On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I can tell you ahead of time that the recipe will be "the easiest-looking thing that comes up on the first page of Google and uses pre-made sauce." But I'll give you an update next week!

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On Friday Estimate

@calamity Oh wait, I forgot I have to buy a friend's birthday present. $40 for a set of Chipotle and Whole Foods gift cards!

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On Friday Estimate

I spent a ton of money last weekend and the weekend before, AND I ordered a Kindle yesterday (!), so I'm trying not to spend too much. This will be helped if the Kindle gets here before the end of the workday, instead of just under the "Friday before 8 pm" estimate, but just in case I'll plan as if it isn't. Today: yoga after work. I'd like to go to a DJ set that's free if I get there before 11, but will probably spend $20 on drinks once I'm there. Saturday: $15 at the farmer's market, $5 for other miscellaneous groceries, yoga class, library visit. I still haven't seen Gone Girl and I'm also interested in Dear White People, so maybe I'll catch one of those: $15. Sunday: $11 for a latte and breakfast sandwich, then some sort of bulk cooking. I think I'm going to try some sort of lentil tikka masala - I have a bunch of lentils that have been sitting in my cupboard for a month or two now. Total: $66, which seems ridiculously low ...

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On How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

I think this might be helpful for me if I were living paycheck-to-paycheck and never found myself with money leftover at the end of the month - a sort of "if you spend this $30 on a sweater, you will not be able to buy groceries next week and will live on PB&Js" logic. But now that I'm not, once I withdraw cash from my account, I fritter it away immediately. Overspending on my debit/credit card means I have to pull money OUT of my savings account when the bill comes due, and that's a lot more painful for me. That, and I track all my spending and it's WAY easier to do that when you pay with a card. I have numerous bullet points where I'm like "$18 on ??????" because I had X amount of cash, and now I have X-Y amount of cash, and I have no idea where it went.

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On "Is There Anything More Ironic Than Coming to Live in Des Moines"

I'm in DC (DC proper, thanks) and Clarendon? Really??? Ugh. I'd sooner move to Des Moines.

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On Monday Check-in

Ugh, I spent a lot. Friday: $35 concert ticket, EIGHTY-EIGHT dollars on various drinks that night, even though I barely even got drunk?? I am never opening a tab again. Saturday: $24.60 at the farmer's market, $13.46 on groceries Sunday: $11.70 for a latte and sandwich, $20 for concert ticket #2, a much more respectable $18 for beers at the concert Total: $210.76, well over my $131 estimate.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: $35 for a concert ticket, maybe $20 for drinks during/after. I also have a $10 off coupon for GrubHub that expires today but I'm not sure I'll have time to use it, unfortunately. Tomorrow: $25 at the farmer's market, $20 for additional groceries, yoga class, maybe $20 to go out that evening. Sunday: $11 for a sandwich and latte. Hopefully that's it. Total: $131

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On Advice for Retirement: Invest in a Metal Detector

@Ester Bloom Ohhhh that it is ... just wait til the seventh episode.

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On Advice for Retirement: Invest in a Metal Detector

Omg I immediately thought of Outlander at the first mention of Scotland. Show > books though (judging from the first half of the first book, at least ... though I'm certainly still reading it!).

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On The Cost of Insomnia

@ben_sez I had to read your first sentence so many times to figure out that it wasn't the job that magically disappeared upon discovery. I was imagining you spending hours at night searching for the elusive listing ...

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