On It Has Been Made Clear to Me That I Cannot Have It All

@beatrixkiddo but that's the wrong calculation - if you imagine taking half the nanny's salary out of your husband's paycheck and half out of yours, is it still "working for nothing" via your point? It's not a question of who makes more money, it's a question of long-term planning - how will staying home for 2 years (I'm making this up as an example) impact your lifetime earnings and career path, not just a short-term question of "is my salary higher enough than a nanny's to justify me going to work? many parents just say "the nanny pays the same as the wife" and therefore it somehow makes sense to stay home - but that assumes the nanny's salary is only coming out of the wife's paycheck. which is not and shouldn't be the case.

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On I Defaulted on My Student Loans. Here's What I Did to Get Back on Track

@sevanetta Sure, the system is broken. But failing to pay your debt - even when you have money - nay, failing to EVEN OPEN YOUR BILLS - that makes it your fault. Ana must take responsibility for her ridiculous immature behavior regarding financial matters. Period.

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On College Prestige vs. College Affordability

@aetataureate Really? TCNJ is a better school than Rutgers.

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On What I Spent On My Vacation: Ecuador Edition

ugh I got mugged at gunpoint in Quito a few years ago. Glad your trip was better than mine.

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

This guy's mom pays his phone bill but he's getting married? I'm pretty baffled by this. Also - no, we don't all "want a bigger rock." #cheesey

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