On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

@amyfrances Agreed!!!

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On Should You Buy a Holiday Gift for Your Boss?

@sea ermine No, they actually said they were physically giving cash or emailing cash to the two girls in the office who were in charge of organizing the gift-giving for the bosses. There was no giving cash directly to the boss (which would, in fact, be incredibly strange). NB: I generally agree that bosses should be the ones gifting their employees (in the form of a bonus) for the holiday. But I also think that if your boss is generally a good boss and gifting comes naturally to you, then chipping in a small amount for a gift is totally fine.

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@littlebitofK I should also point out that it helps that the "Christmas money" I got was actually in the form of gift certificates... so that partly explains my enthusiasm for the bag (only partly, because it's mostly about the bag being awesome sauce). Guilt-free spending!

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

I JUST bought the Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Little Minka (I hope I never get too old for Christmas money, woo!!!) and I absolutely love it. I've had one beautiful bag for the past 4 years, but I've wanted another one for a while because I wanted to prevent my original bag from getting too worn out (it was starting to age noticeably, and it's a piece I'd like to keep for my entire life). I highly recommend the Cobble Hill Little Minka! It's sturdy, versatile (day/night, office/casual/nice restaurant, formal/boho, depending on the strap you use), with a lot of pockets + zippers hidden on the inside! Fits my makeup case, wallet, sunglasses, mini-umbrella and a bunch of other knick-knacks. Oh! And it comes with a longer strap, which I love. There's also the same bag in a bigger version, if you need more space.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Lauren Janay@facebook Because as many people said above, if you're working an office job you're probably earning at least minimum wage, whereas most waiters make a few bucks an hour based on the assumption that they'll be getting decent tips. Your 9-5 job has nothing to do with the service industry.

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