On Day Trips Back to NYC

@romancandles same!

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On Relive 'The Billfold Live'

yayyyy thanks for posting! so cool to hear everyone's voice.

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On Running a Business I Didn't Want

@aetataureate Agreed!

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On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

@Samantha @Samantha I worked as a manager at a yoga studio for a while (and was barely paid--$300 a month plus unlimited free classes) and can confidently say that none of the teachers were making a living from teaching. Quite a few were supported by their husbands, one had created a software company that got bought out and was set for life, and the others had other full-time jobs and taught at night or on weekends.

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On Symbolic Purchases

@VelourFog seconding this!

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On Symbolic Purchases

@andnowlights Agreed 100% with the weird food and money push-pull.

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On The Cost of Living in a Non-Profit Women's Residence

This is so interesting! Agreed with @E$, I would love to read more about the different residents in a future piece.

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On The Working Life of Gwyned Filling, the 'Career Girl' of 1948

I love this so much! Also, whoa, that obituary is totally from my hometown newspaper and I totally know two of her step-granddaughters.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

Reading these is so helpful! Ready for your suggestions.... Monthly take-home pay: $2060 Fixed expenses Rent (1/2 of a sublet, includes all utilities, internet + cable): $1000 Student loans: $309 Metrocard: $112 Renter's insurance: paid for the year, but averages out to $10/month. More variable expenses Groceries: $250 Eating out: $85 Home supplies: $15 Pet stuff: $40 Personal care (eyebrow threading, stuff like soap/toothpaste/razorblades): $25 Misc. expenses (like stamps or getting shoes repaired): $15 Fun money Books/magazines/music: $15 Clothing/makeup: $75 (I know, this is probably where I should cut back.) Bars: $30 Left over for savings: $89/month. I'm still on my parents' health insurance, HSA, and cell phone plan, which is why those categories aren't included. I also usually have enough random change lying around that I don't need a separate budget for doing laundry.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

@Greenbeans agreed w/ may june july, i would have never thought to consider this in grad school decisions! really good to know.

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