On Friday Estimate

Tonight, $80ish bucks on takeout for friends? It's unclear what we'll be ordering... Tomorrow, $80+ on dinner and drinks with a friend I haven't seen in ages. We never manage to spend less than this. Sunday, date night!! Boyfriend will probably pick up. I'm traveling all next week, so no need for groceries. Will happily spend that extra money on friends and fun! ~$200 bucks.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

Goal achieved! Goal achieved! I was a little under 2k below my 2014 savings goal of 5k (unforeseen temporary paralysis in Nov. ate up a lot of money in terms of emotional spending because I couldn't walk and cabs because...I couldn't walk) but my tax return was big, so I funneled 2k of it into my savings and now my goal from 2014 has been met! Account is now at 5000.77! (Oh and I can walk again, thank god.) The other 2.2k of my tax return went towards paying off my credit card and paying for our Christmas vacation. Now I just have to get back on track with savings. We're moving next year, so I'll need around 5000 for that move, so I am aiming to save 400 a month. Time to re-commit!

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On Friday Estimate

-we're doing brunch tomorrow with friends, bf or i will grab $30ish for each of us -then there's a party for one of my friends that night, so maybe $30 for drinks if i go solo, $50 if bf comes -sunday going to a family thing, so zero dollars there. i'll likely grab some groceries and cook something for the week, so $30ish. it would be amazing if i could do the entire weekend for <$125

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On Friday Estimate

Goals: Clean, sleep, relax, watch the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, go to gym, buy new groceries. Also, brunch. Will estimate $50 on groceries including a nice meal on Saturday night for stay-in-date night, bf will probably pick up brunch as it's with his friends, and perhaps $50 on extra organizational things I decide I need? Less than $100 would be stellar.

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On Beyond Entry-Level

Curious, not critical: you wrote "when someone asks if SHE can meet me " (emphasis mine), is that because only/mostly women appeal to you for career advice or was just a slip of the words? I'm sort of fascinated about the dynamics of men/women in this field. I get asked for advice way more by women, as well, but am also a woman who particularly enjoys boosting young women in the field, so unclear if that influences my sample size.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

@pterodactylish OTHER SAVERS: do goals help or is it just better to keep slogging away? I don't really have a 'goal' so it always feels like 'too little.' IDK.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Vacation/emergency savings Dec. 1 – $2676 Feb. 1 - $2818 It's not a lot, but creeping up is better than creeping down! It's been an incredibly spendy few months, but I am trying to throw small amounts at this, just to stay in the habit of it.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

taken pre-tax: whatever the max my company will match for 401k, 60$ for transit monthly, and 125ish for health, dental, vision insurance take-home salary 3300, will probably jump to 3400ish next month w/ annual cost of living hikes 812.50, rent (my half of a one bedroom) 400 general savings 183, gym (my 2015 gift to me, totally worth it) 125, laundry service & dry cleaning. 100, cleaner 1x a month, which gets axed when i overspend anywhere else 25 coned 70, cable/internet 60, taxis to work every morning (i work very early in the morning; my company compensates me for the other 140 a month this costs, this is my share which is ~1.50 more than taking public transit) $1775. the other $1625 goes to everything else, and i operate on a go-with-the-flow budget, which is not strict at all. i'd like to save 500 a month, but can't really do it right now bc i live in an expensive city!

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On Monday Check-in

Spent tooooo much. $50 on cabs to jazz and then to party, boyfriend got drinks. $20 on hangover pizza delivery, oh god so embarrassing and delicious $65 on two meals and drinks in one sitting at our local pourhouse. Planned not to eat! Oops. Hangry fail. $25 at drugstore for TP and body washes. Had hoped to spend almost nothing! At least I brought lunch today.

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On Friday Estimate

MEXICOOOOOOO. 150 bucks for the car to and from the airport; 100 bucks for fancy tequila, probably. And that's it! Already paid my share of the vacation.

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