On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

I have never heard of this, nor have I ever had a problem staying in a hotel for days at a time with the "do not disturb" sign up and being completely left alone by staff. This seems really strange.

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On One Year Closer to the 'R' Word

April is also the month of my birth, and I forgot how ridiculous these birthday emails can get. One of my bank accounts sent my a really silly video animation just to say "Hey, we remember you! (Because we have all your biographical information and set up this automated message to make you think we remember you!)"

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On When Paying Taxes Leaves You Temporarily Broke

I've never had to care what my credit card interest rate is because I pay it off in full, every month. If you know you're going to pay the bill at the end of the month, why not give yourself some time to get paid to cushion the blow?

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

@RiffRandell I once had a guy switch his exit row aisle seat with mine in the row behind it and then basically just told me that I was "upgraded" after the fact, because he wanted to sit with his girlfriend. I thought he just meant it was an upgrade because of the negligible extra leg room (which I don't need anyway), but little did I know at the time, those seats come with free food! I was a little put off at first, but then I ordered a bunch of caramel popcorn.

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On The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

I got called for an audition for the teen Jeopardy! when I was in 8th grade or so. It was fun and super exciting, but I didn't make it past the second written test, where you're in a big hotel ballroom with a hundred other teenagers in business casual, writing down answers to questions that pop up on TV monitors and disappear super quickly. I remember there being questions about things that were way above my grade level, thinking, "It's never this hard on TV!"

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On Illustrated Guides to Succeeding in Business

@ThatsMyOtter It's important to note that The Cooper Review is a satire blog similar to The Onion, but focused on the workplace. These tips are not meant to be taken seriously.

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On On Life Expectancy; Also, William Giraldi and Kanye West Agree

@Ester Bloom Wow, I am amazed that's still a thing!

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On Beyond Entry-Level

I'm 30 this year and still feel like I'm entry level. I've been in my job for 5 years and am still the newest person on my small staff. My title is "Assistant" and even though my responsibilities have grown a lot over the years and I'm making more money than I did at my first full-time job, I'm still the person that gets thrown most/all of the grunt work, am tasked with managing someone else's calendar and emails in addition to all my own work, etc. If anybody has any advice about how to get out of the administrative eddy, I'm all ears. I've been applying for jobs for more than a year now and haven't even gotten one human email response, much less an interview or offer. And yes, I've had people look at my resume, cover letters, etc., I just have been "Assistant" in every job I've had for 10 years and I worry it's what's killing my search for more focused, higher-tiered work.

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

Des Moines is great! The only thing about the northern midwest is that it's cold and snows, and I just can't with that anymore.

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On Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

I feel this 100%.

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