On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@gyip You are the Mike Dang of Ontario, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible.

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On Brown Bagging It

@BillfoldMonkey that is great advice, thank you! Step one will involve getting up the courage to cook for myself again ;)

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On Brown Bagging It

One downside to brown bagging it: food poisoning! I made a delicious vegan lentil and chickpea slow cooker soup and have been eating it all week. Yesterday afternoon I had a small bowl and I'm just now able to think about it without getting mouth sweats. I've actually never had food poisoning before and MAN. Man.

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On Do That 1 Thing You Forgot To Do

I never file estimated taxes :( But I crossed a bunch of things off my list today, including booking 3 trips using a new card that requires a high minimum spend in the first few months in order to get lots of airline miles! That's even more than one thing.

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On Survey: Does It Always Make Sense to Go for the Lowest Fare?

Guysss I just booked so much travel today I almost have anxiety. It will mostly be reimbursed and I'm happy to get the credit card points but whew. One of the flights is a Lufthansa Chicago-Marseilles (with a stop in Munich) and I would have had to pay $35 to select seats sooo I didn't. Fingers crossed I'm not in the middle...

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

NIGHTMARE. I'm nearing 30 and have never had any dental work (fillings etc) and really really really want to leave my wisdom be... Three are in and totally fine, but one is stubborn and I think as it pushes it's way up it's also unstraightening one of my front teeth (thanks for the braces, parents!) but if I can live with a minor cosmetic complaint, I can just leave my wisdom teeth, right? Right?? Tell me, why did you have to have you wisdom teeth out? Were they bugging you? Infected?

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

@ThatsMyOtter I don't really have one! It's one of those things where you make a roux (3tbsps flour 3tbsps butter and a cup of milk) add a bunch of cheese and veggies of your choice, toss with pasta and bake. My one tip is to use an obscene amount of grainy Dijon. It really kicks up the cheese flavor, and for some reason doesn't taste mustardy, just delicious!

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

@ThatsMyOtter By far the most expensive grocery item I bought yesterday was a chunk of gruyere. But it's going to be sooo nutty and good in the carmelized onion/cherry tomato mac and cheese I'm making soon.

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

I've had a few nips of whiskey while taking baths this cold cold January, but the whiskey was a gift from a friend who crashed at my place while I was out of town sooo I'm participating in the no-spend part of drynuary?

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On The Cost of Getting Settled in the U.K.

Like Crazy! As a longtime long-distancer dating someone with a citizenship different from my own, I cannot watch the movie without crying.

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