On Here is Your Open Thread

@RiffRandell ughhh. tone deaf maybe? email criticism is the worst.

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On Here is Your Open Thread

@beet hummus That is so impressive! Congratulations!

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On Time Banking In Ithaca, New York

THIS WAS SO FASCINATING. This paragraph, in particular, is so true: "Even in a town with a hippie/progressive reputation like Ithaca, time banking is a glaring anomaly in an environment of run-of-the-mill, perhaps slightly more-fair-trade-than-thou capitalism. Yet those who participate in my time bank do not reject, or even distance themselves from, the regular town economy. They are very rarely the people who live off the grid, or on low incomes, or in self-sustaining homesteads. Rather, they are mostly middle-class homeowners who treat time banking much like they treat their soup kitchens and farmer’s markets. It is another way for them to express their connection to the community, without radically transforming it."

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

@moreadventurous i was planning to make hummus this weekend anyway but now i need to make it into an epic hummus showdown...

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On Job of the Day: Former Beekeeping Brand Ambassador

i knew roxanne quimby's granddaughter in college. she was very rich and used burt's bees chapstick.

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On It's Time to Choose Another Book for the Billfold Book Club

I got the Suze Orman book as a college graduation gift, so I vote for that

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On The Woman Behind #GIRLBOSS

@kellyography where can i find one of these dressess??

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

congratulations, logan! i'll miss your posts on the billfold so much though :( :( :(

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On No But Really, Do 1 Thing

My 1 Thing last week was to ask for a grad school recommendation...and I did it! Even though sending a simple email somehow took me five hours! I realized during my procrastination process that my dread was due to the fact that the professor had wanted me to go to grad school in her field, and I am applying to grad school in a somewhat related yet different field, and I thought that she was going to question that decision. But she didn't! So now my 1 Thing is to get started on my personal statements. My plan is do one a month, every month until December....hopefully that should make it less horrible.

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On 1 Thing Is Gonna Melt All This Stuff

@ThatJenn That's awesome! I love the idea of a get-together like that.

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