On Sweatpants as Fashion Apparel

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On A Partial Inventory of Costs Related to an Ill-timed And Semi-failed Career Change

@Carmen Aiken@facebook I'm guessing The A.V. Club. I interned there from 2004-05 and some of the details sounded familiar to me (the editors sharing an office, for instance.) Also, the free copy of the sister publication's book (The Onion being the sister?) - I got one of those, too. And I vaguely remember them adding some new features right after I left. But maybe I'm way off and just filling in the blank spaces with my own experience, who knows.

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On The Controversy Around the #AmtrakResidency

The CTA Writers' Residency doesn't get as much hype, but it's still an awesome program. You don't even have to apply. Just ride the Red Line from Howard to 95th and back again forever, or until they kick you off and make you pay another $2.50.

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On Best Places to Cry For Free in New York City

We have a "Wellness Room" at our office that is ostensibly a private place for nursing mothers to pump. Off-label uses include crying, sleeping, screaming into the decorative throw pillow, and storing corporate artwork.

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On A Map of Lost Mittens

Heard a mitten earnestly referred to as a "lobster-style glove" the other day. Christ.

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On Maybe We'll Soon Have Our Very First Cat Cafe

I've wanted to open one of these in Chicago since visiting one in Tokyo a couple of years ago. I think it would work especially well in an area full of college students who miss their pets at home, or apartment dwellers who aren't allowed to have pets and need some animal touch therapy. Perhaps in the area along Sheridan by Loyola University.. yes, yes...

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On Elderly Patrons Allowed to Stay at McDonald's Except During Lunch

Old men drinking coffee are the best part of any McDonald's.

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On Calculating the Costs: 'Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas'

Mike, I think yours looks just as good as the one in Bon Appétit. And it's probably not even drizzled with rubber cement or whatever other sorcery food stylists employ. Cheap Healthy Good is a site I used to lean on quite a bit for simple stuff - she stopped posting in 2012, but there are voluminous archives. Recipes broken down not only by cost, but by nutritional value if you're into that sorta thing.

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On I Woke Up Doing 1 Thing

@Bill Fostex Do you have any that are approved by the PDGA?

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On Our Names, Our Jobs

My last name begins with Ha so maybe I am destined to always HAte my job, ha ha ha ha ha.

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