On The Morality of Paying to Skip the Line (at Theme Parks)

@Josh Michtom@facebook The author forgot about inequality when they can see OTHER children are its beneficiaries.

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On A Call To Abolish Employment Credit Checks

My employer completes background checks for criminal, education, and credit after a contingent offer is made. Not once has the offer been revoked due to credit history. It is more of sanity check than anything.

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On Help, My Freezer Doesn't Work. Also It Is Not a Freezer

Excellent taste in beer!

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

Awesome job and never discount the fact that it is incredibly difficult to sacrifice like you did! (even if it is a luxury to choose to live on less than you make)

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On Tim Armstrong Apologizes; Mother of 'Distressed Baby' Speaks Up

I've heard in several HR meetings of the cost of employee hospital visits reaching the $1 Million cap. This was a used as a reason to increase premiums, copays, etc. Specific names weren't mentioned and I did not know them personally, but I'm sure someone in the meeting knew the person that reached the cap. No one really thought anything of it and both employees and the company accept this risk in a group insurance plan.

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On Monday Check-in

Overspent my $100 budget by $7...an extra drink at the bar always gets me.

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On Friday Estimate

Dinner out with my wife and weekly church donation: $100

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On Did You Hit Your Goal for February?

@cawcawphony Sounds similar to my rollover experience. I'm trying to rollover 2 old accounts into an IRA and it has been a pain. Each account has different requirements and they don't play nice with each other. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with the former employer. They make it sound so easy on the TV commercials.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2014 Check-In

We're contributing 15% into various retirement accounts and putting $500/month into college savings and $500/month extra on the mortgage...while trying to meet other savings goals. Car Savings Fund December 2013: $4,514 January 2013: $5,014 Vacation Savings Fund: December 2013: $0 January 2013: $500 IRS Sinking Fund ($750 due when I file) December 2013: $0 January 2013: $250 YNAB really makes it easy to keep one account for savings while breaking up the different goals.

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On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

@Lili +1 for YNAB!

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