On Calculating the Costs: 'Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas'

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On Calculating the Costs: 'Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas'

@ellabella I've portioned out 1 TB blobs that I put in a gladware and freeze. They usually pop out pretty easily to just use one at a time.

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

Our crazy landlady held our security in escrow years ago and we benefited from the interest when we got the security deposit back. I was shocked. I don't know if it's DC law (where the apartment was), but she was from the Bronx originally, so maybe she was just following what she knew of this law you printed.

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On 1 Hospital, 2 Kinds of Care

I can't get to the full text of the article, only the abstract, but the way in which that is written would suggest the authors are inferring causation when it is possibly only correlation between the variables. Correlation is not causation.

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On How to Almost Sell a Dress on Ebay

I just bought clothes on Twice (www.liketwice.com) and while I haven't sold them anything because I hate all my old clothes and need to buy other people's cute clothes for cheap, it sounds like you're in a great position to sell to them! You avoid Cathy, and Ohio and Wisconsin! Win Win Win.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

@cawcawphony some options? http://www.city-data.com/forum/raleigh-durham-chapel-hill-cary/1471036-least-expensive-way-refill-sodastream-w.html#b

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

i highly recommend a sodastream for your seltzer habit.

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On Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Do-Doo-Doo-Do 1 Thing

@OllyOlly I've had fine experiences at the Aveda school in Chinatown. Haircuts + blow dry start at 18 bucks.

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On Is There Anyone on Earth With As Much Debt As Me?

@Sorbee Weird, I didn't think my pay got factored into my husband's repayment. But maybe it helps I don't make much money? I sorta feel like our life is never going to start because of bad job market/pay following HUGE TERRIBLE LAW SCHOOL LOANS. My husband finished in 2008, and things are only maybe slightly marginally looking up? Anyway, I'm in school again myself (working full time too) to get into a career that will likely stand the test of time if nothing else.

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On Getting Married, But Without the Wedding

@emilyo we had our rehearsal at Tabard Inn - I love that place!

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