On What Would Jesus Do About Gentrification?

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On Jobs for Coders! (If Only More People Knew How to Code)

Part of why coding isn't taught in schools is that schools are underfunded. How can we expect to have classes in coding when we don't have librarians or counselors. Here is an article about the current contract proposal in Philadelphia public schools: "Schools with more than 1,000 students would no longer be required to have librarians or librarian assistants. Schools would no longer be required to have counselors, and counselors’ caseloads would no longer be capped. Teachers could be assigned to unlimited classes outside their subject area, and high school teachers could be assigned an extra class without pay. There would be no limit on amount of consecutive time taught in a school day. There would be no limit on class size. (Current limits are 30 for the lower grades and 33 for the upper grades, large class sizes by anyone’s measure.)" http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/school_files/No-seniority--No-water-fountains--More-on-the-contract-proposal.html

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On So Long, Sedan; Hello, Bus

related, kind of: this blog by a bus driver in Seattle Nathan Voss's Blog

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