On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

@fletchasketch I'm with you. This series is interesting, but I cannot relate at. all. And I would totally be one of those people wondering why my co-work was always wearing the same thing! Although the author does look great in her 'uniform.'

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On Paying for Theaters vs Waiting for Netflix

@Ester Bloom @lisaf Consensus achieved! I'll rent it tonight, or the first chance I get. Thanks!

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On Paying for Theaters vs Waiting for Netflix

So the Billfold consensus is that "Obvious Child" is really good? I've been debating whether to watch it on Amazon ($3.99; big commitment) and was worried it was one of those movies where the trailer is better than the actual film. Cause the trailer looks pretty great...

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On Reconsidering a Living Situation

@Mike Dang I hope that picture is now on your fridge or otherwise displayed in your kitchen...meta.

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On Reconsidering a Living Situation

Mike you're just going to drop that Gumbel gem and not follow through? We need more information! Did you meet the Gumbel?! Re:unoccupied apartments, me and/or my partner are often away for long stretches- he's currently away for 9 months and I'll be joining him for 6 weeks in late fall and hopefully for longer this winter- and paying rent (and heat!) on our empty place sucks. But so would having to store and move our stuff to a new place every time we come 'home'...

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On Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You'd Pay For

@apples and oranges are you sure it would be more expensive? I had a brick phone for years- no data and terrrrible reception- until friends asked if I wanted to get on their family plan. I now pay considerably less for a lot better service. (This makes it sound like I work for Verizn or something. I swear I don't!)

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

@EM Cosigned (but as someone who grew up in Canada, now lives in the US, and desperately wants to go back to Canada before even contemplating undergoing such costly medical procedures as, y'know, giving birth- something a friend here in the US will be paying at least $10,000 to do, despite having 'good' insurance!!)

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On Baby Purchases, Reevaluated

@boogers mcgee Ditto. Although your screen name would suggest snot doesn't bother you all that much...

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

Ugh, timely. I have about 9 months left on my F1 student visa and while I'm hopeful about the possibility of getting an employment-related visa after my studies (or moving to a country where I won't need one!) the marriage-as-path-to-green-card route seems increasingly like a possibility. Except that, like J, I don't really want to get married... ever. And the idea that I might one day have to do so in order to appease the US government really bums me out :( Bureaucracy!

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On Blame the Patriarchy For Your Lack of Social Mobility

I don't think any of my grandparents graduated from highschool (my dad's dad went to work at age 11, after his own dad died) and all of their children (8 between them) have graduate degrees. Baby boomers! For most part the subsequent generation (i.e. me and my siblings and cousins) also have post-graduate degrees (a lawyer, a couple of PhDs, some Masters degrees) except for the kids of richest one, who didn't bother to go to university. Go figure...

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