On Cannes To Female Stars: Heel!

@lisaf +1,000,000 to that. Even Vogue agrees!

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On Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

@Erica The link is actually even worse than the list. They don't want non-drug using hippies - they want math/science people who work out at least 15 hours a week. And no cat people. *ugh* And the hypocrisy of no expensive handbags, shoes, etc., but I'm pretty sure the type of person they want would wet their pants over overpriced bike gear.

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On Food Coops, In Park Slope & Elsewhere

@tw0lle Only your shoes? I think I'd still be disinfecting my entire body...

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On The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

If there is an adequate number of fans, and either a pool or a decent shower to help one cool off, I don't feel air conditioning is a necessity. Take a quick shower, plop yourself in front of a fan with a cool drink and chill!

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On Food Coops, In Park Slope & Elsewhere

@tw0lle Ummmm, box of old chicken blood? How old? Was it one of the recycled cardboard boxes mentioned in the excerpt above? I demand more.

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On Our Beds, Ourselves

@Marille Yup! When I left my last relationship and my boxspring wouldn't fit up the staircase in my apartment, I bought a new bedframe the next day. Sleeping on a floor mattress is uncomfortable and made me feel like a sad loser failing at life and adulting. That said, I was quite horrified when my partner told me he had slept on a floor mattress for the past 10 years. Totally didn't bother him. We now have a beautiful, solid wood, Canadian made bed frame, bought second hand for $120. It makes me feel very adult and happy!

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On In College Without a Car

I was feeling annoyed at the author while reading this: charge your phone before you go somewhere! Make sure you know where you are going and how to get there before you leave! Blah blah blah responsibility!! Buuuut, I can also see how this could happen to all but the most meticulous planner, so I am trying to have empathy, and thinking of the times that people have bailed me out without being jerks about it when they totally could have lorded my poor choices over me. I do agree the car was more than justified in dropping her in a safe place and moving on - they'd more than done their duty in this kind of ride-share situation.

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On Next Question: Do You Consider Yourself Middle Class?

Upper-middle to upper class, I'd say, taking income, assets and cultural factors into account. Part of this assumes that there is "rich" as distinct from "upper class" category - I am very well off, but don't think I am rich. I will also note I come from a firmly working class family, several of which make at least as much money as I do without a high school diploma, but on the oil rigs. I wonder what they'd consider themselves?

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On Happy Monday! Do You Consider Yourself Financially Secure?

Yes to all four. And I thank my unionized job for a good portion of this security: I am well compensated, with good benefits and job security.

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On The Moral Dilemma Posed by the Mani-Pedi

@lisaf What a weird judgy comment. Not getting a manicure isn't like not taking a shower or brushing ones teeth on a regular basis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am typing this on hands with short, polish-free nails.

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