On Winnipeg, Manitoba: The Slurpee Capital of the World

I've never been to Manitoba, but I will say that my love of/craving for slushies (as we call them) tends to far outshadow that of my American friends... And don't even get me started on Tim Horton's iced capps. With chocolate milk, please!

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On You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

I filed my federal taxes! Which is always a treat because I get a reeefunnnnd! Less treaty [treatish?] is filing Illinois state taxes, which are working out to a $500 payment even though my US income for 2013 was under $20,000 and $500 was with held from my salary for the state. I guess that's right? Approx. 5% of gross income? It just seems like a lot :( Goodbye, federal refund; enjoy, Illinois.

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On Lizard Heads, Frogs, Crickets: The Things We Find in Our Lunch Salads

@Cup of T I have also worked at many excellent clean dining establishments. Please don't blacklist me, food industry!

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On Lizard Heads, Frogs, Crickets: The Things We Find in Our Lunch Salads

@Cup of T omg I also worked in a restaurant where someone was served a LIVE MOUSE N THEIR SALAD. like, drizzled in dressing, resting on a bed of tabbouleh. Don't worry, that place is CLOSED. Shudder...

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On Lizard Heads, Frogs, Crickets: The Things We Find in Our Lunch Salads

I worked in a bar as a teenager, and a client once came in from the patio to have her Guinness replaced because a little worm had "somehow fallen into the glass outside." I suggested she have a refreshing cold lager instead (in Ireland, draft Guinness is served closer to room temp) and quickly let the owner know about the maggots that had apparently made a home in the keg. Drink, anyone?

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On Let 1 Thing Go

The people have spoken! Keep one thing! I picked up a passport renewal form AND had my passport photos taken (that's two things if you're feeling generous)

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On A Respite From Winter

I really did hit refresh! Did it help?

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On Doing the Right Thing, Living With the Wrong People

This is lovely, and I'm glad things are working out for you! Also, congratulations on making me want to visit (/possibly move to?) Louisville.

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On Look At Your Old Self and Save for Retirement

63 year-old you looks beat up! 99 year-old you looks pretty great for 99 though (and not really that different from 63...) I think if you avoid getting into fights/walking into walls in your early 60s you should be all set.

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On The Up Series, or The Latest Thing I Am Obsessed With That is Available on Netflix

I totally hear you on the tedious recapping- I think it's because the first few 'Ups' aired before VCRs [was there ever such a time?] so people were unable to do their civic duty and binge watch like we do now. Also, there is [was?] a 21-up South Africa streaming on Netflix! It makes for a fascinating comparison.

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