On How to Eat Right, Office Lunch Edition

@seakelps That's awesome! What a great idea. The salad bar at my work cafeteria is the most expensive thing and its not even that good, so I never get it, even when a salad would sound good otherwise. :(

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

@bgprincipessa Yeah I lived in Kansas and the mall closest to me had one in the late 90's- early 00's. I couldn't shop there but my cousin looved it.

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

I think this really sucks for young girls, but that’s not really the problem of Brandy Melville (the name of which actually sounds like a mean girl, so that’s fitting I guess) unless it harms them financially, which it probably won't but who knows. Exclusivity can sometimes backfire. But as an adult who is plus sized and can’t shop in mainstream trendy stores anyway I don’t care. This is nothing new for me. I mean, for all I know madewell or whoever could be doing the same thing because for me, they already are. I don’t really see that much difference between stopping at size 2 and size 12. In fact that might be worse, at least in my experience. When I was a teenager I was the only one of my friends who couldn’t shop in juniors sections, which I shed many tears over, unfortunately. But if there had been stores like this one maybe only a couple of my friends actually would have been able to shop there. I don’t think that would have stung so badly to be excluded from that small of a group.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

That all around you are people who still get to hang out with Jimmy John’s, and go visit it whenever they want, and you have to live in the world knowing that Jimmy John’s exists but you can’t go there anymore. Oh hon. Maybe instead of trying to mimic the sandwich you can't have anymore you need a completely different kind of lunch? I don't know if that helps metaphorically or not, but literally: maybe try burritos?

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On Why You Shouldn't Go to Art School

"By contrast, no public university made any of the four lists." There were actually 2 public (HBCU) universities on list #3, Mississippi Valley State and Central State University in Ohio, but just those two and only on that list.

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On Why You Shouldn't Go to Art School

@Lily Rowan This brings up a similar point brought up in the comments over there, that in Kansas City there is the well-respected nonprofit Kansas City Art Institute on the Missouri side, and on the Kansas side a for profit franchise of Art Insititutes called Art Institute- Kansas City. It's not clear which is the one list on the rankings. But clearly the confusion in both cases is a handy (I'm intended) benefit of the for-profit AI.

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On Jimmy John's Non-Compete Agreement Bans Employees From Working at Restaurants that Serve Sandwiches

@annev17 I was going to say the same thing. I worked at a local natural foods grocery and they had me sign one too. I have no idea why. I worked in the deli and the most damaging knowledge I learned was that a lot of our foods (including our beloved tiramisu) were premade from Sysco, and most certainly not "natural". But the non-compete was only applicable while I was working there. Even so, how they would have known or what they would have been able to do it about it if they had was murky at best.

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On What Your Sex Life Has to do with Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg

"I met my person when I was 18 and he was 19, and we missed out on online dating — as well as dating as adults — completely." Yes, this is me - except even younger. We were friends in high school and I was a teenage bride too, so i have no idea about real dating, yet it is so fascinating. I feel really lucky because I am sure I would be terrible at it/not enjoy it at all since talking to strangers is super difficult.

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On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

@j a y Haha yep! I was thinking "Oh I make this all the time...only with chicken." I do appreciate how the beans and grains make a small amount of meat go much further. We use 2 sliced chicken cutlets and it feeds us for 2 nights, or 1 night and a couple day's lunches.

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On Life After Shoe College: Interview With a Cordwainer

@Susan Tidebeck There was another article earlier this week about making shoes in which the author seemed like more of a hobbyist!

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