On 'I Set Out to Get as Many Scholarships as Possible'

I just moved to France, lied about my legal situation, and got a free education. Can’t beat that. (Okay, I had to prove I was linguistically apt, and I did get very good grades, better than my French classmates, judged with the same criteria (not graded on a curve as an "exchange student"), so let’s just say I earned it in the end, even if I exploited a loophole and bent the truth to get in. The education wasn’t wasted on me.) If my clever plan had failed, I’d probably have found another way to get educated for free. (I had all sorts of clever plans, this was the one that hit the jackpot, that’s all.) However, the main thing for me, was that it was the education, and not the diploma, that counted. I’d have been happy to get all the same knowledge from the library. And much of it, actually, I did. Luckily I don’t need a piece of paper to validate my career choice. I think my way is the way of the future. Not the cheating, but the attitude. I don’t think you ought to need a serious college diploma unless you’re a brain surgeon or something. If you can do the job, why should a piece of paper make you better at it? Maybe jobs ought to have entrance exams, instead of the colleges. A lot of very silly people get great jobs, based on their diplomas, rather than their actual qualities. I want to see a whole generation of DIY/self-educators come out of this recession, and shine. That would be the best thing to come of this crappy economy.

Posted on November 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm 0