On Monday Check-In

I didn't estimate, but spent: - $11.70 on coffee and a sandwich at my local cafe (where they now know my name; I feel weirdly awkward about it) - $24.02 at Starbucks buying a gift card for my brother and a latte for myself - $35 because my Joan Didion documentary kickstarter went through - $56.73 at Target on some necessities (scarf, conditioner, moisturizer) and some non-necessities (nail polish, facewash that I did not realize was actually moisturizer until I came home). I still don't quite understand how that added up to so much money. Total: $127.45.

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On Honey, Sweetie, Chief, Boss: How We Talk to Strangers

@Josh Michtom@facebook Yeah, I (a lady) bristle at strangers calling me honey or sweetheart or whatever, but to perfectly honest, the fact that the grocery store employee was ALSO a lady would 100% neutralize my annoyance. I doubt I would even have registered it. Misandry, context, or different strokes - take your pick!

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On Are You What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up?

@HelloTheFuture I grew up in a suburb of a large city, and I didn't even know what a "project manager" did until a few years ago. (I am 27, and my current duties include some project management.)

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: Stayed in because an ill-timed nap meant that I woke up at midnight. $0 Saturday: $8.78 for a sandwich and muffin, $62.16 for a ton of groceries. Here's hoping I won't need to buy much more until Thanksgiving. Spent the evening baking cupcakes and watching a movie with my roommates. Sunday: $11 for a sandwich and a latte, $7.20 for an Uber to a bar where a friend's friend was performing, $18 for beers at said bar. My estimation was great - I predicted $108 and spent $107.14! Decided to save my $155 Aritzia cart til Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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On Friday Estimate

I ordered $180 worth of clothes from Asos yesterday (downside of budgeting: when I binge I binge HARD) so hopefully it'll be a sorta cheap weekend. I don't have anything planned yet though, so it's hard to say. Groceries: $40 I'm out of my multivitamin and also need some D supplements because winter: $20 Catching up on magazines at the coffee shop: $12 One night of going out: $25 Clothes: Hopefully not the $155 worth of stuff I have sitting in my Aritzia cart Weekly takeout allotment: $11 Total: $108

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: Need to pick up white eyeliner for my costume, then I have two parties I'm hopping between. I presciently drunk-bought two bottles of wine last night, so I only need to allot $10 for taxis between the two. And $10 for the eyeliner, $10 for dinner beforehand because a late-onset hangover is making me feel way too lazy to cook, and $10 for a friend's belated birthday present. Saturday: I'm going out of town on Wednesday so I don't need many groceries; will spend maybe $10 at the farmer's market. Yoga class in the afternoon and then heading to a bar to hang out with some out-of-town friends. $25 because I will probably drink a lot of beer. Sunday: $11.70 for my weekly latte + breakfast sandwich. Total: $86.70

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

August savings: $3,008.87 September: $3,314.90 October: $3,904.93 On track for $5k by 2015, more or less. I may be set back a little when my credit card bill comes due but that's not til mid-month so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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On Did Your Parents Lie About Your Age To Get Lower Ticket Prices, And Did That Scar You For Life?

This is not a money-saving story per se, but my mom once had to age my younger sister up in order to send her on a plane with my brother and I without an adult. She was 3, I think - old enough to know how old she was, I guess, but young enough not to know when her birthday was. So my mom ... threw her a fake birthday party. She bought a cake, put four candles on it, wrapped a few presents for her, and made my brother and sister come down and sing happy birthday to her. A couple months later, she had her actual fourth birthday - I guess by then she had forgotten about the smaller fake one. I don't really remember much of the fake birthday either, to be honest ... I was ten, and was probably just happy to get extra cake.

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I can tell you ahead of time that the recipe will be "the easiest-looking thing that comes up on the first page of Google and uses pre-made sauce." But I'll give you an update next week!

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On Friday Estimate

@calamity Oh wait, I forgot I have to buy a friend's birthday present. $40 for a set of Chipotle and Whole Foods gift cards!

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