On Your Beautiful Kitchen Table is Filled With Poisonous Lead

So that's where the Conran Shop went after it shut down its East 60th Street location...should not be the primary takeaway from this story.

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On A Conversation with Katharine Heller About Rollerskating and Filing Cats’ Nails, (aka Being a Professional Actor)

For the record, Katharine was an excellent bartender.

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On An Effort to Raise the Minimum Wage in a Mostly Blue Collar Community

As context (and this is noted at the link, though not so much in this post), this went up for a vote last week, and now all that's left is the vote counting.

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

What about "3. 'My parents want to make sure I don't have a good excuse for not calling them.'"?

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On Melting Glaciers, But the Wine is Great!

Once you crush 'em And you bruise 'em Pour 'em in a champagne flute Oh, the grapes of Brixton

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On For Work and For Play

But your plain shirt is your uniform, not something you wear with your uniform...

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On Americans Have No Concept of Time

Clearly they didn't talk to enough lawyers.

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On Unraveling Midtown's Salad Pricing Conspiracy

Overpriced avocado is what drove me away from Midtown salad. What's the point of the salad otherwise?

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On They May Raise Our Coffee Prices, But They'll Never Take Our Freedom

But look at the graph! The right side's got to be 10 times higher than the left side...

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On I've Waited My Whole Life For This Opportunity

The Nazis would go only if the movie were entirely transported, time-wise. And I'm not sure we want that...

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