On Ask A Human Who Actually Practices GTD ('Getting Things Done')

@JNC Musings Factory I find this really interesting, especially your use of email - I never use flags or stars, or could get my head around what I was meant to do with them; I use read/unread for everything (and I get Inbox Zero about once a week). Like you, I think I do a lot of GTD without doing it - I'm a huge 'eat the frog' advocate, which I'm pretty sure is a GTD thing.

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On I Couldn't Help But Wonder Where All The Low-Skilled Poor Folk Were

@pompom I refuse to click through to the DM, which is probably good for my blood pressure. I live in London on less than £12K a year. I have friends on the benefit. This just...gah.

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On A Person With $100K in a Trust Fund

I have about $NZ35K in a trust fund, accessible to me since I was 21 or so, and am too terrified to touch it. It's so unreal to me, but it at least encourages me to save (that's how my grandmother got it for me, after all) and also know that there's a desperate-times cushion.

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On Monday Check-In

Spent a little more than I estimated - bought vitamins and postage and such like - but also found £5 on the street.

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On Friday Estimate

@rorow I threw together a muffin recipe using some fruit puree they had on special at the super - it's organic baby food, but makes a great binding agent in baking - which was so basic: 1.5 cups wholemeal flour, 1t baking powder, 1/2 t baking soda, plum/blueberry puree, egg, touch of cinnamon, 1 T olive oil, enough milk to make the mixture sloppy. Made 6 large muffins, of which 4 have been eaten & the other 2 got frozen. The only thing you need to know about muffins is to only *just* mix them. The only other things I made was a roasting tray with big mushrooms, cauli, and chicken fillets with a bit of olive oil - when cooked, I pack 'em in single serve tupperwares with frozen peas and keep them in the fridge. Sometimes I fling in a slice of avocado. & I did a bake thing, with firm tofu, chopped leeks, spring onions, mushrooms, in a casserole dish with a jar of pre-made Chinese Stir Fry Mix poured over it, with a bit of polenta sprinkled over it. Could have mixed in some coconut milk too, I guess. That'll get pack ed up and frozen for lunches. ...I'm kinda a hungover cook, as you can see. But it made about 8 meals.

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On Friday Estimate

@Derbel McDillet Not at all, in my view. You said no, she left and found somewhere else.

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On Friday Estimate

@rorow Sure! I'll check in tomorrow (have indulged in to much hooch this eve to be coherent)

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On Friday Estimate

@Ashley Alvarez@twitter Oh wow, that closet project sounds so much fun.

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF@twitter That's so surreal-sounding. Hope you at least get to go for a run.

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On Friday Estimate

Payday, so I hit the super and spent £33 on a massive grocery shop, which over the weekend should translate to 8-10 cooked & packed meals for the next week. The only cooking I enjoy lately is bulk cooking, and after a hectic/hellish week where I had to buy a lot of lunches and dinners I'm dead keen to re-stock the fridge. Also gonna try and invent a muffin recipe. Tomorrow - will do a mop-up shopping trip at the local grocers (£10), get my first ever gel manicure (a reward for making a doctor's appointment), maybe £20-£30? I have no idea. A lot, anyway. Plus breakfast out afterwards, £10. Sunday - zumba, £10, for a 90 minute class. The possibility exists that there will be a post-zumba glass of wine or two, £8. £70ish. Plus fingers crossed I'll win the comic books I'm bidding on , where I'm prepared to go up to £45. You guys, its' a set of six with a really rare trade paperback included! It's a bargain!

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