On Spending Three Years in College, Rather Than Four, to Save Money

I attended a 4 year university, but actually completed my bachelors degree in nursing through a 1-year accelerated program that I enrolled in during my "senior" year. The program was intensive and required approximately half a year of pre-requisites but got the job done exceptionally well. Though I loved my undergrad experience studying anthropology and spanish, I absolutely wish I would have gone straight into this 1-year RN program so I could have started practicing sooner.

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On "Mole Man": On Five Months of the Night Shift

I've worked night shift (7pm-730a) for the last year and a half, as a nurse with very little contact with windows for most of that time and one of the biggest surprises on my days off is the dark of the night! Like I'll be driving somewhere and be so overwhelmed by the lack of overhead fluorescent lights creating a false daytime environment. So strange, especially since night shift is a land of darkness.

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On How a Critical Care Nurse Does Money

I work as a nurse as well and have a similar amount of debt as Linda and make about $5 less an hour in Louisiana. I'm really curious to know what amount her loan payments are per month to be making such quick progress (10 years being "quick"), I currently pay $975/month on my student loans for a goal date of 12 years out of school. Also, the loan repayment programs at many hospitals are very insufficient, the max I've seen is $12,000 over 3 years and with most nursing programs averaging $40K-$75K I don't see this as a huge dent or help!

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On What I Learned Working The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard shift is such an appropriate name. I work as a nurse, overnight 7p-7a and have for the past 3 years, after working day shift for 2. My body, mind and social life have taken a real hit while my financial life is "booming" ($3-7 more/hour on nights!) I always question if it is worth it. I definitely thrive between the hours of 3p and 3am but like you said no matter how many decent hours of sleep I get before a shift the last 3-4 are just killer.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2013 Check-In

Car Loan (3.9%) June: $ 5,665.74 July: $5,482.94 Emergency Savings June: $5,665.74 July: $ 5,074.66

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2013 Check-In

Car Loan (3.9%) May: $5,847.98 June: $5,498.80 Emergency Savings May: $3,868.13 June: $5,665.74 bulked up due to a loan repayment from my job. COULD use it for loans but am going to use it to move across the country. who knew that was SOO expensive. Does anyone out there have tips/tricks for moving more than 500 miles? I have a small hatchback and want to take a few large items with me that seem silly to sell and buy again (i.e. bed, couches)

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On We Need a Kickstarter for Abortions (Federal Abortion Funding Would Probably Also Work)

@WayDownSouth The answers to your questions may pull out some personal details that could make this article more interesting as a human-interest piece, but I wonder if you are asking these questions because you are trying to figure out if this girl/woman getting funds for her abortion is "worth it". Your questions are all merit based, which I abortion funding should absolutely stray away from. Abortion is an elective, medical procedure. The only qualifying standards a woman should meet to receive an abortion, much less funding are: a) she is pregnant, b) she doesn't want to be. Super bonus points for seeking safe medical care.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

I live in a 4-room shotgun style apartment as a single lady and my electric this month was $18.07. I usually average $12-18/month. During the winter and summer it goes up to mid-20s but I have never had a bill over $28 (which was my highest last summer when it was >95 degrees for 3 weeks). Why is it so cheap? I think because I neurotically unplug absolutely every appliance in my house; I've even go so far as to unplug my refrigerator when I'm out of town for greater than 3 days. I unplug my alarm clock in the morning and just reset it at night. It used to be a hassle but now has just become a habit, so much so that when I'm at a friend's house, much to their chagrin, I start unplugging everything they have plugged in.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2013 Check-In

@marissa CONGRATULATIONS! What a relief, I'm sure. How'd you manage to pay off such a large sum in only one month? Car Loan (3.9%) April: $6,301.40 May: $5,847.98 Emergency Savings April: $4,395.46 May: $3,868.13 I had to take some money out of my savings this month because I changed my tax-status at work and it made my paychecks MUCH smaller. I am insanely stressed about taking money out of e-savings, but I guess that's what it's there for, RIGHT? Travel Savings (Goal $1,500) April: $130.47 May: $175.50

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2013 Check-In

Car Loan (3.9%) March: $6,301.40 April: $6,120.29 Emergency Savings March: $3,559.86 April: $4,395.46 Travel Savings (Goal $1,500) March: $380.42 April: $130.47 I got this savings goal up to 538.20 during March/April! went to New York; stayed under budget and have a good base for future trips. Best financial success of recent years!

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