On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

@Cynthia Drescher@facebook ..people often go to Columbia for dental work but i bet this is cheaper in asia as well...

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On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

@kwind I have always done this with dentists as the prices are just nuts...just to have a tooth removed cost me only one hundred after shopping around..Some were 400 or 500....I doubt the doctor made much money off me as he had a very difficult time removing my wisdom tooth thats roots were tangled or so he said.If i hadn't gotten the price up front i know i would have paid several times that amount for his time and all the extra meds he had to give me..I always negotiate the price,,Did the same thing with Lasik eye surgery..Got both my eyes done for 1000 ...was very happy with that..every thing is negotiable except probably with very busy offices who have too many customers or regular hospitals who don't have time to negotiate

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On Bank Analyst Doesn't Believe Customer Service is Worth It

thats true in a sense but when i went to refinance my house i talked to a crap load of banks and ultimately the one i choose is the one with the friendliest guy i talked to..the one who explained the advantages of doing certain things and not doing certain things rather than the one who is just trying to sell me a loan..as far as bad customer service for everything else..i won't use certain airlines certain cable providers or phone companies and no longer will buy computers if the people are from india or another country who i can't understand or they can't understand me on the phone...if they don't care about their customers i have no use for them..and never use them again..

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