On Read This Guide to Interview Clothes And Feel A Modicum of Control Over Your Destiny

@HelloTheFuture Unless you're interviewing for a law or accounting firm or something, I've always gotten feedback that wearing a suit to a job interview seems reaaaally stuffy. Granted, I have only really worked in enterprises that were at least a little bit creative, but I have always observed that the people who are styled well and looking good stand out way more than someone wearing a suit because they think they're supposed to.

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On "What Does Your Father Do?"

@moreadventurous Mine did a similar thing in the '80s. She worked her way through her computer science degree at some crappy data entry-type jobs, and then because her dad and one of her sisters worked at a major aerospace company in the area and they had good benefits, she went to work there, too. And there she's been for nearly 30 years. She doesn't particularly like it, but at this point, she can't really quit to do something else and lose all her equity and amassed vacation time, etc.

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On An Interview With David Melito, Hollywood Production Accountant

This is a totally interesting read!

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On The Real History of Madewell, 1937

This was a really interesting read. I can't even really fit into Madewell's stuff, much less afford it, so I have no opinion either way.

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On Life and Health at 75

Yeah, my great-grandparents pretty much all lived full lives well past 90, so I don't think I'd want to give up so early, but I definitely don't disagree with the sentiment. I am 30 and have an advance directive that basically says if I'm in tremendous pain and/or am not fully mentally there, I would prefer to be let go.

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On IMPORTANT: How to Reheat Leftover Pizza

WHOA indeed.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@Lily I had to start cutting a lot of carbs for other health reasons (I don't care if I have a heart attack, don't take MY CEREAL auuugh), and I have been eating a lot of egg whites and roasted vegetables. Egg whites are just as filling as regular eggs (I usually have 3 instead of 2 if they're small), and even though eggplant and squash and stuff are kind of carb-y compared to like, kale, they are not up there with Dutch crunch bread and mostaccioli and all that good stuff.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

@charmcity I cannot use a list because I so rarely plan what I want to eat ahead of time. I just go to the store and pick out what I'm feeling. My boyfriend and I go shopping together all the time because he never has food at his house and thankfully, he doesn't use a list either. I prefer it that way.

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On Why We Live Where We Live

I moved to NYC for a plethora of reasons, but mainly because: the music scene/circle of friends made from said scene, public transit, everything is open late, so many companies are based here, etc. I had always wanted to move here, and at 21, with none of the ties mentioned, it was probably the best thing to do. If it weren't for the terrible winters/flooding due to basically living on landfill, the price of everything, and the fact that my boyfriend lives on the other side of the country, I would probably consider staying longer, but as it is, it's getting a little old.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@therealjaygatsby I do this, too. I'm not messy, I don't care about having my bed professionally made every night, and I can use towels more than once without needing new ones. I don't think that's crazy.

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