On The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

I got called for an audition for the teen Jeopardy! when I was in 8th grade or so. It was fun and super exciting, but I didn't make it past the second written test, where you're in a big hotel ballroom with a hundred other teenagers in business casual, writing down answers to questions that pop up on TV monitors and disappear super quickly. I remember there being questions about things that were way above my grade level, thinking, "It's never this hard on TV!"

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On Illustrated Guides to Succeeding in Business

@ThatsMyOtter It's important to note that The Cooper Review is a satire blog similar to The Onion, but focused on the workplace. These tips are not meant to be taken seriously.

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On On Life Expectancy; Also, William Giraldi and Kanye West Agree

@Ester Bloom Wow, I am amazed that's still a thing!

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On Beyond Entry-Level

I'm 30 this year and still feel like I'm entry level. I've been in my job for 5 years and am still the newest person on my small staff. My title is "Assistant" and even though my responsibilities have grown a lot over the years and I'm making more money than I did at my first full-time job, I'm still the person that gets thrown most/all of the grunt work, am tasked with managing someone else's calendar and emails in addition to all my own work, etc. If anybody has any advice about how to get out of the administrative eddy, I'm all ears. I've been applying for jobs for more than a year now and haven't even gotten one human email response, much less an interview or offer. And yes, I've had people look at my resume, cover letters, etc., I just have been "Assistant" in every job I've had for 10 years and I worry it's what's killing my search for more focused, higher-tiered work.

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

Des Moines is great! The only thing about the northern midwest is that it's cold and snows, and I just can't with that anymore.

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On Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

I feel this 100%.

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On On Creative Businesses That Sometimes Lose Money, or "The Pomplamoose Thing"

I have been in bands for over 10 years, and a lot of my DIY friends were pissed because when you make over $100K on tour, you shouldn't be operating at a loss. Pretty much everyone I know would kill to have sponsors, higher ticket prices, etc., and even without them, always make at least some money on tour. The itemized list of expenses showed that their business model was not solid, and they were trying to do an arena-level tour at mid-level venues and still not getting a lot of the perks of a mid-level tour. Anybody who has done this before knows that your booker should be getting you buy-outs or provided meals at every show, thus negating the (really high) per diem per person. Since they're not Man or Astroman or a band whose show relies on a specialized set and lighting, a separate lighting rig/operator also seems like an unnecessary extravagance. There have been a million articles on how they could have saved money, still paid everyone, and actually profited on tour, as plenty of other much less-well-known bands have been able to do. I get that his article was coming from a geniuine place of "Hey look, even with a hundred million Youtube views, we're still not rich," but it came across really poorly.

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On The Joy of Holiday Travel

Getting a ticket from STL to SFO/OAK between Xmas and New Year's proved to be the costliest leg of my many holiday flights this year. I kept waiting for the cost of a (one way! 7am! tiny jet!) flight to dip below $500 but I guess it's not a super popular route and was in danger of selling out, so I bit the bullet and made it happen. It is about $150 more expensive because I chose a nonstop flight, but the connecting flights made no sense (flying 1.5 hours east and then flying west) and/or took 15 hours so it was worth the extra $150 to not have to deal with snowed out connections and lost bags.

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On Lost Your iPad? Buy It Back In Alabama

I love that place. I have wanted to go for YEARS. Unfortunately, because I lost my perfect, cheap, brown bomber jacket in a cab and not on a plane, I will never see it again :(

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On Hacks for the Worst Airports in America

@TheLifestyleCreep I will see you at EWR tomorrow at 6am. I will not be striking up conversation. Let's just nod at one another in solidarity.

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