On Link Roundup!: Sleep You Need vs Sleep You Get; Podcast Love

Almost entirely unrelated to money, but I just recced her elsewhere so she's at the top of my mind: Tara Brach's weekly dharma talks. Healing Self-Doubt in particular is phenomenal. Besides that, I only listen to The Guy Friends Podcast and occasionally Radiolab. I'm not much of a podcast person - my mind tends to wander when I'm just listening to something, as opposed to reading or watching - but those three consistently keep my attention.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $24 at a bar Saturday: $10.70 for a latte and sandwich. $12.17 for my share of Ubers to and from a house party far away. Sunday: $7.50 for a hangover-soothing burrito bowl, $64.58 Amazon order went through, $10.50 of a Cava bowl to further assuage the zombie hangover. Total: $129.45. I didn't do an estimate, and that's not TOO bad, except exactly none of it was spent on anything useful/necessary. I did make it to two yoga classes, though.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Fay Dunbar

@the_famou_boat When did Harry play Gobstones?? I know books 1-5 better than the back of my hand and I have no memory of this!

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On How Wizards Do Money: Fay Dunbar

@HelloTheFuture I googled Fay Dunbar because I too was mortified by having NO memory of her and it was little help. I found this page but cannot confirm that she was named anywhere besides in the video game?? I need a book and page citation!!

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $50. Friday: Bought some workout apparel on Gilt with a bunch of credit and $4.60. Then I paid $43 for a glow-in-the-dark space tank top from Etsy. I don't understand myself. Saturday: $10.90 on a latte and sandwich at a cafe. I paid for a tank of gas on the way to the polo match, but that still needs to be divided between the three of us. I think it'll end up being around $30 for my share of gas and parking. Drinks and heavy hors d'oeuvres were free, then I spent $18 at a bar at the end of the night. Sunday: $11 Cava, $14.33 on groceries. Total: $131.83

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On Friday Estimate

I went out last night, had a glass of wine and two beers, and am still feeling less than great despite eating a greasy breakfast sandwich. What is my life. Today: Picking up a couple books from the library after work, hoping to stay in with them. $0 Saturday: $10 at the farmer's market, yoga class, and then I'm going to a "twilight polo" match! Which, apparently, is polo at twilight. I'm guessing $30 for my share of gas, snacks, and drinks. Sunday: I think I'm going out to my dad's house so presumably he will feed me. $10 because I'll probably find something to spend money on ... Total: a laughably low $50, let's see how far above that I end up.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

July 2014 savings: $2473.83 August 2014: $3,008.87 My goal is $5k before 2015, so I'm mostly on track (a foreign feeling ..).

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On Friday Estimate

I too am leaving early - some coworkers organized a bar crawl that begins at noon. On the plus side, if I time it right, I will get just drunk enough to head home and pass out at 6 or so, and thereby be too incapacitated to go out later that night. Hot Money-Saving Tips from calamity: coming soon to a bookstore near you! Since we have to buy a daylong metro pass, and I will need nachos or something similarly greasy to soak up all that beer, I'm estimating $45 for today. Saturday: I made a huge vat of chili last night so I don't need too much at the farmer's market. $15 or so should do it. ... From there my entire weekend turns into a bunch of ???????. Probably $25 to go out one night, $10 for my weekly latte + breakfast sandwich combination, $15 to replace my roommate's wine that I accidentally drank, $20 for something else fun, maybe $10 for groceries if I get adventurous and decide to make soup on Monday (my chili went so well I am currently in "I am a domestic goddess and none shall cross me!!" mode). Total: $140

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On Monday Check-in

What book did you buy, Mike?? This weekend I spent ... Friday: $5.19 sandwich from Potbelly, $4.25 at the corner store because I needed lunch meat Saturday: $25.45 at Giant and the farmer’s market, $7.49 for a frozen pizza, because my avocado was not yet ripe enough to use said lunch meat; $5.08 at the corner store because I was reading an essay from The Empathy Exams where she mentioned Snickers and suddenly I had to have one (and there’s a $5 card minimum, so I stocked up on future snacks too) Sunday: $10.90 for a latte and breakfast sandwich, $18.78 on groceries and beer Total: $77.14 out of a $60 estimate, and all of it was spent on food – almost all of which was technically groceries. How?? (Fancy free-range meat and a pricey convenience store I can see from my doorstep is how, but STILL.)

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On The Cost of Flying Across the Country to Be a Guest at a Convention

@apples and oranges Yeah, DC proper is much better! Manny & Olga's delivers until FOUR AM on weeknights. On weekends you might as well order it in for breakfast.

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