On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@dotcommie If very few people get a +1, then that's fine. That said, I have a history of being That Single Person at various fancy events, and it really, really can suck to one of only a handful of single people surrounded by couples - especially if they're your friends IMO. I have never drunk cried AT one of these events, but afterwards ... I make no promises.

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On Monday Check-in

@Heather F G Well ... someday, I hope, but I don't have plans for anytime soon (unfortunately). I started taking classes a few years ago because I felt like I was getting dumber not being in school anymore. I took French in high school and college, but I forgot a lot and also was mostly too shy to really talk in class, so I'm doing better this time around. Toronto's for fun though! I'm going with a few old roommates who've since scattered across the country. Any suggestions?

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: I took off of work and went to a French immersion day that I'd already paid for (luckily, because it was $$). They provided a fancy French lunch. Dinner at home, $8 on a drink, and $13 on the cab home. Saturday: Gilt sent me a 30% off coupon in the mail, so I used it to mark a hi-lo maxi dress down to $84. Later that afternoon I looked up the exact measurements and discovered that, not only does the brand run large, but it's still too long on the giraffe of a model for it to not drag on the ground when I put it on. SIGH. I can only return it for credit, too. However! I redeemed $16.84 of cash back on my credit card, AND got $121 back from a hotel that charged me twice! (It took me more than a month to notice ...) Anyway, then I spent $30 on groceries, and went out later on that night. $25 taxis there and back (ugh), $20 on drinks. Sunday: $7.50 on Chipotle, $234.65 on plane tickets to Toronto in September. I've never been before so that's exciting. Total: $284.31. I wouldn't typically count the refund, but I wouldn't typically count the plane tickets either, so ...

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On Monday Check-in

I somehow managed to take four separate naps this weekend, despite the fact that I did absolutely nothing taxing, emotionally or physically. Day drinking for the World Cup really messed up my sleep cycle. Friday: $7 for lunch, $14 getting my eyebrows threaded, $20 tip for a facial, $1 for a tomato at the corner store, skipped yoga, didn't go out. Saturday: skipped yoga, $33 for beers and a lentil burger while watching the World Cup, didn't go out. Sunday: Ordered $157 of clothes online before EVEN GETTING OUT OF BED, $7 for a delicious breakfast sandwich, $34 at the local wine store, $10 for Cava after the World Cup final. Total: $283 vs. $133 estimate. Would've been $126 without the Sunday morning shopping.

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On Friday Estimate

Today: food truck lunch (~$8), using a Groupon I bought for a facial ($20 tip), prepaid yoga class, going out that evening ($15ish). Tomorrow: Farmer's market and miscellaneous other groceries ($25), more yoga, ??? Will probably go out again, $25. Sunday: I need some special light bulb for a lamp I bought that does not seem to be stocked at Target OR CVS, I don't understand. And I'll need to get free shipping from Amazon, so $35. Adding weekly takeout & incidentals: $15 Total: $133

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On Getting Paid to Write as Myself: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

Congrats Nicole!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

Emergency fund (goal of $5000 by year's end): 06/01: $2527.52 07/01: $1913.83 Traveling is expensive! I'm kind of skeptical that I'll be able to hit 5k, but I don't have any other unpaid-for travel plans til the holidays, when I can use part of a big Southwest voucher. But with some luck at my neverending struggle not to buy new clothes all the time, and hopefully a small raise at my annual review in September, I should get pretty close. Also, I think my 401k will hit $10,000 next check-in! I don't track that here because it comes out of my paycheck automatically, and also I forget about it a lot, but that's what, six months of not being a homeless retiree? Haha.

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On How Do You Decide Which Books To Buy?

Library library library! I am so appreciative of public libraries - I still regularly find myself in awe that I can borrow so many books FOR FREE. (I mean, taxes I know, but reading a great book and paying zero dollars for it feels a lot more magical than like, walking down a sidewalk that isn't crumbling to bits.) I only buy books that 1. I've already read and know I'll read again; or 2. I can't find at the library, can find on Amazon, and am convinced by its preview pages that I'll really REALLY enjoy it. I have to talk myself into every purchase. I am trying to shift away from actually buying books off Amazon because of the Hachette drama - books are important enough for me that I'll pay a premium to support places that aren't so shamelessly manipulative, and/or are actually nice stores run by similarly book-loving folks as myself. I do keep a predominantly book-focused wishlist on Amazon, and have since 2007. There are currently 1275 items on that (terribly curated, I will admit) list. (What possessed 20-year-old me to think that, with all the great books in the world waiting to be read, The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health deserved to be one of them??)

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On Monday Check-in

Didn't do an estimate, but here's what I spent: Friday: $5 on sandwich at airport, $16 on shuttle from airport to bus stop in NY, $4 at Subway for sandwich #2, $9 for taxi from bus stop in DC to my house Saturday: $11 for a latte and a breakfast sandwich, $30 at the farmer's market, prepaid yoga class, $33 for beers and a burger, $9.50 for a drink out that night Sunday: $7.50 for Chipotle (their veggie prices went up 50 cents in my absence! Sad), prepaid yoga class, $13 for a couple groceries at Target, two free beers while helping a friend pack for her move. Total: $138. All of Friday's expenses were necessary for transportation and since I've been out of town I have to rebuild my perishable grocery stock from nothing. Even when it's over, vacation is still expensive!

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: $58 at Target, $0 at dentist, $30 for dinner and drinks, $13 on a bottle of wine, $13 more at a bar. Saturday: $5 at farmer's market, $0 for yoga class, $18 for groceries, $42 on a date (those pricey beers add up!). Sunday: $7 on Chipotle. Total: $176 out of an estimated $140. Still did not get my bike fixed ...

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