On Here is Your Open Thread

@Tripleoxer I got sucked into this a while ago, and became weirdly resentful. It was only 2-5 bucks a week... but also 2-5 bucks a week and I NEVER have cash on me. I'd end up owing coworkers who would cover me as a favor... ugh. I used to drive by a billboard with the current jackpot amount on it and would just daydream about quitting my job once we all won. Spoiler alert: WE NEVER WON. Which made me extra resentful of my job. No good all around. Eventually, I just started saying no thanks, very politely. "I make my own luck!". My current luck-making is hoarding cash and updating my resume. fingers crossed....

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On Yes, I Do In Fact Owe My Entire Career to Browsing Reddit

@HelloTheFuture @Christy Thank you both for trying not to spoil! A friend JUST told me about these books a few days ago and this is a perfect reminder to add them to my library request list. I am already geeking out over them without knowing anything. eeeeeee

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On Waste Not, Want Not

@sheistolerable I've been following her story for the past year or two, and from what I gather, it can be very hit or miss at the deli counter. Sometimes one worker will fill a jar whereas another shift would refuse. She seems to really go out of her way, talk to a manager, explain her motives and more often than not she is allowed to do it. I feel like it involves becoming a "regular" at your neighborhood store (independent or chain) and explaining your case several times over each time you meet a new person. It's seems exhausting to me, but I"m also extremely impressed and motivated by her energy!

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On My Slight Real Estate Problem: The Housing Market And Me

@eagerber American Beauty! (i think?)

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On How I Made 3 Dinners For Two Average Out to Just $5 Person

This sounds exactly how I operate. This is also where I give a shout-out to my favorite food-meets-finance site: http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com/ Someone may have mentioned it before? but I luuurve it! I have had many versions of the Loaded Sweet Potato before and was excited to see I wasn't the only weirdo eating potatoes and craisins.

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On A Thread That Is Open

@Dancercise There may be freelancer's unions you might qualify for. When I had to buy my own insurance a few years ago I had "Tonik" from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I think the name of the program has been phased out, but I believe they still offer individual insurance plans. Only in certain states however(I live in CT).

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On $2 Million Kickstarter Goal With Warner Brothers' Blessing

@eagerber @aetataureate Ditto, one thousand times infinity!

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On Small Victories

Those are excellent small victories!!!!!!

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On The Sixth Round of Interviews

@thatgirl YEP. Been there, done that. For three years I was a "temp" (after 5 years of contracting- I'm sure I have vented about this before). I was finally hired last year and was able to take full advantage of the paid holidays and vacation benefits. (including maxing out my allotted paid bereavement time when my mother passed away.... Take THAT corporate office! :-/) Now they are transitioning my production job to a position where I outsource the work I used to do, to asia. And I will very likely be switched from hourly (yay possibility of overtime!)to salary. Probably a 15% pay cut. Anyhoo- happy thursday everyone!

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On Every Little 1 Thing I Do, I Do It For You (Me)

@stuffisthings thank you for saying this one thousand times more succinctly than I.

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