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Mortgage companies are still willing to make people house poor. I was approved at twice the amount of mortgage I thought I could afford...30% debt to income ratio is way too high. After taxes, food, utilities, transportation, childcare, etc.....how can someone afford a house payment at 30% of their gross pay? Not to mention saving for retirement and/or college.

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@SnarlFurillo Thank you for the insight! I was thinking the quality would be decreased by making CC's more accessible, or at least reduce the graduation rate. But, you're theory makes total sense. Why would a middle class family pay tuition when they could get it for free? I'm guessing they would at least start with income limitations.

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@steponitvelma no worries, I only knew because I contribute $500 a month to these accounts. It is frustrating because the main theme of the speech was the strengthening of the middle class. 529's were designed to help middle class families send their children to college. Taxing 529's would be similar to taxing Roth IRA withdrawals. The other thing not mentioned is the proposal to eliminate the Educational Savings Account (ESA) under the same proposal. Changing these types of tax rules would be criminal.

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@steponitvelma Current 529 contributions are AFTER TAX DOLLARS. Some states offer a tax break on contributions to their specific plans, but there is no federal tax break on the money put in. Obama is proposing a tax on withdrawals too. How does that make a 529 worthwhile? Deferred taxes on earnings of after tax dollars?

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On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

@MemphisBlues Yep! Tax the people saving money for college to send the non-savers to community college.

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On Tax Season

@ATF The new price structure affects a lot of people that file schedules C,D, and/or E. I only file schedule A, which is included in the cheaper version and will download it through Amazon Prime for $40. The reviews are horrible because people were blindsided by the price change.

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On Waiting for That One Job

Good on you for helping your brother. It's something he'll appreciate for a long time. My brother helped me when I needed it most. I'll always remember it and pay it forward when I can.

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On The Costs of Mental Illness, With & Without Insurance

Thanks for sharing, the health system we have here is so frustrating! I wonder why your company started offering health coverage with Obamacare in place. I was under the impression that it was actually cheaper for them to not offer it and pay the fine.

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On Beating a Student Loan Lender at Their Own Game

It is great to hear someone winning in court against Sallie Mae..but until they're forced to renegotiate these crazy loans, the students and taxpayers are left holding the bag.

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

Agreed...shops have to raise prices because of high credit card fees. The consumer, cash and credit paying customers, end up paying more. I would rather pay cash and receive a 5% discount than pay full price with a card. A small shop may increase sales by accepting credit, but if most of their cash customers switch to paying with credit, their expenses become huge. That same customer would have to spend more to offset the fees.

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