On The Other Side of One Latte a Day

My story like this ends with me yelling "LOOK, I KNOW WHAT 'FLACA' MEANS, OK?' then not being able to go to the bodega on my corner for like a year.

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On What Did You Spend on Your Last Wedding Gift?

@deb of last year I give up. WHAT IS IT?!

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On That Thing That Thing That 1 Thing

sorry about the $42. We should have gotten a bottle of wine

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On Emily Gould Answers Our Important But Inane Questions About Buying Ebooks

@Syar S Alia@facebook That's a bummer! I think though in your shoes I would worry less about getting books ethically and more about getting them at all. Samizdat ebooks are ok if you're living somewhere that makes it hard to get ebooks legally. Email me and we'll figure something out! But we don't sell I Love Dick (yet) unfortunately. Too bad because it's the best book ever written.

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On Do You Have Health Insurance?

Uh, how the fuck do I have the priciest insurance of anyone even the fellow Freelancers Union people??? I am calling up FU and dialing it down. (Is it because I have dental? I go to the dentist for absolutely free)

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On Cheaper E-Books is a Good Thing

"More sales" of books that cost a dollar or two don't help publishers, authors, etc. stay in business. Publishers want ebook prices to stay around a few bucks less than the list price of a paperback because otherwise the margins of selling books become so tiny the entire enterprise becomes unsustainable. Lower ebook prices are not a good thing. People who care about writing should support sustainainable culture. Also, Melville House's blog is a good resource for information about this lawsuit. http://mhpbooks.com/

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On More Than $1K Worth of Clothes I'll Never Wear Again

@Notandersoncooper if my book ever sells enough copies to earn out that advance, I'll start getting royalties. It could happen, I guess! Life is long.

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On More Than $1K Worth of Clothes I'll Never Wear Again

@Choire Sicha@facebook THANK you

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On More Than $1K Worth of Clothes I'll Never Wear Again

@Nicole Cliffe@facebook Man, imagine the clothes one could buy with Bill Clegg's advance

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