On Ladle The Butter

@deepomega have you seen louie? the two seasons of the show was based on each episode being its own separate story. no season/multi-episode plot arcs. That's what made it different. So for the show to move in that kind of direction was new and different for itself. Also being sad is terrible, but I don't think you need to a certain amount of depressed to enjoy Louis CK. I think you need to be a realist. There are parts of life that absolutely suck, there's no upside to it. Relationships can be wonderful but they can also be awful. As much as you love your SO, there are some days when you probably just want them to STFU and leave you alone. I feel like Louis' comedy embraces that side of life. He likes to talk about that stuff and I find it refreshing.

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On A Thread That Is Open

I'm really excited, I just got my first paycheck from my first 'grown up' job! I'm keep having to remind my self that I can't blow all this money at the mall. But man, I have never seen so much money in one place before :)

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On A Thread That Is Open

@Pumpkin I'm sorry this is happening to, I say next time someone brings this up, tell them exactly what you said here. At the end of the day you're making more and saving more. Tell them it's your life and if they have a problem with it they can pay your bills and health insurance.

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On WWYD: The Obnoxious Coworker

@Megano! It's a great movie from the 90's staring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

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On WWYD: The Gift from Management

I would suggest going. My old company used to give out baseball game tickets and I am no baseball fan let alone a sports person. But when I went to the game, I had so much fun. There was so much audience participation with the mascots, the announcers cracking jokes, free t-shirts thrown in the crowd, dance cam/kiss cams, etc. Before I knew it I was rooting for the home team and cheering with the crowd. Even though I barely know the rules. So you never know! ETA: The seats were box seats near first base. That specific section was used by company and most of the other people in box were other employees that I had never met cause the company was so large. So if they are really nice, being that close can make you enjoy it more.

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On 'I'm Outraged About the Cultural Disease That Spawned This Tweet'

@sintaxis I agree with stuffisthings, its doesn't answer the underlying causes, but it does help. In the sense that you might not reach everyone, but you might change one or two minds and that's always a good thing.

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On Jobs for Coders! (If Only More People Knew How to Code)

I really think it would help to have programmer who are retired/retiring/looking for new career paths to start teaching in high schools and middle schools. 3 of my teachers in high school (biology and math) were retired from prior professions. They all taught cause they wanted to keep busy during retirement. So something like this will really. Also starting program that is like Teach for America but with STEM majors. Major corporations such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc will pay for students graduate school and they teach MS/HS either during graduate school or after for 2 years. Once those 2 years are up they go to work for the company who sponsored them.

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On Sunday's Minimum Wage Discussion

@Sallymander So many people, of all age groups and socio-econimic classes find themselves in this situation i.e an unplanned pregnancy. Minimum wage should allow these people to deal with this situation and properly take care of themselves and their daughter. So whether or not they have a child is irrelevant. There are plenty of people who purposely have children and aren't able to make ends meet on minimum wage.

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On The Line Cook And You And The Flu

Yes! I was at my favorite sandwich place and the guy making my sandwich was very clearly sick. I was thought to myself, "He should have called in." But I quickly realized he needs this paycheck and calling in sick is a luxury he most likely can't afford. Food service workers should be able to call in sick without repercussions.

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On Depression and Money, Some Real Talk

Just have to comment on the 'feeling are facts' mentioned in the article. My therapist says the exact opposite that feelings aren't facts and that I need to let them go to make better decisions for myself. But that's my therapist and that advice works for me. As someone who's spent money because I'm depressed, I totally understand where you two are coming from. I can't tell you all the dumb sh*t I bought because I was feeling the SADS. What's also worse is the feeling you get when looking at the dumb sh*t you bought cause you were depressed. Ugh. So happy I'm in therapy now and very happy to be working on all my destructive behavior. Good luck you and good luck to all of us!

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