On What Do You Do All Day?

@stephstern Yeah that's true in both directions. Burn-out is real.

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On What Do You Do All Day?

@Derbel McDillet Yeah exactly. Call centers, retail, food service, reception. Those aren't careers that many people think of "pursuing" or that are seen as highly valued. But those jobs had value to me because it helped me decide I wanted that kind of interaction to be part of my career, and in what different ways/settings I was good at it and found it enjoyable.

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On What Do You Do All Day?

Absolutely, yes! I wish that someone would have brought this up at one of the dozens of career fairs that we went to in high school and college. No one ever explained to me how you pick a career. Why is there so much focus on being a subject expert when the real competencies of work are much more about skills than knowledge? I chose my career because I loved customer service and finding answers for people, and I really like to be creative and make things, which I hope I'll get to do more of as my career progresses. If a kid asked me how to decide what career she should go into, I would say start working now and notice what you like/don't like about the work, keep practicing at learning things (the point of college), try as many different subjects as you can, and keep an open mind.

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On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

@garli Trader Joe's employees are generally awesome, especially this time of year. It is terrifying in there right now. But their turkeys are so good.

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On Building a Better Pancake

I know I'm late to the game on this but recently I got a box of toasted coconut pancake mix from Trader Joes (after two employees at separate times in the store said they were good) and they were soo good! No coconut flavoring in them, just bits of toasted coconut, which you could easily add to your favorite pancake batter.

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On Building a Better Pancake

@Allison I like Krustez blueberry mix. They have a really good belgian waffle mix too!

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On "The Cost of 'Daddy I Want a Pony'" as Experienced by Josh

I heard this on the radio yesterday morning (marketplace does a thing with the new york times), and I was thinking the exact same thoughts. Like, I guess maybe that's just a jokey way to frame the question of how much does owning a horse cost, but it was eye-roll inducing. I wanted a horse growing up and we even had a small amount of land and it was still plenty easy for my parents to just say no and not feel bad about it at all.

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On Are You What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up?

I think at age 8 I still wanted to be an artist, but I was learning that it wasn't practical and that you had to have "natural talent". In middle school I think I decided that I had more talent for writing, so that's what I wanted to do until I got to college, when I realized that was almost as impractical as art. So I changed my major from English to Classics, which at least had an art history component. I still have a strong interest in art and wish that I would have pursued it more in high school and college. I still could have ended up in my current career field, which I'm happy in, but at least I'd have a background in something I loved even if I couldn't put it to use in "the real world".

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On Are You What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up?

@Jenny I didn't know I wanted to be a librarian until I was an undergraduate, but I'm still happy I did it and I enjoy the work. I agree with you though, its much different than most people imagine. My grandma got me a Christmas ornament of a librarian and I was so happy because its just a lady sitting at a computer. Haha.

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

@Bill Michtom I actually use two different size bowls and they aren't giant, though they are metal. You can just put the cloves in the larger one, nest the smaller one on top and shake it just kind of vigorously so the cloves don't fall out around the edge, and it works fine. And I usually just use a few cloves at a time (as many as needed for whatever I'm making) not a whole head.

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