On Everyone's Born in the Summer Damn Them So What Do You Do?

My birthday is Valentine's Day. It was fun in elementary school, but not so much anymore - I'd switch with any summer birthday! Everyone's either busy spending time with their SO, or in a bad mood because they're single.

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On Time to Panic About Hazelnuts

I don't even know what a hazelnut looks like. I don't know what they taste like on their own either. But I would sooner die than take them out of my lattes. OK, actually, I just googled them: they look like acorns whole, and like weird tiny banana slices while cut up. Cashews are the only nut I eat by themselves though. Their buttery salty deliciousness is unmatched in the nut (/legume/whatever they are) world.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't estimate, but I spent $139.55. Friday both my evening plans fell through, so I stayed in and watched Michel Gondry's movie about Noam Chomsky on Netflix. All I spent was $56.40 that I owed a friend for my share of last weekend's hotel. Saturday I spent $32.65 at the farmer's market and then came home and made (a variation on) Mike Dang's famous open-faced heirloom tomato sandwich! I used, and then consumed, half a baguette in one sitting. Then a yoga class, the library, and $33 on (as always) unnecessary drinks at a bar that night. Sunday: $10 for a latte and a breakfast sandwich; $7.50 for Chipotle later that evening.

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On Monday Check-in

I was away visiting friends in Durham this weekend, so I ate(/drank) out pretty much constantly. Friday: Long Megabus ride down. $19 on an early dinner and a beer, $12 on snacks and beer at the grocery store, $21 on too many drinks at the bar later that night. Saturday: $15 brunch, $9 snack and latte that afternoon, $28 for dinner, $32 at the bar (I gave in and got the pricey cocktails, ugh). Sunday: $8 brunch, $7.50 sandwich at Panera for the bus ride back, $14 for cab from the stop back home, $23 for late-night pizza delivery (v. necessary). Total: $188.50, not including ~$70 that I owe for the motel room, complete lack of quality sleep, and some incredibly unnecessary liver damage. Besides that, though, it was fun!

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@DebtOrAlive I work for a nonprofit, and 35 hours per week is full time for us (9-5 minus an hour off for lunch). I stayed for an extra 45 minutes yesterday and the day before to catch up on some things and my roommate - who works for the government, if that matters - commented that I'd been coming home "awfully late." I spend a couple hours working outside the office MAYBE once a month. I don't feel like I make enough money to comfortably raise kids, or buy a house or things like that, but I have neither, so ...

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $22 out at a bar Saturday: $8 for a breakfast sandwich and muffin, $24 at dinner, $20 on drinks at a bar after, $6 for my share of a cab ride home Sunday: $7.50 at Chipotle Total: $87.50 - a little lower than my $101 estimate, but I did absolutely NONE of the grocery shopping and various productive things I budgeted for (actually, none of the productive things that don't cost anything either ...).

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On Friday Estimate

This evening I'm going over to a friend's house and maybe going out to a bar afterwards ... I'll estimate $15. Also I need to buy bread and make a sandwich, because I have an avocado that's teetering on the edge of overripe. So $5 for that (I like my bread fancy). Saturday I'll spend ~$15 at the farmer's market, then I have a prepaid yoga class and I'm going out to get Ethiopian food with friends. $20 for the meal and probably $20 more for drinking afterwards. Sunday: necessary weekly latte + sandwich combo ($11) so I can park myself in a cafe and read/work. Will probably go to a yoga class and then grab $15 of groceries on the way home. Total: $101

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

I would email or live-chat for $10, but I would probably not call either.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

I don't actually get paid til tomorrow, but when I do here's what it'll look like: 06/01: $2527.52 07/01: $1913.83 07/31: $2473.83 That's for my everything savings account. I'm embarking on a pretty stringent savings plan starting in August (or well, a pretty stringent stop-spending-all-your-money plan) that, theoretically, will enable me to save $800 per month. We'll see how that goes. Also my 401k that I set up and forgot about hit 5 figures! $10,079.83.

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On The Fraud Alert Specialist Who Calmed My Nerves

@Lily Rowan Visa wouldn't let me buy gas in California (I live in DC). I appreciate the thought, but 1. this happened THREE separate times in the span of about a week, and I had to go online/call in to reactivate it every time; and 2. the whole reason I was trying to use it is because I get 3% cash back on gas with that card. The card went through fine when I was buying groceries, clothes, paying for hostels, but not gas. Thanks to Visa's overzealous fraud detection, I am approximately $4 poorer than I should be.

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