On Introducing, Ester

@polka dots vs stripes Oh no! No, I loved your comment. It totally made my day. I had to include the detail about the "H" just so I had something to say besides, "Isn't this the best thing anyone's ever said about anyone?"

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On Great 2013 Movies to Stream This Long Weekend

Yes, "Enough Said" is terrific! It's so smart and funny and sometimes awkward that you will want to grip the arm of whoever's sitting next to you, so bring a friend, and you might cry a little too, so points all around.

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On Porn at the Office

"Elisabeth" speaking. Everything Mike says is true, except that the actuality was even worse. Lobby him for the full story, Billfold readers. It is real, and it is spectacular.

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On Monday Check-in


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On Just In Case We Die It's All Settled OK Ciao!

Yes! My mother sent me the best email on this theme ever before she and my father left for Oaxaca: "From 11/2 to 11/4, we are traveling by car from Oaxaca to the Riviera. If we don't surface by 11/4, the car broke down or the bandits got us. In either case, don't forget that we have travel/life insurance with AAA and life insurance with TransAmerica Life Insurance. There are a good deal of paid hours at Arthur Murray which someone should use because they're so expensive and remember that I keep personal files in my office. If you need to access them, don't laugh. I have wedding bills mixed with an incredible number of job applications and South Beach Diet recipes all mixed together with other stuff. "If serious trouble arises and you can't reach us, call [family members]. Otherwise, as daddy says, open the yellow pages and look for a money lender. "Lastly, I went to the dentist the other day and had my teeth cleaned. The hygienist told me that I was terribly remiss in not brushing my tongue with my toothbrush. In retrospect, I never knew that such a practice was required and I realize that I never instructed my children to do so. So, in closing, be sure to brush your tongue with your toothbrush. It apparently removes dead cells, increases taste and makes your breath fresher. You heard it here first. "Love to you all, hugs and kisses, Mom."

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On Rejection

The best revenge is living well -- and if possible starting your own successful website.

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On Cool + Useful Lawyer Vocab

AHHHH TOTALLY AGREE down with the billable hour! Featherbedding is an excellent verb. There have to be more applications for it, too.

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On This Is Exhausting

<3 <3 <3

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On Bad Things Are Happening to People Who Aren't Us, So Why Are We So Distracted

Let's step back and calm down, can we? Logan was being honest (and making herself vulnerable) by saying what a lot of people feel: kind of helpless, kind of lazy, well-intentioned but conflicted. The prompting to help out anyway and stop over-thinking makes sense. The lashing out doesn't. We can't all be Mike Dang. My great contribution was to try to give blood. I was turned away because my iron was too low, which means I have some hamburgers and spinach in my future before I can be useful.

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On Playing Favorites

If the reward for being the "favorite" is years of added responsibility, unpaid labor, and stress, maybe that's a distinction middle children can live without.

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