On Monday Check-in

I bought a lot of food this weekend. Friday: I paid $44.35 for dinner both me and my date, but he bought drinks and breakfast the next morning. Saturday: $7.28 for an Uber to my French class, $15.20 for a second breakfast, $25.14 for groceries. Sunday: $8.68 breakfast sandwich + tip, $4.13 latte Total: $104.78 out of an estimated $87. Mostly because I paid for all of the dinner instead of just my half, but I was well overdue for that anyway.

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On Friday Estimate

@calamity The Bahamas! This is the place.

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On Friday Estimate

Today's the first day this week I haven't been constantly sneezing and sniffling, which I think means the worst of my cold is over (knock on wood). I still plan on taking it easy this weekend, so hopefully my estimate will reflect that. Tonight: going to dinner with a date, estimating $20 if he lets me pay my share. Tomorrow: $7 for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, French class, $20 for a grocery run. I need like 3 things but one of those is, unfortunately, fruit. Then I think I'll make some chili for next week. I miiight go out for a little bit if I feel up to it, so $15 just in case. Sunday: Stage 2 of my Inbox Unread 0 project. It was hovering a little over 200 last week and now I'm at 130 ... slow but steady. I also need some stuff from Target: $25. I might also be booking a yoga vacation for April (!) this weekend, but I'll try to save that til after midnight so it won't count. Total: $87

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@E$ She in the reason that when I have kids (at least 5 years from now) I am popping them out as close together as my body can take it. I don't plan to stay at home for long periods of time in the first place, but God knows what mommy-chemicals my brain will douse me with and I am taking as few chances as possible ...

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

My parents (well ... okay, my father) paid my college tuition. My father and mother let me live at their respective homes through approximately a year of unemployment and an unpaid internship, and provided me with room and board for another year while I worked minimum-wage-to-just-above paid internships and saved up to move out. Since then they've paid (transportation, hotels, food - basically everything but souvenirs and random snacks) for me to join them on three family vacations. Barring occasional dinners that they invite me to (my father is local), all of my bills I paid for. I "even" paid (with a voucher) for my own ticket to an extended family Christmas this winter, and I buy my own plane tickets to visit my mother, who lives further away. If I were to go to grad school, my father would at least help with the payments. My father is definitely a member of the 1%, but my mother is basically living off of alimony and the sale of our childhood home, because taking care of her elderly parents precludes her from working. Prior to this, she spent 20 years almost entirely out of the work force raising me and my siblings, so I really don't know what she plans to do when her parents die. She's 56 now, and she's been cutting back in an attempt to live off of the alimony rather than continuously dipping into the house funds that are her only retirement savings.

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

I woke up sobbing but in no pain from my wisdom teeth removal too! Then I started laughing because I didn't know why I was crying. I spent the next few days watching most of Miyazaki's oeuvre while on painkillers. It was a very weird experience, probably compounded by the fact that I had never even been drunk before. Did they not give you any prescription-strength painkillers?? I was going to say that my teenage self did recover MUCH faster than you, but I was taking Vicodin. I slept easily (probably due to the painkillers) and I remember very gingerly eating pasta four days later.

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks I have actually taken a bunch of Alliance classes, so I can report back already! They are definitely pricey but they're also REALLY great. I had one teacher that I would rate as good - everyone else has been fantastic (and usually interesting, charming, and/or distractingly beautiful, too ... I don't know what's in that French water they grew up drinking [they're all native speakers] but I want some!). I took French off and on from middle school through college but I was usually too shy to talk much in class. Now I am a grownup who doesn't care about these things, and thanks to these classes my speaking ability is WAY better than it ever was before. My grammar was probably slightly better back when I had to memorize it for a grade, but these classes are a lot more fun.

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On Friday Estimate

@callmeprufrock There is no preset OKC etiquette, in my experience, re. who pays for the date. For me, about 75% of the time the dude buys the first round, and then I bring up that I'll get the next one, because fairness or feminism or whatever. But I kinda like paying my own way, so. (Also I tend to date starving journalist or nonprofit types - if they were corporate lawyers I might feel differently.) FWIW, I have gone on loooots of OKCupid dates and have never met anyone super creepy or weird! I never met anyone that really turned into anything more, but it was a lot better than I had expected/feared.

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On Friday Estimate

Today after work I have a yoga class, and I also have to follow up with a friend - we made plans to "plan to hang out this weekend" a few days ago, never did so, and now I'm busy Saturday night. $25 if he's free tonight. Tomorrow morning (well, 11 am) I'm starting a French class. The French class comes out to around $36 per hour and 45 minute class, but I already paid for it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Considering it'll be 19 degrees outside and there aren't any good public transportation options from my house to the Alliance Francaise, I will be taking an Uber. $10 for that, plus $10 for coffee and some breakfast on the way. Afterward: prepaid yoga class if I can make myself go and $35 for groceries. Then I have a date to see a blues band at a bar. $25 or so? Sunday: $11 for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, this time to stay and catch up on my New Yorker subscription. Will probably make some chili in the evening, and then maybe a restorative yoga class if it's not too cold. I got called for jury duty on Monday! I kind of hope I get picked, if only because I don't have to be in until 10:30 am each day (I think).

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

@ThatsMyOtter goat cheese is my favorite food and I actually do not consider it food at all. It is MEDICINAL, I need it to be a happy and functional human being.

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