On Friday Estimate

This estimate is going to be a doozy -- I'm on vacation for this weekend, next week, and next weekend. Here's my rough, very rough estimate... $750 dollars, including eating out, random expenses, and some outlet shopping. We already paid for hotels. I am hoping to come under that, but traveling is expensive!

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

@pterodactylish (should I be tipping more???)

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

I pay slightly more but I have really enjoyed my service from Myclean.com. I hope they pay more, they certainly have great service, and a lovely girl who I've demanded is the only one who comes because she's great and I love her. I think I pay 60 bucks for 2-3 hours of cleaning of our 1BR, and I tip 20.

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On Monday Check-in

@annecara @stina @lookuponmyworks -- aww, thanks guys, just really, really, really awful quadriceps/patella tendonitis that makes it hard to walk (see: cabs), but i'm seeing a new doctor this week hopefully so fingers crossed he has some miracle solutions!!

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On Monday Check-in

I've been horribly injured, so my sweetheart boyfriend payed for nearly everything. I spent $10 on a cab home one night in the rain. He paid for drinks, dinner, another cab, and this week's groceries! Estimated $125. Came well under!

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight BF and I have a low-priced date night planned (dinner at home, $15 on groceries) and drinks out (he will probably treat since I'll handle dinner). Tomorrow, I'm hoping for a swim and some low-priced hanging out, then we're seeing a play, which BF paid for long ago. I may pick up dinner, $75ish, but he'll probably get drinks at the theater or after the theater. Some other things will likely come up. I'm going to try like mad to keep it under $125, which is still more than the budget app Level tells me I should spend, but oh well.

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On Tuesday Check-in

Aimed for under $250. Pretty sure I far exceeded that. Let's do the math! Monday, my two-year anniversary. I bought a lot of groceries ($115) and a swim suit ($34) Sunday, I also bought some groceries for a lazy dinner ($32), filled up the car with gas ($60), and took a taxi ($12.50). Saturday, I bought goggles and a swim cap to take up swimming as part of injury rehab ($26) and a bunch of cocktails ($75) $329. Womp. Trying hard not to feel bad for that $50ish for swim things, because it's for #HEALTH, but damn that's nearly a hundo bucks more than I'd planned.

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On Friday Estimate

Oooh this is going to be a doozy. Luckily I've ...no, no I didn't plan ahead and save money. Tomorrow: Cocktails with friends, inevitable late-night food, cab. Let's say $100. Sunday: Driving for fancy pizza, dropping car off with family to get serviced, taking train home. $75 for gas and pizza? Monday: BF and my 2 year anniversary! Love is priceless. Probably will end up spending $75 bucks on groceries for all the yummy food we plan to cook, though. Will be so very pleased if I make it out under $250.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

I'm saving up in my Emergency/Vacation fund, which is for traveling and big, huge emergencies. The goal is to save $500 a month, which is a 15% of my take-home in come aka A LOT. July savings: $1975 August savings $2100, the remainder of planned savings went to paying for a hotel, which is Allowed Spending. I knew this month wouldn't be as good, because of the September Vacation. Next month also won't be great, as I think I will end up spending the $500 that is supposed to go into savings, for the vacation. I'm hoping to get to $2200 by October.

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On On Job Hunting While Married

@Aconite People find it so weird when I say my boyfriend wants this.

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