On What It Costs to DIY A First Book Tour

@Peter L. Winkler@facebook That was a cruel thing to say.

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On "Should I Go To Grad School?" vs "MFA vs NYC"

@teachateacha I think many people who pursue an advanced degree don't do it because they want to teach--rather, they see it as a necessary evil for pursuing their research interests?

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@MissMushkila I'm sorry if my comment made you a little anxious! I think many of these comments, whether they're coming from "STEM people" or "non-STEM people," are expressing the frustration that 1. the only way to financial security is by studying a STEM subject, when the reality is that there is job insecurity in many of those fields, and that many of the good-paying jobs come at the expense of work-life balance; 2. that not everyone is suited for a STEM subject (not just personal taste but also aptitude!) and it sucks to hear a variant of, "Oh, were you aware that many well-paying jobs are in STEM? (Yes I was aware.) You should probably have done your entire college career differently. Sucks 2 b u!" and 3. many STEM jobs come with a lot of sexist bullshit. To the last point, I think that probably varies a lot depending on the company culture (I live in the Bay Area so I have heard some horror stories as well as situations that seem really supportive and caring). Also, I'm sure you also know about women in computer science professional organizations that provide support for going into a men-dominated field.

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@Penelope Pine Marry someone who makes money. Deprioritize compatibility in all other areas of life. Posted!

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On An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

@Blackbird Yeah seriously. I get that people are excited to share the advice of "Study STEM at a state university, then ALL THE MONEY!!!" but it's honestly not helpful to anyone who's already graduated.

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On I Bought a House With Money I Made From Airbnb

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@siege91 Whoa now Oakland is its own city.

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On I Don't Feel Entitled, I Feel Guilty

@Henry Chung Easterling@facebook Wow! Thanks! What a helpful piece of insight. I am sure no one in the author's position has heard this one.

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On I Don't Feel Entitled, I Feel Guilty

@jr Have you ever considered that there are people who really, really shouldn't be doctors or engineers or technicians or applied mathematicians because *those are not their strong points*? Most people who liberal arts do not expect to become career philosophers. They want to be able to think analytically, write critically, and be able to participate in the world. And those are skills that are, yes, marketable, and can be developed intensely with a liberal arts curriculum. I majored in English because "it made me happy," but also because I was good at it. I never intended to become an English professor, but I knew I would be better served by having an arsenal of skills that played to my strengths. I know that I am better at communicating and analyzing than I am at, say, solving equations or rotating tires. It makes me happy to pursue things I am good at! And, yup, I'm gainfully employed. For me, anyway, it paid to play to MY strengths.

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On Not Paying for Museum Admission Not Worth It

@MaxBraverman Dude chill.

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