On Friday Estimate

Oooh this is going to be a doozy. Luckily I've ...no, no I didn't plan ahead and save money. Tomorrow: Cocktails with friends, inevitable late-night food, cab. Let's say $100. Sunday: Driving for fancy pizza, dropping car off with family to get serviced, taking train home. $75 for gas and pizza? Monday: BF and my 2 year anniversary! Love is priceless. Probably will end up spending $75 bucks on groceries for all the yummy food we plan to cook, though. Will be so very pleased if I make it out under $250.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

I'm saving up in my Emergency/Vacation fund, which is for traveling and big, huge emergencies. The goal is to save $500 a month, which is a 15% of my take-home in come aka A LOT. July savings: $1975 August savings $2100, the remainder of planned savings went to paying for a hotel, which is Allowed Spending. I knew this month wouldn't be as good, because of the September Vacation. Next month also won't be great, as I think I will end up spending the $500 that is supposed to go into savings, for the vacation. I'm hoping to get to $2200 by October.

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On On Job Hunting While Married

@Aconite People find it so weird when I say my boyfriend wants this.

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On Help a Reader Choose Her Health Care Plan

Take the first one. You probably won't notice the money isn't there, but you'll SURELY notice it if you need more PT. And one injury often leads to another, as you stress different parts of your body...better safe than sorry. Doctor's office visits, PT, any kinds of specialist cost hundreds and thousands and...ahhh I'm getting anxious just THINKING about not having the first plan here.

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On Who Benefits When Mike Dang Dies? Chatting About Life Insurance

My sister is the beneficiary of my life insurance plan. She was on gchat to offer her social security number when I did the forms . I made her promise to keep giving vet care to my partner if I ever die. (She's a vet. He loves animals. Seems like a fair deal to me.)

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On Monday Check-in

Two weeks in a row under budget! Estimated $175, spent $168. Feeling good! Let's hope I can keep the trend going this week.

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On Friday Estimate

Last week I was $5 under. Do we think I can do it again???? Dinner and drinks with coworkers tonight, let's say... $50. Date night on Saturday: $100 if I get it, none if he gets it. Sunday: Snacks for park $15. Groceries: $50 if I get it, none if he gets it. So... $175? That's what's left in the budget for this week, so not bad! Hopefully it will stay under though.

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On Crazy Interviews and What They Cost

Living in Manhattan, the most I've spent GETTING to interview somewhere is $5-15 depending on if I took a cab because I have a ridiculous fear about getting stuck underground in a subway delay and missing the interview. But in terms of wasting money-making time, though, the worst was a small magazine at Haymarket Media (who deserve to be publicly shamed for this) where I not only interviewed 2x, but ended up reporting out a FULL STORY for the writing test. They didn't even have the courtesy to call me back and tell me I hadn't gotten the job. I emailed maybe four times. I was a freelancer at the time, so time was MONEY. By my conservative calculations, they wasted $200 worth of time. Luckily, I was hired at a great job a few months later -- at probably 1.5x the salary they'd have offered me. Ha!

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On "So, What'll You Have?"

Get a Manhattan. It's all booze and you'll only need one drink, compared to two wines or beers for the same buzz. This assumes you can stop yourself at just one Manhattan, which I most certainly cannot.

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On Monday Check-in

Right under budget: Estimated $150, spent $145. Maybe the first time I've been under! $50 for groceries, $60 on gas, $20 on breakfast $15 at Stop & Shop for forgotten cosmetics.

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