On Young People Terrible Though Great For Exploiting

@EvanDeSimone Rant away! I hate this article!!! I'm a millennial. I work in a very nice place and it's a very supportive environment, the boss doesn't expect you to take work home, it's great! BUT a lot of my friends (most of them) are either in much more hostile workplaces or places where they get taken advantage of so in what universe are we supposed to worship at the company altar, when the company treats you like shit? (For example, a friend who gets ZERO vacation days asked to use a personal day for a family wedding. The boss said he couldn't, because personal days are only for unexpected emergencies. ?????) I also don't understand what's wrong about not having to be on call 24/7, work late for nothing, and generally have just a job, not an all-consuming life thing. Like the article said, your company's not going to bury you.

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On Young People Terrible Though Great For Exploiting

John Scrofano, 31, who is Ms. Koerner’s boss at OneWed in Seattle, appreciates the comfort his younger employees have with social media. “They don’t have that line between work and home that used to exist, so they’re doing Facebook for the company at night, on Saturday or Sunday,” he said. “We get incredible productivity out of them.” UGH.

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On Music I Listened to While Working as a Temp

I know someone else who recently did City Year in Philly.. I wonder if you know her! (Why aren't you allowed to listen to music in uniform? Also do you have to wear your uniform on your commute or can you wear other coats? I always wonder this when I see folks in City Year jackets in my city.)

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On On Food, Farmers' Markets and the Farm Bill

This was great. Would you mind explaining a bit about why you don't like the term food deserts? (I did a research project on this in undergrad and these issues are what I'd like to eventually end up working on/going back to school for...)

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On The Cost of a Road Trip

We played pool and got drunk, while Wendy made friends with a rancher named Curtis. We drove back slowly in the pitch black, thankful to collapse in our tent, grateful that we made it back alive. Grateful to be alive? Grateful not to have killed anyone else? I'm sorry - for me, this ruined what was otherwise a wonderful essay. Driving drunk is a big deal; it shouldn't be glamorized as part of your youthful road trip narrative.

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On Should I Take a One-Year Dream Fellowship, Or a Great Job Offer From a Private Company?

Mike Dang gives really lovely advice.

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On The Selfie as Class Signifier

@WayDownSouth Don't worry. You definitely did not understand the article correctly.

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On The Selfie as Class Signifier

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

@echolikebells I feel like everyone talks about how important it is, but it's not something that was ever really discussed in a nuts-and-bolts way when I was in school (at least not in my majors - the business school on the other hand...).

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On How Did You Get That Awesome Job?

I would looove a post about networking. How Do You Do It. Because I really don't know.

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