On A WWYD? Update From The Millennial Whose Parents Want Her Hard-Earned Savings

Is it possible that your dad asked for this money because he (like, subconsciously, I'm not saying he's a manipulative mastermind) knows that it will wipe out your savings and he wants you to come to Florida rather than strike out on your own?

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

Bank of America Visa February 15 balance: $584.78 March 15 balance: $368.70 I should do my taxes and see if I don't get a little refund I could throw at this. But also I am a bad decision dinosaur and spontaneously quit my job this month so WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS?!?!

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On The Pros and Cons Of Collective Living

Oh, I lived in an intentional community AND I HATED IT!!!! BUT I didn't choose my roommates (we were assigned to each other) and the house was really too small (4/5 of us shared a bedroom). I miiiiight do it again with people I liked or at least had some say in choosing and in a bigger house. Miiiiiiight. Maaaaaybe. Possibly. I would think about it. Probably.

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On I Went to a Launch Party for a Chair

Best tag everrrrrrrr Also, I wonder if that lady was trying to make you feel comfortable because she saw that you felt out of place. That would have been a nice thing to do.

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On Working And The "Real Girl"

"But at the loss of faith in the idea that good, hard work always pays off. That the work you do accrues like little blocks, stacking beneath you and always raising you up towards something better." I really liked this essay too, especially this quoted part. It's definitely hard to realize that even if you do everything right, your dreams might not come true.

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On Today's Rent-Saving Solution: Move Into An Old-Age Home

Oh my god, I have actually done this! I mean, I lived with my elderly grandmother for three (or four-ish??) years, in a rent-free role I dubbed Resident Comic Relief. My grandmother had her own caregivers who helped her with dressing, bathing, etc. I was responsible for providing nail polish colors, sneaking my grandmother ice cream she wasn't strictly supposed to eat, and telling stupid jokes on demand. It was amazing and awesome. I would actually love to live in a set-up like this again.

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On How a Teen Who Works on His Dad’s Farm Does Money

"Cities are too compact for me. Not to mention, I’d have no trees or fields to have bonfires in, so I don’t think I’d survive mentally in a city." This child knows my heart, omg. I love this interview please have a million more like it thank you.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2015 Check-in

@chevyvan YOU DID GREAT!! THIS IS SO GREAT!!! Seriously, I know this pattern soooo well and it is super frustrating to feel like you never get ahead. YOU DID AWESOME!!!

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On Stupid Smarch Weather Do 1 Thing

I did my one thing before coming to work, which was curbing the trash, because if I don't do it, my father goes to my house when I'm out and does it for me. And I need to prove I Can Adult. My next one thing should be to call the cable company when I get home. MAYBE!

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On Stupid Smarch Weather Do 1 Thing

@Allison You can do it.

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