On Waste Not, Want Not

@Lily Rowan I know here in Chicago, and when I lived in Kansas City as well, we have a dairy that you pay a deposit for the bottles and then you return them for a refund and they are sanitized and reused. I think they also sell some juices or other beverages too. I don't think she counts recycling toward the jar of waste though, either.

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On Area Man Goes to Drugstore

@mayonegg The vitamin vault is only in wicker park because it used to be a bank! The one downtown has not vitamin vault, I don't think. I've only been there once, so I may have missed it. I have not been inside the CVS at Ashland and Division either, I wonder if they have a vitamin vault?

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On Which British Class Are You?

I may have screwed up on the exchanges rates, but based on my income alone I am an emergent service worker. Based on my spouses and my combined income(his is about twice as much as mine), I'm established middle class. Guess that's why we didn't get a tax refund this year!

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VIII)

@Amanda T Oh that's great to hear-- I am totally pulling for you guys and I think you can do it! Maybe next month give us an idea of what your checklists are like, what you've done/still need to do. I am so nervous about moving myself and we're fortunate to have the military taking care of a lot of it for us. We moved on our own four years ago from Kansas City to Chicago and it was so much more challenging financially/emotionally than I ever imagined.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VIII)

I am moving this summer also, not even as soon as you plan to, and we have similar spending habits and (I would imagine, based on your description of your jobs) income. We have a guaranteed income once we get there (moving for my spouses job), and a savings of about $6000 and I am still not confident that we won't have to break into credit cards. Moving is expensive. Once you factor in the cost of moving your stuff, deposits, regular bills and any other unforseen expenses, I don't think 4500 dollars would last you two months in a city like NY or DC, much less four. You might be able to get by several months on that if you are teaching abroad and they are covering more of your expenses, but then you'll probably have more travel and travel and storage costs. I am not saying this to tell you to give up, but just to say that now is the time to seriously focus. Like rice and beans for dinner, start selling your stuff, lock in a definite plan focus, if you want to move in May.

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On And I'm Proud to Be an American, Where I Can Do 1 Thing

@Stina Smart! Thanks!

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On A Conversation With My Dad About His Money and My Lack Thereof

@Ash@Work I would just be very choosy about what you move for. And since you have a ogod set-up where you are, you can afford to place some pretty high demands on an employer if you will be a valuable asset to them. I am sure in the university recruiters know that recruiting employees with experience from other universities is going to be a challenge because of exactly this. As someone else mentioned, they may be able to effectively transfer your pension benefits or give you some other added benefit to make changing jobs worth your while. It might take some time, but I would watch for positions in my field in the area I want to move to and apply. If you get an interview go, and if they offer you the job then you can negotiate your benefits. If it doesn't work out, what have you really lost? A little travel expense maybe but nothing major.

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On And I'm Proud to Be an American, Where I Can Do 1 Thing

@limenotapple I... kind of would love this. But how do you bring it up to the other person? Like I don't want him to feel like I am saying he's unbearable to share a room with. And also I would want to sleep in the same bed maybe, say, roughly half the time. But I'm an only child so having my own space has always been something I had and I'm pretty introverted so I've always needed it. Plus I am a night owl.

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On How I Ruined $60.98 in Tights So Far This Year

@Megano! Ugh but what is with Target not having all the styles that they have in the other sizes available in the 1x2x size? Jerks! It's like "Oh you want these cute polka dot tights? Well too bad polka dot tights are impossible to manufacture at your size."

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On Stolen Camera, Found

Wow, that is crazy! One time my bike got stolen from behind my building and 1 week later I saw some asshole riding it down my street. I was so pissed and angry that I (probably stupidly) confronted him and demanded it back. And he gave it to me! Since the theif had broken a railing to steal the bike, my lock was still locked to the frame. But man, that's nothing compared to having someone steal something from inside your home and getting the police to actually arrest them.

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