On The Best Books About Class

Curtis Sittenfeld's Prep? Awkward LMC Lee Fiora is pretty much my literary doppelganger.

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On How Much Do You Pay Someone To Risk Their Life For You on Mt. Everest?

I think Nepal and China should close the mountain permanently and make Base Camp the destination, with the money going to and run by porters who live in the area. It can be like a combination voluntourism and adventure hike. You pay some amount less than the current tag of ~$75,000, you need less acclimation to the altitude, and nobody dies. You get to hike into Base Camp, which is an adventure in and of itself, hang out for a week, learn about Nepal and the fact that Everest is a sacred site to many local people, and maybe if the porters think you are fit enough/strong enough, you get to go up to Camp One and bring down some of the accumulated garbage lying around up there. I vote "nobody climbs it again" but I would support an "If you've climbed at least three other 8,000 meter peaks and can carry all your shit yourself, you can go" exception. It's one thing to go up there and know YOU might die. It's another thing to be willing to kill 16 people in the process.

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On A Triple Feature for When You're Feeling 30(ish) and Not Flirty and Not Thriving :/

Oh my god I never got past the first 15 minutes of Young Adult because OH MY GOD. The Diet Coke and the stumbling around early in the morning and the shaking the ink cartridge and the staring at the word document and the Ben and Jerry's in the motel room bathroom...oh my god. Oh my god. I was trying to watch that movie WHILE EATING BEN AND JERRY'S AND DRINKING DIET COKE. I felt smug about not being a sociopathic alcoholic for 37 seconds and then I started crying hysterically and watched "Emma" until I felt better (took several days).

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On When Bill Gates Is Your Secret Santa

But what I really want to know is what Bill Gates got as a gift! What do you get Bill Gates???

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On Zagat on Tipping During the Holidays

@Ellie I think either a week's or a month's subscription amount, whichever one feels right.

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On Playing Professional Basketball Didn't Work Out, But Working as an Actuary Did

The thing that rubbed me the wrong way was that this dude got his first job by literally just walking into a rich dude who liked basketball. I mean, that's not Adam's fault, but I just feel like I have read so many stories lately of people who are in incredible financial positions that are the result of both the person's hard work AND the person being fortuitously located at the front of the line when capitalism-winning lottery tickets were being handed out. Capitalism kills love, is what I'm saying.

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On Internships Reevaluated Around the World and at Medill

I feel like the justification for continuing unpaid internships is the same as the justification for hazing- a delightful combo of "Well, I did it and it worked out just fine!" and "I had to do it; why should you get off easy?"

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On Walk Away With the Money You've Won Or Keep Going?

Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly. Carson Daly.

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On New Job Gotten

Never apologize for Boar's Head, Mary Jo! Congratulations on the new gig.

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On The High Cost of Child Care

Man, I read this in Linda Hirshman's book "Get to Work" (okay, I read it in a review of her book, WHAT), but part of her argument in that book was about the logical fallacy of thinking of day care costs as coming out of the mother's paycheck. Apparently, that's a super common way of thinking of the cost, probably a combination of the idea of childcare being women's work being super ingrained and couples doing the math about mom's paycheck going away during maternity leave. Between women making less in general (hello, wage gap) and daycare being so expensive, it seems "logical" to have mom stay home if you think of her paycheck as the "day care" check and she then barely breaks even. Taking that time off with the kids hurts women's salaries for the rest of their lives. Hirshman's argument was that couples should think of the day care check just like any other joint bill- half comes from her pay check and half from his. Now, whenever I read these articles I scream, "What about THEIR FATHER? How much does HE make? HUH? What's HIS share of the day care?" That might be way I'm, uh, not married.

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