On The Luxury Bag vs. the Unemployed Reporter

I've done this, although I haven't always returned the ill-advised whatever. I find it easier to save money and stick to a budget when there's money coming in. I feel like it's good to save then because it means eventually I can do something "big" like get a different job, go back to school, go on a big vacation, etc. But if you're spending your savings already just to live, what does it matter? Why not make a bad decision that will make you happy, when so many of your past bad decisions have only made you unhappy, and your current good decisions haven't gotten you employed or improved your life any?

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On Uber Aversion

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On Uber Aversion

@boringbunny So using Uber is striking a blow for the rev now?!?! Tell me another one.

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On Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

My only contribution to this discussion is to say that in my family, splitting a bill evenly is called the gazinta (because you start settling the bill by saying, "Okay, there's four of us, four goes into a hundred...").

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On Posing As An Uber Driver Means Overhearing Great Convos About Prenups

@@fo Yeah, I was thinking yesterday after I posted that that it only works if you are basically a good person, and it will sound totally shady if you like have a trust fund and your partner has a hundred grand in student debt. "Baby, I can't pay your med school loans because I LOVE you!"

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On Posing As An Uber Driver Means Overhearing Great Convos About Prenups

Dear America, here is how you sell a pre-nup: "I love you so much that I want to protect you from every bad thing that could happen in the future, even if it's unlikely, and even if that means the thing I'm protecting you from is me."

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2015 Check-in

Bank of America Visa March 15 balance: $368.70 April 15 balance: $0 I'm a human disaster but at least I don't owe anybody any money. For now.

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On The Family Money We Don't Like To Acknowledge

I don't know of any slave-holding ancestors, but both of my grandfathers bought houses or got some higher education through the GI Bill after World War II (black veterans largely couldn't take full advantage of the bill to build wealth by buying a home because of residential segregation). Those homes had an extremely direct effect on my life- my grandparents bought my parents their home, and my parents used equity in the house to fund part of my college (and generally saved a lot of cash for college and other stuff because they had a low or no mortgage for many years). I think it's just important to make those circumstances visible in my life and in the story I tell about myself because it makes inequality very clear. Like, I could attribute my financial position just to the hard work of my famyily- and it's true that they did work really hard and make sacrifices to achieve financial success- but they also got significant help from policies that rewarded their hard work but not the hard work of black people. I think the more I talk about that, the more it makes racism really stark and maybe helps in some tiny way to fight racism? That's probably wishful thinking but I can hope I guess.

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On How A Job-Hopping Latina Does Money

@aetataureate But the truth about MANY of those people who have "finicky careers in finicky cities" is that they have family support, from occasional cash gifts and staying on the family cell phone plan to full-blown covering the rent every month. Like, how many people in media did unpaid internships to land their first gigs? How is Alisha supposed to do that? She's just saying that in addition to being on her own financially, she also has some cultural baggage around money and didn't get her house in order until she recognized that and connected with people from a similar background. Sometimes you get so excited that someone gets you that you want to talk about it.

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On A WWYD? Update From The Millennial Whose Parents Want Her Hard-Earned Savings

Is it possible that your dad asked for this money because he (like, subconsciously, I'm not saying he's a manipulative mastermind) knows that it will wipe out your savings and he wants you to come to Florida rather than strike out on your own?

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