On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

@BornSecular Oh! There are also occasionally really good deals on package vacations, which are not my thing, but I saw "last minute" (aka about a month out) flight + hotel deals for Cartagena, Colombia that were less than my flights to Colombia in the fall. At that price, use the hotel for storage and backpack around!

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On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

@BornSecular Yes on the Google Flights search!! Also, there are usually forums and blogs (in Canada, I check the hot deals - travel section of Red Flag Deals, and sign up for Chris Myden's alerts for my city and the two closest to me) that can be super helpful. I have also found that, given flying is so expensive in Canada, I can frequently tack on a trip to another continent for between $300-$450 over the cost of a round trip flight in Canada. That is, Ottawa-Edmonton return, $900; Ottawa-Edmonton-Lisbon-Ottawa, $1250. It only works if you have the time, but it definitely eases the sting for me of flying home, when I can manage it.

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On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

@Mike Dang KLM, Air France and Iceland Air all do the free stopover as I recall - almost all flights go through their hub (Amsterdam, Paris and Reykjavik respectively) and allow you to choose a multi-city/destination option (aka stopover in the hub city) rather than a simple return flight for the same price. There's a description of how to do it on this awesome Canadian travel deals blog: http://www.yegdeals.com/edmonton-to-europe-how-to-get-a-free-stopover-in-iceland.

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On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

@andnowlights And Air France allows a free stopover in Paris, I believe!!

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On Forgiving Is Not Forgetting: On Letting Go Of Debts

I like this article and see the link between the first cases (woman was financially stable, ex-husband was unable to pay, she took legal steps to forgive the debt) and the latter, in that punishing and even criminalizing people who cannot pay helps no one, and may actually impede the person in arrears from doing what is necessary (say, keeping their job by not being in jail) to ever be in a financial position to make any payments. Reminds me of the John Oliver piece on municipal violations. I say all of this as a child of divorce with a "deadbeat" dad - financially more than emotionally, but emotionally too. And my mom made me verrrry aware of the financial side when I was a child - the emotional part I figured out for myself. I also say this as someone currently co-parenting my partner's wonderful son with him, and his ex-wife. He and his ex are just so damn adult about putting the son's needs first, and being flexible about any money issues that arise, that it makes me cry sometimes. Times change, expectations change, people are different - but I'm so glad this kid has three people who love and take care of him right now, and damn I wish my parents could have figured out something better than they did.

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On Let's All Run Away to Europe Together

Sadly, the Canadian dollar has weakened to the point that me buying euros for next year's Italian vacation isn't a good idea, but yay for those buying with US dollars, enjoy. I'm sure it'll be a great trip, Mike, and would lobby for a few things: - Lucca is a wonderful place to spend a few days. Napoleon gave it to his sister as a gift! - The Cinque Terre is utterly charming if you like hiking at all, but don't got for the beaches. - If you go to the Vatican, check out the modern art section - it's really neat. Also, watch out for the Pope's tennis courts - you can see them through some of the windows.

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On The Cost of Driving My Parents Home from the Hospital

Thank you for sharing.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

@kbn22 Also: it's not a car! The seat you are in should have no bearing on whether one gets airsick! Good on you for sticking to your guns, er, seat.

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

I work in government in Canada, and - once you have been screened it - at any stage in a process, if you don't succeed, you can have an "informal discussion" about why. I've done it twice, and both times it was super helpful. But, government hiring processes should generally be thought of more like a puzzle or game than anything else - you don't need to be the best or sometimes really even qualified, but you have to be able to perform correctly to allow them to check the boxes. And, tips can really help with that.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

Who sits in someone else's assigned seat except accidentally, and then doesn't apologizes profusely upon having that pointed out? Who are these people!!? Also: window seats all the way. I have a good bladder, short legs, and want to be able to lean and sleep.

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