On Friday Estimate

Today: $35 for a concert ticket, maybe $20 for drinks during/after. I also have a $10 off coupon for GrubHub that expires today but I'm not sure I'll have time to use it, unfortunately. Tomorrow: $25 at the farmer's market, $20 for additional groceries, yoga class, maybe $20 to go out that evening. Sunday: $11 for a sandwich and latte. Hopefully that's it. Total: $131

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On Advice for Retirement: Invest in a Metal Detector

@Ester Bloom Ohhhh that it is ... just wait til the seventh episode.

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On Advice for Retirement: Invest in a Metal Detector

Omg I immediately thought of Outlander at the first mention of Scotland. Show > books though (judging from the first half of the first book, at least ... though I'm certainly still reading it!).

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On The Cost of Insomnia

@ben_sez I had to read your first sentence so many times to figure out that it wasn't the job that magically disappeared upon discovery. I was imagining you spending hours at night searching for the elusive listing ...

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On Save Your Money, Stick to Wine

"you will pay too much to get drunk on something gross and then, because you’re drunk, buy more and more expensive food and wine than you planned to and then, the next morning, wake up gout-y, dehydrated, and poor, wondering where it all went wrong." #mylife

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On Friday Estimate

I have Monday off! Looking forward to it. Today: yoga class after work, maybe going out? Unsure. I’ll guess $20 Tomorrow: $26 for the farmer’s market tomorrow morning, $11 for a latte and a breakfast sandwich, maybe another yoga class, $15 more in case I go out again Sunday: $7.50 for weekly Chipotle, $15 for additional groceries, $30 to buy my dad a belated birthday present in preparation for ... Monday: Hanging out with my half-brother at our dad’s house, which means $0, plus better food than I would (/could) make myself. My plan is to watch Spirited Away with him (he’s 8) because that movie is perfect. Total: $125.5

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $108.50 assuming I would go out Friday and Saturday. Ended up going out NEITHER night. I'm getting kind of irritated at my friends' complete inability to plan ahead. Instead I visited two coffee shops, tinted my hair with henna and then did a deep-conditioning treatment, made a bunch of chili, watched the first season of Outlander, and basically spent more time interacting with my roommate's cat than any humans. Total: $53.36

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks Ah, you just reminded me of that book! I leafed through that book in a store this weekend and it looks great. Putting it on hold at the library right now.

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On Friday Estimate

Unclear on my weekend plans as of yet. Today after work I'm going to my first real yoga class in two weeks (I've been sick) so that'll be ... interesting. I'll grab a bottle of wine on the way home and will probably go out tonight - total of about $30. Saturday will be around $15 at the farmer's market, a latte and breakfast sandwich for $11, maybe another yoga class, and a other grocery items for $20 or so. Will probably be coerced into going out again, $25. Sunday I'm making a big pot of chili, making my way through a few overdue library books, and going to a restorative yoga class. All of these activities actually sound FAR better than anything else I have planned ... Anyway, if I'm hungover I will need some Chipotle before starting these exhausting tasks, so $7.50 for that. Total: $108.50

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

August savings: $3,008.87 September: $3,314.90 My goal is $5k by the end of the year. Which is possible, perhaps even doable, but not exactly probable.

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