On How Much Would You Need to Earn to Afford a One-bedroom in Your County?

I make ~$4 per hour more than the DC hourly rate, but unlike their presumptions, I do not work 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year (!). My annual salary leaves me around $2500 below these calculations. With that extra $2500 per year and some good luck I probably could find an acceptable 1-bedroom. Or I could just take that money to pay for three months of rent in the house I share with four roommates. I'd probably have nearly enough leftover to cover my share of the utilities, too. I dunno, I get that it's nice to have your own private space and all, but ... I just go into my room and close the door when I want to be alone? Three out of the four houses I've lived in have been with Craigslist strangers, but I've honestly never had problems. I don't know if I've been really lucky or have really low standards or what. I'm perfectly fine sharing with roommates until I get into a serious relationship/have kids/whatever. It's probably mentally healthier for me too - I had a studio apartment to myself my senior year in college (in Manhattan no less) and I just turned into a hermit and only left my room/interacted with people to go to class, so ...

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On Cap & Gown Fashion Inspo For All You 2014 Grads

@polka dots vs stripes Honestly? You have that productive conversation right here in the Billfold comments. That's what they're here for.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't do an estimate, but here's what I spent. Friday: Went to a yoga class, then stayed in. $0 Saturday: Yoga in the afternoon, then bar-hopping at night. $10 on covers, $10 on a shared cab, and something like $25 on drinks. Sunday: Hung out with family for Easter. Donated $3 to be hidden inside of eggs, then spent $27 ordering pizza in the evening. Total: $75

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On For the Love of Books

@Allison I will admit I only tried to check an ebook out of the library once - my attempt was thwarted because it was ALREADY CHECKED OUT. I guess they have a limited number of licenses, or something. I put myself on the hold list, but by the time it made its way down to me they'd already given me the physical book. And I'm pretty sure that if I actually had a kindle and that happened to me, I'd just be like "well, screw this" and fork over even more of my hard-earned money to Amazon. Rinse and repeat, ad nauseam ...

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On For the Love of Books

Libraries though!! Especially for summer reads - I'm sure they're great on the Kindle, but public libraries ALWAYS stock those bestsellers. Personally, I'd rather save the $150 I would spend on the device and e-book purchase and suffer through actually having to hold the book upright. These days I rarely buy books unless I know it's something I'll revisit again and again (which I usually find out by, you guessed it, reading the library's copy first).

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $7 Chipotle after work, $37 at the liquor store, brought $10 of that to a house party, after which (at approximately 2:30 am) my friend and I decided to walk more than a mile back to our neighborhood. Good life choices all around. Saturday: $60 on a bill I forgot about, $10 for brunch at Cava, $8 for more food at Five Guys, $4 at CVS for ketchup because I couldn't remember if we had any at home. (We did, because I did the exact same thing last time I brought Five Guys home.) Sunday: $13 on a latte, muffin, and breakfast sandwich; $40 at CVS; $10 for MORE Cava (why??), $22 for more liquor (again, why??) Total: $211, far above my (admittedly kind of ridiculous) estimate of $88. Mostly due to the fact that I cooked nothing this weekend and stocked up on wine instead of going to yoga class.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: friend's house party, $10 for some beer to bring along Saturday: free bike clinic at the farmer's market because it's officially biking weather and I can't delay figuring out why my gears are making a weird clicking noise any longer; will probably overindulge in fancy produce while there, because I haven't made it to a farmer's market since November. Also I need eggs. $20 for that, then a prepaid yoga class, $25 on a Target/CVS run, and $20 for going out later on. Sunday: I plan to spend the entire day sunbathing(/burning - weather.com says it'll be 82 degrees!!) at the park with a blanket and a book, but only after I shell out $13 for breakfast sandwich, latte, and muffin. Yoga class in the evening, and then a "white men behaving badly" double feature of Game of Thrones and Mad Men! Adding $10 for wiggle room = $88

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

I'm emailing our office manager to give my fob access to the garage in our building. Once I complete my weekend 1 Thing of getting my bike fixed (it started making some weird clicking noises in November, and my "it's way too cold to bike anyway, whatever" excuse is [happily!] no longer valid), I can start biking to work!

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On Monday Check-in

I made the mistake of paying for things with cash this weekend, which always makes it harder to remember what I actually spent. Friday: Prepaid yoga class, $21 on drinks at a bar, $3 for my share of a taxi home Saturday: yoga class, drank at a friend's house later on ... I guess I didn't spend any money? What did I do for the six hours between yoga and walking to my friend's? Sunday: Breakfast sandwich, latte, and muffin at a cafe cost something like $13; getting sunburned on ONE ARM while reading at the park was free as long as they discover a cure for skin cancer before I succumb to it; evening yoga class* (perhaps to rid my cells of their sun-morphed genes?); $10 on a pizza to scarf down during Game of Thrones Total: $47. That might be a new record, and it didn't require staying in and being a sad hermit all weekend! * Every estimate I plan to go to three yoga classes, but I think this might have been the first time I actually followed through. Good job, self.

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On Friday Estimate

I have few plans beyond some yoga and a bar tonight, which is similar to last week's estimate ... so I'll take that, subtract $45 that I spent on acupuncture, and add $25 for some groceries. Math!! Anyway, that adds up to $80.

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