On Friday Estimate

DIY weekend. My partner and I are hoping to save $1000 on a drywall project by spending about $100 on materials and doing the work ourselves...we have never drywalled anything before. I'm also spending about $50 on fabrics to make 3 Christmas gifts. Plus another $25 for the usual weekend lunches/drinks. So $175 total, but $825 saved.

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On Dream a Little Dream of 1 Thing

My one thing is putting the new registration sticker on my car. This is SO stupid, because it would literally take 1 minute to do but I just don't feel like doing it. Plus I don't drive to work and when I get home from work it's dark. And I park outside. In the dark. The sticker has been sitting on the kitchen counter for almost two months.

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On WWYD: Slightly Overcharged

Small town, independent coffee shop where-everybody-knows-my-name = I might let it slide. Starbucks = no way!

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On How Things Get to Your Doorstep

why does this article make me feel so very sad?

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On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

Just figure out how many minutes (after taxes) you have to work to make $11 and then decide if it's still worth it. This system is a good one to help me decide just how badly I want something. I calculated that I would have to work about 20 minutes to earn an $11 lunch out, but only around 5 minutes to earn the lunch I brought today (dinner leftovers). Pb&j would cost less than a minute.

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On Cheap Eats: Asparagus Lasagna

@MissMushkila I'm doing it! Leek lasagna for dinner! The nut idea kind of blew my mind BTW, I'm totally trying that too.

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On Cheap Eats: Asparagus Lasagna

I wonder how it would go with some winter veggie substitutions. Kale? Squash? Leeks??? Otherwise, I gotta wait 'til spring :(

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On Sipping on Water and Juice

If I spend hours studying in a coffee shop every day (Caribou Coffee!) but hate coffee (tea please) and bring my own mug and (sometimes) correctly answer the daily trivia question so as to save 20 cents, do I suck? Yes I should tip more. Or at all. Sorry.

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On The Independent Bookstore is Not Dead

@blair Printers Row! The yearly book sale is what I miss most about Chicago.

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On In Australia, We Don't Worry So Much About Our Student Debt

I hear from my friend who lives Down Under that the economic situation there looks scarily like USA circa 2007, complete with a rather large housing bubble. True?

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