On Friday Estimate

-we're doing brunch tomorrow with friends, bf or i will grab $30ish for each of us -then there's a party for one of my friends that night, so maybe $30 for drinks if i go solo, $50 if bf comes -sunday going to a family thing, so zero dollars there. i'll likely grab some groceries and cook something for the week, so $30ish. it would be amazing if i could do the entire weekend for <$125

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On Friday Estimate

Goals: Clean, sleep, relax, watch the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, go to gym, buy new groceries. Also, brunch. Will estimate $50 on groceries including a nice meal on Saturday night for stay-in-date night, bf will probably pick up brunch as it's with his friends, and perhaps $50 on extra organizational things I decide I need? Less than $100 would be stellar.

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On Beyond Entry-Level

Curious, not critical: you wrote "when someone asks if SHE can meet me " (emphasis mine), is that because only/mostly women appeal to you for career advice or was just a slip of the words? I'm sort of fascinated about the dynamics of men/women in this field. I get asked for advice way more by women, as well, but am also a woman who particularly enjoys boosting young women in the field, so unclear if that influences my sample size.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

@pterodactylish OTHER SAVERS: do goals help or is it just better to keep slogging away? I don't really have a 'goal' so it always feels like 'too little.' IDK.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Vacation/emergency savings Dec. 1 – $2676 Feb. 1 - $2818 It's not a lot, but creeping up is better than creeping down! It's been an incredibly spendy few months, but I am trying to throw small amounts at this, just to stay in the habit of it.

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On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

taken pre-tax: whatever the max my company will match for 401k, 60$ for transit monthly, and 125ish for health, dental, vision insurance take-home salary 3300, will probably jump to 3400ish next month w/ annual cost of living hikes 812.50, rent (my half of a one bedroom) 400 general savings 183, gym (my 2015 gift to me, totally worth it) 125, laundry service & dry cleaning. 100, cleaner 1x a month, which gets axed when i overspend anywhere else 25 coned 70, cable/internet 60, taxis to work every morning (i work very early in the morning; my company compensates me for the other 140 a month this costs, this is my share which is ~1.50 more than taking public transit) $1775. the other $1625 goes to everything else, and i operate on a go-with-the-flow budget, which is not strict at all. i'd like to save 500 a month, but can't really do it right now bc i live in an expensive city!

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On Monday Check-in

Spent tooooo much. $50 on cabs to jazz and then to party, boyfriend got drinks. $20 on hangover pizza delivery, oh god so embarrassing and delicious $65 on two meals and drinks in one sitting at our local pourhouse. Planned not to eat! Oops. Hangry fail. $25 at drugstore for TP and body washes. Had hoped to spend almost nothing! At least I brought lunch today.

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On Friday Estimate

MEXICOOOOOOO. 150 bucks for the car to and from the airport; 100 bucks for fancy tequila, probably. And that's it! Already paid my share of the vacation.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

Savings check in (including a deposit of cash I'm making later today.) Oct. 1 - $1625 Dec. 1 - $2676 I am fiercely proud of this because it's been a profoundly expensive and often shitty couple of months, so this is my victory. Just gotta keep it up for a few months.

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On Friday Estimate

A week ago today I paralyzed my foot, by damaging the nerve. It's been the crappiest crap heap that a week can be, but I made it through!! That probably merits that cable knit dress from LOFT and takeout for one, because I DESERVED it. Also, the necessary cabs to get to doc appts today. Sigh. Boyfriend is working late, so I might have some wine delivered (see also: paralyzed foot) and partake in a little bit of that. Tomorrow: train tickets to CT, where Mom will feed me wine and good food. Sunday: cabs, brunch with a friend when we get back. Having a paralyzed foot is MIGHTY expensive.

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