On Do You Venmo?

I have ten months of twenty-something left but I don't have any friends or a smartphone, so I am a non-Venmo. Aside: Venmo is not a snake, it is obviously a coffee order. Obviously.

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On How the Gilmore Girls Do Money

@ECW Full-on the best moment of the entire series (spoilers) is when Jess blows back through Star's Hollow JUST long enough to yell, "WHY did you drop out of YALE?????"

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

@Mike. A "There’s no good way to keep rents low for everyone, and I struggle to find a reason why we should try." Because people need to live somewhere, even the poor ones? Because the alternative is poor people dying in tenement fires or freezing to death in parks every winter? Because we have more than enough wealth in the country to provide dignified housing to everyone? Like, take your pick, I guess.

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

@Mike. A

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

@apples and oranges I know there's a movement in Oakland to limit the number of single-family properties one corporation or entity can own, to prevent landlords from owning dozens of homes. Oakland is kind of struggling right now because many people DID own their homes, lost them in the mortgage crisis, and are now renting them back from basically profiteers. It sucks. I think they're also looking into a community land trust, which can help keep prices reasonable and keep equity in the community.

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On OK, Gentrification is Lousy. Now What?

@Ester Bloom This particular essay sounded a little defensive about that, actually.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

@lemonhead3159 Congrats! It is super emotionally complicated to have windfalls, although fiscally it is quite rewarding. I think you did exactly the right things with it!

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On $900 Craigslist Ticket to Lena Dunham's NYC Book Reading Still Available

That tweet so encapsulates Lena Dunham's entire ethos, which I am very vocal about hating: "I sort of tried a little to do something good or nice, but I didn't actually do it, but can I still get credit for it? Because it crossed my mind?" I could write paaaaaaaaaaaaaages about why I dislike Lena Dunham but I will try to refrain.

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On Our Money Daydreams: Befriending Elderly Millionaires & Finding Bags of Gold

Constanza's fantasy is the plot of a terrible Billy Currington song that is probably playing on a country music radio station near you at this very second. ("People Are Crazy" if you really need to Google.) My money fantasy is being voted a World Series share.

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

At my college (public flagship in the SEC) there was a regular library and a study/learning center that had classrooms, study rooms, reading spaces, a huge number of computers, and a small collection of books in a silent study room that I didn't even know EXISTED until my last semester. One semester I volunteered to be part of a "How do you use the study center?" focus group because it involved pizza and civic participation, which is my game. It was run by two ladies I would describe as hipster librarians- youngish, glasses, Anthropologie/thrifted-looking vintage, soft-spoken, very excited about learning. They each introduced themselves by saying, "I'm Jane, I'm a librarian here at the study center, and I specialize in teaching research methods" and "I'm Joan, I'm a librarian here at the study center and I specialize in community engagement." So we went through the whole process- I think we had pizza, then there was form to fill out, then some guided conversation, then we maybe estimated how often we did certain things in the study center, etc, and at the end was, like, free-form comments. I was a nerd and so I knew that the study center was a part of the campus library system and had librarians, etc, but apparently this was not well-known, because one girl started her comments by saying, "I don't really think of the center as a library. It's just where I do my homework. I mean, I know you guys called yourselves librarians, but-" IN PERFECT UNISON, both of the facilitators immediately interrupted her and said, "WE ARE LIBRARIANS." Don't insult the digital librarians, people! THEY ONLY LOOK MILD-MANNERED.

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