On Do Whatever You Want With Your Discretionary Income

@sharongracepjs Only $12 a month extra for wash and fold? Amazing! I always assumed it was way pricier than I would care to deal with (back in my laundromat days). However, as a sparse user of the dryer (love you, folding drying rack!), I probably wouldn't have sprung for it anyways. But you have still blown my mind for the day.

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On How Money Complicates Sex

@j a y Agreed with @peutetre. Also, given the failure rate of condoms/the fact that I have to rely on someone else to use them correctly, I have used them as a two-pronged approach - condoms plus something else.

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On How Money Complicates Sex

@Rachel Smith@facebook Hm, in my world, getting my first bc prescription (19 years ago) involved a pelvic exam upfront and renewals required an annual pap. Because of changes in what my (Canadian, provincial) insurance will cover, the pap is now only every 3 years. I assumed this was a pretty standard approach. Also, there was definitely a lot of physician negativity about IUDs for women who hadn't had kids, from what I experienced and heard from friends, back when I first started dealing with bc. Glad to see that tide changing! Though they are pricy and not covered by my (employer-provided) supplemental insurance, which has deterred me from getting one.

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On Pay to Play (In the Comments Section)

@WhyHelloThere Agreed!!

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On How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

This is fascinating!!! I am thinking back and drawing a blank on receiving an allowance, so I'm going to guess I never did? I remember getting small amounts of money as a child, particularly at birthdays, Christmas, etc. that I could do what I wanted with, and a few bucks every once in a while to do whatever with (buy candy). But, my parents paid for everything I needed (or "needed"), whether it was clothes or books or junk food, and I could earn extra money with special chores, until I was in my mid-late teens. When I got a job at 16, my mom still paid for essentials like basic clothing, and I started saving for university as well as paying for more social stuff. I was always very aware of money (we didn't have a tonne), but didn't have much practice managing it per se until I was in my 20s. Also: my mom said I was so cheap I squeaked when I walked. I still kind of am about a lot of things. :) I am thinking about allowances more and more now that I live with a 5 year old. I have been swung over to the "allowance is not related to chores" side by comments up thread. And I guess also to teh "allowance begins when they start to care about money," which hasn't really started yet. He's lost two teeth and gotten a dollar each time; he got a Spiderman piggy bank at Christmas which he loves to put money in because Spiderman talks, but he never wants to take the money out and use it. He got $5 in a card from his grandparents for Valentine's day, and promptly ignored it (seriously: it was on the floor for hours). We gave him a few dollars for a school bake sale, and I know he bought a cupcake. But he doesn't really use money himself, or ask us to buy him things, or seem to have any interest in it so I feel like an allowance now would be pointless. But I think we will get to that point. Anyways, great thread, great question. Though I loathe Slate's clickbaity titling of stuff like this.

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On And on the Eighth Offer, We Got a House

@CaddyFdot It's so good, right??!! And the people they are entertaining are the real estate agents! Also, I have created a extensive back story about the obvious second wife/wannabe singer and her relationship with her step-daughter. If I could, I would film a follow up where dad goes to jail following an embezzlement scandal and stepmom and daughter move into an apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. Her songwriting improves, so there's kind of a happy ending!

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On And on the Eighth Offer, We Got a House

@garli I love seeing what people do and don't do when they post their houses! The people who just left their hovel full of hoarding as is when they took bad photos, the people who super staged everything (also: take a shot whenever you see a floor vase full of sticks to "draw the eye upward"). The people who have lived for decades in a house that has Old West-style swinging saloon doors going between their entirely wood panelled kitchen their entirely wood panelled living room! Amazing. Also: the videos made by this high-end real estate company in my city. My realtor told us they are a legendary in the trade, and nights of tippling frequently end with them watching these and laughing. http://luxury.sezlik.com/listings/residential/Park_68

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On And on the Eighth Offer, We Got a House

Oooh, I love that you lived in a tent while your floors were redone! We just skipped that part when we moved in because the floors weren't in bad shape, but in 10 years, we're going to have to figure it out (and with all the furniture inside...ugh). Also: wow, houses are expensive in Santa Barbara! Congrats on your home! I'll admit I haven't found home buying nearly that stressful, but I guess I am very lucky not to live in a "hot" market. I have bought two houses, first time for way under asking after it sat on the market for months (and then increased in value by more than 50% in 7 years - amazing neighborhood, giant lot, tiny old house that a colleague who also looked at it remembered as "the place with slanty floors.") The second house, we put in our offer as soon as they opened for bids, offering a few thousand over asking because the property was going to be hotly contested - unique house, good location in up-and-coming neighborhood, needs some work but nothing urgent. It was accepted (yay!) and we were very lucky they didn't play hardball, because in the week it took us to finalize our financing, they got 11 more offers. It could have been a bidding war, but luckily it wasn't. The only other house we considered bidding on in this second round of househunting sold without conditions the first hour bidding was open (but for under asking price). It had a spiral staircase and claw foot tub and fireplace and so much light, but also a tiny kitchen and tiny second bedroom and no yard. And now I will be off looking at the MLS all day, because real estate is the best porn ever.

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On The Punishment For Defaulting On Student Loans Is Harsher Than You Imagined

I always thought we were pretty draconian in Canada about student debt and bankruptcy (as in: bankruptcy does not discharge student loans less than 7 years old). But, horray, it could be way worse? Also: yes to @Derbel McDillet on calling out the sexism.

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On Marriage As A Strategic Life-Planning Decision

@raw money It's already a church! But I like the cut of your jib.

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