On My Last $100: 48 Hours in Chicago

@Julie I went to Purple pig in the late fall (not really high tourist season) and at an off time (maybe 4 or 430?, we missed lunch so had a very early dinner) so I thought it was comfortable, though even at that time it was busy. We sat at the chef's counter which was fun, but I agree that it's not what i would call 'neighborly'. It is quite popular and it's on Michigan, so the rent/demand there is definitely figuring into the price, but the food itself was very, very good. Agree with the Black Dog rec! So good. Try the goat cheese-caramel!

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@eeyore Pre-made pie crust. I am the last home cook who doesn't make their own pie crust I guess, but Pillsbury is pretty good. Cheese of any kind, except for pre-shredded cheese, which is all garbage.

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On My Last $100: 48 Hours in Chicago

@CaddyFdot The purple pig is really good! And very accessible if you're staying 'downtown', right on Michigan just north of the river. The last two places I ate in Chicago were in Humboldt Park(easy by cab, or take the chicago or grand bus to California for cheaper) and are amazing: Rootstock for dinner and Flying saucer for brunch - both at least somewhat veggie friendly, though the burger at Rootstock is THE BEST. Other recs, more for meat-eaters: a little further up California in Logan Square (easy trip on the el blue line) is revolution brewing, Kuma's corner (fantastic burgers) and a little further north, Hot Doug's which is legendary for sausage and fries and is closing forever in October, so get it while you can. Man I miss Chicago food!

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On Family Plan Shame

@jfruh I don't mind it. Being financially intermingled with your parents isn't really a new thing I don't think. Our finances have been entwined before as they helped me into my early 20's and, as an only child, they most likely will be again as they age and am at least somewhat responsible for their care. The fact that we now conspire against a giant company that gets more than its fair share, while still maintaining plenty separate households and finances (we split the bill down the middle) bothers me not one bit.

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On Family Plan Shame

I was off the family plan for a while but my husband and I are back on a new family plan with my parents now! We all wanted smart phones (like 4 years ago) and wanted to not pay a zillion bucks a month. The only loser in this is the phone company who gets like 150 less dollars a month from us and we still get the same service. And the only time we've come close to using all our data is when we moved and we were all using our phones as mobile hotspots. They trust us to keep paying them for our share and I just send them a payment through the bank each month so it's no big deal! No one even has to know!

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On The Dead Guy in Your Apartment Building, and Other Lessons in Living Alone

@vanderlyn I... hate to agree, but I have to. This was an interesting style to read once, like with something that was very personal for the writer and very unfamiliar to the reader, but I think enough of us can identify with this without the second person.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

So last week I was so tired but desperately in need of groceries and so I googled around and found out that a grocery chain in this area has an online shopping option! It costs 4.99 for them to pick it for you once you order, and they bag it up bring it out and put it in your car at the appointed time and everything! The first one was free (classic drug dealer tactic) and then the second one was free too (a coupon inside my first order). For 100 bucks you get unlimited online shopping for a year, so I went ahead and got it today. It seems like such an amazing deal, to pay 100 dollars and never have to set foot in a grocery store for a year! Thoughts?

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

@LookUponMyWorks Great ideas! I was thinking along similar lines with the brunch, massage, and then maybe a movie at the fancy theater where you can get dinner.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

Well this (and all the comments) makes me feel a lot better about being alone on my birthday this year. I live in a town (moved here a year ago) where I have no friends or family and my husband has to leave for a professional conference that day. I am trying to think of fun things I will do on my own. But it's kind of nice to have no expectations-- I feel like birthdays are always disappointing because the expectations are so high. I can only recall a couple that were truly special.

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On Fear-Based Spending

@andnowlights Yeah you are probably right. Actually a good basic toolbox is probably a good gift for a kid graduating college or moving out on their own or getting married or whatever!

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