On Friday Estimate

This evening I'm going over to a friend's house and maybe going out to a bar afterwards ... I'll estimate $15. Also I need to buy bread and make a sandwich, because I have an avocado that's teetering on the edge of overripe. So $5 for that (I like my bread fancy). Saturday I'll spend ~$15 at the farmer's market, then I have a prepaid yoga class and I'm going out to get Ethiopian food with friends. $20 for the meal and probably $20 more for drinking afterwards. Sunday: necessary weekly latte + sandwich combo ($11) so I can park myself in a cafe and read/work. Will probably go to a yoga class and then grab $15 of groceries on the way home. Total: $101

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On From Counting Pennies to Letting Things Slide

I would email or live-chat for $10, but I would probably not call either.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

I don't actually get paid til tomorrow, but when I do here's what it'll look like: 06/01: $2527.52 07/01: $1913.83 07/31: $2473.83 That's for my everything savings account. I'm embarking on a pretty stringent savings plan starting in August (or well, a pretty stringent stop-spending-all-your-money plan) that, theoretically, will enable me to save $800 per month. We'll see how that goes. Also my 401k that I set up and forgot about hit 5 figures! $10,079.83.

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On The Fraud Alert Specialist Who Calmed My Nerves

@Lily Rowan Visa wouldn't let me buy gas in California (I live in DC). I appreciate the thought, but 1. this happened THREE separate times in the span of about a week, and I had to go online/call in to reactivate it every time; and 2. the whole reason I was trying to use it is because I get 3% cash back on gas with that card. The card went through fine when I was buying groceries, clothes, paying for hostels, but not gas. Thanks to Visa's overzealous fraud detection, I am approximately $4 poorer than I should be.

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On America Runs on Dunkin' (In Secret Pools)

I have a public pool two blocks away from my house. It's always crowded with families and loud kids and half the chairs are broken, but it's FREE for DC residents. Which I am, so I love it and go almost every week! At least race-wise, it gets a pretty diverse clientele that mostly reflects the gentrifying neighborhood demographics. When I was growing up, in Virginia's upper-middle class suburbs, we joined a non-public community pool every summer. I have no idea how much it cost but I also don't remember ever seeing/driving past any outdoor public pools in my area, so I'm not even sure if there were other options. Plus I was on the swim team for a couple summers - no idea if public pools offer that.

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On Monday Check-in

@calamity Oh and I estimated a laughable $130.

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On Friday Estimate

@EvanDeSimone After I pick these up I'll have ELEVEN checked out, most of which are new releases so I can't even renew them. My eyes are much bigger than my brain.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: picking up a few groceries and possibly my very own yoga block at Target ($30), then the rest of the afternoon will be spent at the pool and a yoga class ($0 and prepaid respectively). $20 or so at the bar later on. Saturday: Farmer's market ($20), fancy-ish brunch ($20, more if I decide to drink), picking up a few library books, and I have no idea about the rest of the day?? I'll guess $20 more. Sunday: Haha still no clue. Probably $10 for breakfast sandwich and latte, and I'll throw an extra $10 in there for fun. Total: $130. I am, however, returning ~$35 of clothes.

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On "Choosing THE RIGHT School": BS or Total BS?

I transferred from my big state school in a college town to a small private liberal arts school in a city. Educationally/prestigious-ly there wasn't much difference, but socially, the latter was definitely a better fit for me. That said, if I could go back and apply to college for the first time all over again, I wouldn't have applied to either, honestly. Half the reason I ended up transferring where I did is that I was doing it mid-year. I thought about sticking it out for another semester, since not all schools take people between semesters, but then I wouldn't have gotten to study abroad. As it turns out, our study abroad adviser quit two weeks before the start of my junior year, which meant the office was pretty much in shambles when I was supposed to be applying, so it turned into this big hassle and in the end I just gave up and didn't get to go at all. Probably my biggest regret of my college career. I was kind of a mess during my entire adolescence, so even though I wish I'd done things differently, I just didn't have the forethought/mental health/maturity to do so. (And I can't conceive of a way that I ever would have without drastically changing my temperament/history.) Honestly the best thing for me to do would probably have been to take a gap year after college and grow up. School was basically the only thing I was good at, though, and I also bought way into the quality-of-college-determines-your-worth-as-a-person myth, so I was too scared to. (Which is also the reason why I SHOULD have done it.) Despite all my #feelings about it, my school was fine, and I enjoyed it while I was there. I just don't think it was the best environment for my personal development.

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On Link Round-Up: Index Funds; Women-Oriented Companies Run By Men Because #Patriarchy

Once again, an Onion article hits too close to home: Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement.

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