On For the Love of Books

@Allison I will admit I only tried to check an ebook out of the library once - my attempt was thwarted because it was ALREADY CHECKED OUT. I guess they have a limited number of licenses, or something. I put myself on the hold list, but by the time it made its way down to me they'd already given me the physical book. And I'm pretty sure that if I actually had a kindle and that happened to me, I'd just be like "well, screw this" and fork over even more of my hard-earned money to Amazon. Rinse and repeat, ad nauseam ...

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On For the Love of Books

Libraries though!! Especially for summer reads - I'm sure they're great on the Kindle, but public libraries ALWAYS stock those bestsellers. Personally, I'd rather save the $150 I would spend on the device and e-book purchase and suffer through actually having to hold the book upright. These days I rarely buy books unless I know it's something I'll revisit again and again (which I usually find out by, you guessed it, reading the library's copy first).

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $7 Chipotle after work, $37 at the liquor store, brought $10 of that to a house party, after which (at approximately 2:30 am) my friend and I decided to walk more than a mile back to our neighborhood. Good life choices all around. Saturday: $60 on a bill I forgot about, $10 for brunch at Cava, $8 for more food at Five Guys, $4 at CVS for ketchup because I couldn't remember if we had any at home. (We did, because I did the exact same thing last time I brought Five Guys home.) Sunday: $13 on a latte, muffin, and breakfast sandwich; $40 at CVS; $10 for MORE Cava (why??), $22 for more liquor (again, why??) Total: $211, far above my (admittedly kind of ridiculous) estimate of $88. Mostly due to the fact that I cooked nothing this weekend and stocked up on wine instead of going to yoga class.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: friend's house party, $10 for some beer to bring along Saturday: free bike clinic at the farmer's market because it's officially biking weather and I can't delay figuring out why my gears are making a weird clicking noise any longer; will probably overindulge in fancy produce while there, because I haven't made it to a farmer's market since November. Also I need eggs. $20 for that, then a prepaid yoga class, $25 on a Target/CVS run, and $20 for going out later on. Sunday: I plan to spend the entire day sunbathing(/burning - weather.com says it'll be 82 degrees!!) at the park with a blanket and a book, but only after I shell out $13 for breakfast sandwich, latte, and muffin. Yoga class in the evening, and then a "white men behaving badly" double feature of Game of Thrones and Mad Men! Adding $10 for wiggle room = $88

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

I'm emailing our office manager to give my fob access to the garage in our building. Once I complete my weekend 1 Thing of getting my bike fixed (it started making some weird clicking noises in November, and my "it's way too cold to bike anyway, whatever" excuse is [happily!] no longer valid), I can start biking to work!

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On Monday Check-in

I made the mistake of paying for things with cash this weekend, which always makes it harder to remember what I actually spent. Friday: Prepaid yoga class, $21 on drinks at a bar, $3 for my share of a taxi home Saturday: yoga class, drank at a friend's house later on ... I guess I didn't spend any money? What did I do for the six hours between yoga and walking to my friend's? Sunday: Breakfast sandwich, latte, and muffin at a cafe cost something like $13; getting sunburned on ONE ARM while reading at the park was free as long as they discover a cure for skin cancer before I succumb to it; evening yoga class* (perhaps to rid my cells of their sun-morphed genes?); $10 on a pizza to scarf down during Game of Thrones Total: $47. That might be a new record, and it didn't require staying in and being a sad hermit all weekend! * Every estimate I plan to go to three yoga classes, but I think this might have been the first time I actually followed through. Good job, self.

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On Friday Estimate

I have few plans beyond some yoga and a bar tonight, which is similar to last week's estimate ... so I'll take that, subtract $45 that I spent on acupuncture, and add $25 for some groceries. Math!! Anyway, that adds up to $80.

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On No But Really, Do 1 Thing

My boring work-related 1 Thing: I forgot how to do a minor part of my job because I haven't done it since September and have to ask the person who taught me how to do it to teach me again. Whoops. This time I promise I'll write it down.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2014 Check-in

Savings as of 2/28: $2,500.77 Savings as of 3/01: $2,608.29 I'd been really good about stashing $500 a month for ... well, five months, but then taxes, yikes. Hoping that between my pending DC refund and giving up buying clothes, makeup, and books for Lent (this has been less painful as I expected but also less rewarding, since all my profits have been sucked up by the federal government ...) I'll be able to put a little more in next time I get paid.

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On Dating Using Discounts

As long as the person remembers to tip on the original amount, not the discount, I really don't think I'd care. I don't really buy Groupons for restaurants often - like ceereelyo said, they're not usually for very good places in my area - but if I ended up with one for whatever reason, I'd mention it ahead of time. Probably with an explicit "so, I don't want you to think I'm a cheap asshole, but ..." clause. Then again, I'm also a proponent of dates specifically timed around happy hour, and a general fan of splitting the bill because I'm an independent woman & I depend on me, etc. So I'm probably not the target demographic for any guy who's used to impressing woman by paying for their meal. Sorry dude, can't buy my love!

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