On Worth Waiting For: A Love Story

This really spoke to me. This is like the first year of my marriage boiled down in to one perfect, bittersweet anecdote.

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On Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

@lily I just added this to my wishlist! I was reading overdressed which is also very good and it was recommended it to me. I am probably going to buy it now. Thanks!

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

@TheDoctorsCompanion Yes, I use these too! I was just going to say BHA/salicylic acid and/or a benzoyl peroxide treatment, but PC products of that nature specifically have been the miracle products for me. It's hard to find products of a comparable quality anywhere else without going to a million places. Also a zinc supplement really helped me too when I was in grad school.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Rubeus Hagrid

I just finished reading (well, listening to) the HP series for the first time, with the last 3 books in quick succession. I miss the characters already so I went back and reread all of these yesterday. I am glad you're still keeping it going!

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

@rhinoceranita I love my moo cards!

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

@greatdespiser It's less the dentists decision about how to do it and more each person's anatomy that dictates it. A majority of people don't have your option because their wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they have no place come in without causing severe pain and/or causing damage to other teeth. Usually this requires full anesthesia so they just get them all while they have you under.

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

@calamity Tylenol 3 is acetaminophen with codeine, which is an opiate similar to vicodin or percocet.

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

@ChristinaMichelle Don't fret! I had all 4 of mine out at 28 last year and it was not so bad. I mean, took my full allowance of painkillers, but it was ok. I didn't have any complications, no infections, no dry socket. I had them out Thursday morning and went to work (my first day at a new job even!) on the Monday after. Funnily enough, I had a small bone fragment pop up just this week from one of the extraction sites. This was surprising to my oral surgeon but it was quick and almost painless to just wiggle it out of the gum.

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On Is "Dry January" Worth The Savings

@Lily Rowan Yes me too! It's really not that different than how I normally eat (ok, so not quite as many veggies), but I just get into a rut of making the same things over and over so I want to try some of the meals!

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On Car Talk

Car buying is terrible. Just the worst. We did it a year ago for the first time after always buying used cars from family in the past. One thing you have to know for sure going in to it: whether you place higher value on your dollar or your sanity. If your answer is sanity, offer them what kelly or edmunds says the car is worth and take whatever counter-offer they give. Don't answer them when they ask how much monthly payment you can afford, that's a trick to avoid talking about the actual price of the car. Get financing before you go so you don't have to go through the crap with the financing guy. I love the idea of doing everything over email, but I haven't tried it.

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