On Help, a Direct Mailing For a Cleaning Service Actually Worked On Me And I'm Worried It Will Ruin My Relationship

This is a totally great post, and I completely get why a person would do this, despite me personally feeling totally icky about hiring someone to come clean for me. My boyfriend wants to hire out all cleaning and laundry in our future (fantasy) home, but I am willing to live with a little grime because I don't think I can just sit around while someone cleans all my personal things for me. Is that crazy? I don't know how to handle a situation like this. Even when my house flooded really terribly after Irene and Sandy and my landlord hired just some lady to come disinfect the house, I was skeeved out about being a young, white woman hanging out while an older Hispanic lady mopped my bathroom and did not know what to do.

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On True Value: One Pair of Black Pumps From Payless ShoeSource

@CaitlinChats I am looking into this! I also have plantar fasciitis, and the only shoes I wear are my crappy Chucks with custom orthotics, or my black riding boots from Clarks, which are literally the only non-sneaker shoe that has ever not blistered my feet.

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On The Costs of Moving to Kazakhstan

How exciting! I will definitely have to bookmark your blog. It sounds like a real whirlwind.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $490,000

"More or less the entire state of Iowa, plus a drawbridge." <3

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On The Cost of Fostering Kittens

@Aunt Scar Same here. For me, pets are like kids. They're adorable when they're somebody else's, but I wouldn't want to take care of them full-time, even in a temporary-type situation.

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On Meet Me in St. Louis -- or El Paso, Oklahoma City, or Little Rock

@limenotapple @limenotapple A lot of these reasons are why I left St. Louis to begin with! I know I could buy a nice house and maybe be a bit of a bigger fish in a smaller pond, but I just don't know that I could actually live there again, especially being spoiled for things like transit in the NYC metro area. Now I'm trying to leave NYC for SF because winter is bunk and I'd like to live without that for a while, too.

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On Hottest Corporate Celebrity Couples: Family Dollar Tree & Truzilla

I have always preferred Zillow to Trulia, and even though my grandma was a (great) real estate agent, I prefer any website to a realtor, especially in New York.

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On Spending Three Years in College, Rather Than Four, to Save Money

I finished college in 3 years specifically to save money. I could have done a study abroad program or used that fourth year to actually figure out what I wanted to do in life rather than just do whatever comes along, but I knew I wasn't going to get any monetary help for college, so I took all my high school's AP courses and community college summer studies to be enrolled as a sophomore as soon as I started university. I still had nearly $30,000 in loans to pay off once I graduated, and only managed to do that within 7 years because I live really frugally.

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

@Michelle Pittman@facebook Not a day goes by when I don't brandish an imaginary cricket bat and utter in my head, "I will KILL people today, Leo!" Clearly, I am also in this "I need to quit my job for my sanity" place right now, but I am trying to move across the country and can't rationalize quitting without something lined up on the other side.

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

I have saved $10K on a $42K salary this year already, but I never have any specific savings methods, nor do I really have to scrimp. I have lived in the same apartment for 8 years, with 3 roommates, so my rent has only gone up $200 or so from what was already extremely cheap, as the neighborhood gentrified around us. I don't go out every night and don't really drink alcohol or coffee, so that helps, but I fly monthly to California to see my boyfriend, buy myself books at the cheapest book sale every week, have Netflix, and go out to eat with friends. Paid off the last of my $27K student loans last year. I'm not really sure how it happened, except that I am also pretty boring. Edited to add: I just started my first brokerage account and am scared but hopeful.

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