On What's in a Name? Oh, Only Your Success in Life

@Josh Michtom@facebook Yeah totally. I mean, I guess if the people who are doing the assuming are of the same race, language, culture or what have you that they assume you might be based on name, accent, or other 'indicator' it's probably less gross for them to mention it. But yeah, to show up being white when you might have been perceived as a person of color doesn't pose any great risk, obviously.

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On How Do You Deal With Your Nightmare Coworkers?

HAHA, that's a great link. Everyone in my office is their own brand of nuts, and not in the endearing way. I feel like your true nemesis has to be the person who is most like you, but like a terrible version, like bizarro-world you. However, I am more of the mind that my nightmare colleagues are "like people who eat and talk at the same time: it’s better to stand by their side than face them head on", so I lay low and act like I am friends with everyone, when really I am friends with no one.

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On What's in a Name? Oh, Only Your Success in Life

@charmcity I am really suprised by how many people are saying that HR or interviewers were saying that kind of thing! And it seems like they only say anything when the person turns out to be white. Although you don't say what your race is above, I'm doubting very much that they would say that if the person did turn out the be black, which just makes it even more gross that they say anything about it at all.

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On What's in a Name? Oh, Only Your Success in Life

@Taylor Bryant@facebook That's so weird! I know many more girls named Taylor than boys, but either way why would they just assume! That's terrible!

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On Getting Married and Living on $11 Per Hour

Ah this reminds me so much of when we were first married! Right down to the eight-hundred-something apartment and old cars and watching syndicated reruns on antenna TV! We still have antenna tv, but also internet and hulu and netflix. We were so lucky to have our family and friends that helped us enjoy life even though we couldn't afford anything extra at all.

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On The IKEA Furniture We Live With That Inevitably Ends Up on Craigslist

I for sure get where the author is coming from on this. I go back and forth on the same feelings. I do have a lot of things from IKEA that I do genuinely like, though. Currently, I am thinking of replacing my Poang chair for something in a different style, but my dining chairs, couch, and bookshelves (which are Billy, not even a step up) are staying for the foreseeable future. I see the appeal of something that feels more permanent, but just because it doesn't last for ever doesn't mean it doesn't have value. You have to have something to sit on, and I like my modern looking IKEA sofa a lot better than the hand-me-down that preceded it. I don't regret not keeping the hand-me-down until I could afford something nicer, either, because it made my last apartment a lot more livable. And on the flip-side of that, my mom just gave me an old, beautiful, solid-wood dresser that was her grandmother's. I am glad to have it and will probably keep it forever. But she gave it to me because it didn't go with other guest room furniture she got at, believe it or not, IKEA.

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On The Beach: A Bargain or A Bummer?

I went to the beach this weekend and had fun! I even got in the water. It was the perfect day for it as it was hot enough to want to swim but not so hot that you're miserable when out of the water. Although I did get some kind of stings on my foot in the water (possibly a tiny jellyfish? We saw those). I think for me, the key is going to a not crowded beach and not staying too long. And changing into dry clothes when you're done swimming. I didn't really get sunburned because I am vigilant about sun protection. Even applying sunscreen what feels like constantly will give you enough exposure to get a little color. I live near a beach for the first time in my life; I grew up in Kansas where there were only disgusting man-made lake beaches. Even so, we've only been a handful of times. It's not something I want to do every weekend, but I can see why it appeals. Next time we have visitors (in a couple weeks) we will go back I am sure.

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On Monday Check-in

@PicNic I was about to say I sort of understand having your family help you move, because I am close with my folks, but it sounds like she maybe doesn't have a lot of grown up social skills after all, based on the money conversation! To push you to give a number is one thing but to then comment on it with the admin line is just beyond...Maybe (hopefully) she was just got nervous and lost the filter between brain and mouth. I hope things even out for you and your interactions become more easy and natural. I think you're right on with 'congenial but independent'!

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On Monday Check-in

It was a good fun weekend, but I feel exhausted. Next week no one is coming to visit for once and I am GLAD. I spent about what I estimated, but on different things. I spent a less on groceries than I estimated: $30, didn't get my nails done: $0, and spent more on dinners, coffee, etc.: $75. I estimated $115 and spent pretty close to that, though.

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On Friday Estimate

Last week my father-in-law and his wife and my husbands much younger step-sister were in town and I thought it would be spendy, but didn't have time to estimate. It ended up not being too bad, they treated to a couple dinners, but I got a lot of groceries for them to eat at the house and made some dinners at home. This weekend MY dad is here and he will probably also treat us but I am going to get some more groceries too: probably about $70. Other than that, the plan is just to chill out-- maybe ride our bikes to the beach one day, get some yard work done. I may go get my nails done while they go fishing or something, so I'll figure in $35 for that. I'd say no more than $115 for the weekend.

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