On Is Less Than a Year Too Soon to Switch Jobs?

How does this relate to people who have short term contracted jobs? (Asks the recent grad who has been in multiple year-long contract stints consecutively..)

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On Micro-Lodgings

@CaddyFdot Ah! Thanks for clarifying. That makes it much less of a nightmare living scenario.

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On Micro-Lodgings

@garli Yeah, small is fine! Shared necessities, to me, are less fine.

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On Micro-Lodgings

One communal kitchen for 55 people? Yikes. Maybe it makes me a horrible person, but I would NEVER want to live in something like this. It just seems inconvenient to have to leave your apartment to go the bathroom or get a snack from the fridge (is that even possible in a communal kitchen?). People want affordable housing, not dorm rooms.

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On Spring Shopping

@angry little raincloud I have a Patagonia rain jacket which is the shit. It has armpit zippers for (I assume) hot rainy days so you can get ventilation. They'll also repair clothes for free, indefinitely/forever, if you get a hole, a zipper breaks, etc.

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On Spring Shopping

@Lily What did you think of sending your stuff to Twice? I have some things (it's so true about LOFT dresses, one of mine that I really liked shrunk UNEVENLY so the hem is very lopsided) that I've been toying with sending, but I dunno if it's worth it and I should just donate them.

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On On Saving Money with Solar Panels, Renewable Energy, and Such Like

A lot of jurisdictions will also give tax credits or other assistance if you're buying solar panels for your home. And there are organizations that help facilitate bulk community solar purchases so that a group of people from a neighborhood or school or whatever can get a better price. Something to look into in your state/county/territory/etc!

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On The Gift Card Is The Hardest Part

@lisaf The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls scarred me. It started out with so much potential! And then... guhh. The family storyline didn't even bother me, it was the school ~thing~ that made me totally grossed out with the book.

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On Agonizing About Vacation Expenditures

@Allison @Allison I studied abroad in Florence and it is the best most amazing place. About museums, there are approximately 8 billion in that city, so it would be impossible to do them all. If you are into art and museums at all, I would say the Uffizi is worth it for sure - you can spend an entire day there or breeze through in a couple hours and catch the big works of art. The museum I 100% do recommend, even if you don't love arty stuff, is the Accademia, which is where the David is. I went 3-4 times in one semester and every time, I was absolutely amazed by that statue. (There are also niche museums if you have one really specific interest, like a fashion museum and a Da Vinci science museum). As part of my semester I did a course on Pompeii and the class culminated in a 2 day trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum. IT WAS AWESOME. My professor was essentially "the guide" on our trip, but that's definitely one of those things I would say it's worth it to pay for a pro to talk you through all the stuff you can see. I also went on a winery tour in Siena, which is very close to Florence, and it was a blast. Basically no matter what you do in Italy, you will have an amazing time. (Also no matter what else happens, please visit Gelateria dei Neri in Florence. Your stomach will thank you.)

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

@ChristinaMichelle Can you check with another dentist? I'm in my 20s, still have my wisdom teeth in. Two haven't actually grown in it? They're there, just lurking under the gums, hopefully chilling out forever and not planning to erupt in the future. My dentist said as long as they continue not to cause pain, or come in straight when they do come in, it's fine. (The two that did come in got his approval as being a-ok and not needing removal!)

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