On Zillions: The '90s Kids Magazine About Money

This was my FAVORITE magazine as a kid. I was so sad when it went out of print. It was my dream to be a toy tester for them. Sigh. I found an issue from like '94 under my bed last time I was at my parent's house and I was pretty astounded at how intelligently it treated children. Hey kids, here's how to understand marketing bullshit and learn how to see through. Genius! We need so much more of this today. WHO IS TEACHING THE CHILDREN? Though actually, have you read MUSE? (It's more like science & social sciences for kids). It's so good that I actually resubscribed last year and am now probably their oldest reader.

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On Why Live in a Yurt? And How Much Does It Cost? A Conversation with Melissa Fletcher

Just FYI, there are totally people who live in yurts in Maine.

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On 474 People in America Named Richard Rich

Ahaha, great facts. A bio teacher at my high school was named Richard Head, which is extra cruel because a) high school kids, b) biology.

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

Show us the purse!!

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