On Talking to a Millennial Landlord

32 year olds are millennials?

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On AirBnb Ruined Our Lives and Turned Us Into Entitled City Dwellers

@rachsig I'm not sure that qualifying the honest sincerity of your piece by dismissively claiming you churned it out in 45 mins helps your case much. Perhaps a first draft could have been a 45 min dash of ideas that could have been refined into a more robust, thoughtful essay. Perhaps I'm a bit surprised that the Billfold editors wouldn't have pushed harder for this as well. Regardless, hopefully you can take the criticism in the comments constructively and use the experience of publishing this piece to determine next steps in the problematic situation you find yourself in. I personally do believe that we as people should be "entitled" to follow our passions as our vocations. Our culture can make the economic equation of that difficult, and there are significant trade offs to choosing a life of art that brings in little income versus choosing a life that prioritizes financial stability. I've been in both boats and it's tough either way. Good luck in getting it figured out, and for sure- you should consider asking this site to republish an updated edited version that is more polished and leaves out the personal decision about how you handled the Medicaid thing.

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On How Two Friends Turned Their Online Shop Into a Brick and Mortar Store

Great interview, great programs, and glad to hear how the growth to a brick and mortar store engaged these shop owners with their community. We need so much more of this everywhere!

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On Ice Creams of Summer, So Far

I am ordinarily an organic food snob to the max, but something about the cherry dip is the best best best summer memory treat.

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On 10 Reasons Why I’d Rather Have You Over for Dinner Than Go Out to a Restaurant

@Jackie Officecouch Whenever I'm havin people over I don't know well or haven't had over before, such as for a clothing swap, I make sure to mention my cat in the invite for that very reason!

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On Dumb Copyright Laws Hurt Farmers and Mechanics, Too

@highjump Can you explain your point a little differently? I'm interested in what you have to say but I'm confused. You mean that small family farmers were once CEO or CFOs of large corps so they can afford to farm? Or that farmers are slaves to large corps?

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On How I Made 3 Dinners For Two Average Out to Just $5 Person

@cherrispryte I also budget weekly and monthly and when something fresh goes bad it's like NOOOOOOO THAT IS ROTTED MONEY I HAVE TO NOW SPEND AGAIN BECAUSE EATING IS NOT OPTIONAL. . I also started a system where I take out cash every Friday for the week, so it literally feels like the money has rotted. :(

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On Is Eating Local Good for Poor Farmers?

In my humble opinion, this is a terribly gross oversimplification of the issue, or perhaps just very poorly titled. Corn, sugar, soy, etc subsidies aside, purchasing directly from the farmer is extremely beneficial to the farmer as well as the bigger food picture. Produce from the grocery store tends to pay about 25% of the purchase price to the farmer. The remaining money goes to the grocer and middlemen transporting the food. Produce purchased from a farmers market puts about 95% of the purchase price back in the farmer's pocket, in addition to developing a relationship with your food producer. Establishing a trusting relationship with your preferred food grower lessens the need for an expensive organic certification because you can visit the farm or just talk with them to understand that their growing methods meet your preferences. Ugh, sorry. Food politics boils my blood.

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On Financial Archaeology

Those party supplies were purchased on my 19th birthday! Unfortunately it was inarguably the worst year of my life, but somehow knowing you were somewhere out there celebrating is a like a teeny bandaid upon my 19 year old soul.

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

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