On What the Last Four Feature Films I Saw Taught Me About Money

I have nothing to add except yes, watch Life Partners!! It was fantastic.

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On Monday Check-in

A great (if uber-heavy) weekend. I estimated $119 and spent $128.14. Friday I didn't even eat my (packed!) lunch because there were burrito bar leftovers at my office. <3 you for all your fancy food, board meetings. Had a lazy evening in; $0. Saturday was pretty productive. I paid $7.50 for a sandwich and coffee, went to my workshop (via a split uber; it was $3.50 or so), and then met up with dude friend. He paid for dinner; I paid $6ish for an uber out that night, and $14 for a few beers. Sunday: $20.45 on brunch for the two of us, $14 for BBQ and beer later that afternoon. $52 for tickets to see Toro Y Moi next month, and then $12ish on one last uber.

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On Friday Estimate

I have come down with my THIRD cold this year. On the plus side, it seems to be contained to my sinuses so far; I tried to hold it off by sleeping a lot this week, and consequently the rest of me actually feels pretty good. I should really get my full 8 hours more often. Today: Have to pick up my repaired sunglasses this afternoon, but I paid for that yesterday (pretty sure the repair cost more than the glasses did ...). I brought my lunch today AND our board members are visiting so we'll get extra fancy leftovers (I just snacked on smoked salmon!!!). After work, presuming my nose lets me, I'm going to a yoga class. $52 to pick up a pair of concert tickets I've been meaning to buy at the venue all week, and I'll add $10 for a beer or two on the off chance I go out for a bit. Saturday: $7 for breakfast sandwich and coffee, followed by yet another Saturday workshop. At least they give me lunch. I'm meeting up with the dude friend for dinner - hopefully it'll still be warm and sunny by the time I get out at 6, so we can eat outside. $20 for that, I have wine to drink at home, maybe $15 if I go out. Sunday: A mostly lazy day, but I also have to prepare to leave for the Bahamas on Wednesday!! I'm pretty sure I'm on track to eat most of my perishables along the way. Depending on how much sunscreen I can excavate from my bathroom, I may need to spend $15 on a Target/CVS run. Total: $119

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On Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

I went to get my blood drawn yesterday - something about my liver came up weird last time, but hopefully it was fixed now. Hooray.

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On Do 1 Thing, Which if You're Me Probably Has Something to Do With Taxes

I did THREE things yesterday! - Set up a doctor's appointment - Requested an ophthalmologist appointment online - Set up a dentist appointment, but I have to call and reschedule because I realized that Monday, which I am taking off of work and which is supposed to be 67 degrees, need not see a minute sullied by getting my teeth scraped at while indoors. (That and the office is much closer to where I work than my house is.)

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On Friday Estimate

Today: I brought lunch but I'm starving and have nothing for breakfast, so I'm about go get a latte and bagel; $5. Going out to dinner tonight, $20? Have to turn in early because ... Tomorrow: I have a 2-day workshop that begins at 9:30 am; joy. $5 for feeding and caffeinating mysel beforehand, they provide lunch, I head home at 4:30 to nap/decompress/etc. Later that evening I'm going out for my roommate's birthday, but again, I can't stay out too late, so $20. Sunday: Day 2 of the workshop. $7.50 for another breakfast sandwich and coffee, lunch provided, yoga class and vegging out the remainder of the evening. Total: $57.50. I thought about including Monday but in my daily budget I only count federal holidays as part of the weekend. I probably won't spend more than $10 that day anyway; I have lots of groceries to get through.

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On Spring Shopping

Warm-weather shopping is wonderful because all I want to wear are stretchy cotton dresses, and they are 1) so cheap, and 2) one of the few things my small body can reliably fit into, and look good in, without tailoring. However, my affinity for them has been more consistent than most of my clothing choices over the past few years. So I have amassed a huge amount of them. And as joyous as I find acquiring new shiny things, this joy is beginning to be outweighed by the guilt of buying stretchy dress #25. So instead I'm spending my spring wardrobe budget on workout clothes, which makes me feel virtuous, and t-shirts about pizza, because that is the sole gaping hole in my current wardrobe. (That, and I need a second pair of denim shorts.)

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On Spring Shopping

@JaneA I googled it and still ... don't quite understand what it is?? The waistband? The part of a shirt that goes around your neck?

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On 13 Ways Daylight Saving Time Can Cost You Money

I definitely ordered $109 worth of clothes from Aritzia yesterday, but in my defense, it was mostly workout clothes so that I can make use of the extra sunshine in the evenings and go on runs. This morning I even brought the rest of the chili I made this weekend into work to eat for lunch ... And proceeded to completely forget about it and buy a salad anyway. :/

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $142 and spent $174.24. Friday: $7.69 for lunch, yoga class after work tired me out so I went home, ate, finished a library book, and went to bed pretty early. Saturday: $7.50 for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, then went to my coding workshop. Swung by the library on the way home to exchange some books. I ate dinner at home but then went out with friends; $25 for drinks and french fries. Sunday: $18 for two admissions to the National Geographic museum, although they also gave us two "rain date" tickets to come back for free, since only one of their exhibits was open. $30 for an early dinner for me and little brother afterwards, then $19.51 at CVS for light bulbs and chocolate (it was buy-one-get-one-half-price, I couldn't resist). After yoga class I stopped by the grocery store for some fruit. I left with grapes, kale, smoked salmon, and the knowledge that I had forked up $19.36 for nothing but grapes, kale, and smoked salmon. Then I came home and paid $47.18 for a wake-up lamp on Amazon. If it weren't for my impulse grocery shopping/chocolate purchases, I'd have been within a few dollars of my estimate ...

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