erased.

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