On Monday Check-in

$50 on dinner and drinks friday night (our gift card didn't cover it all), $64 on gas on Saturday, $32 on groceries on Sunday. That's it!!! $116. I am proud of this.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes and Destinations

I do this all the time! Except for me it's "Better Homes and Places for a Murphy Bed" (Manhattan/BK real estate under $400k.)

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On Friday Estimate

Going up to Storm King, the open-air art place, tomorrow. We bought gas recently, so I don't think we'll need that. Let's say $20 bucks for tolls and $40 bucks for food and incidentals. We're going to a party that night, my boyfriend will probably grab drinks since it's his friends. Sunday, I'll be spinning and then dining with my family (mom's paying) and seeing a baseball game (paid awhile ago)...maybe $45 bucks on beers? If I find time to grocery shop and cook, that'll be $70ish. <$200 and I'll be pleased.

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On Friday Estimate

Just bought my boyfriend's favorite pie, $35. Picking up some groceries for tomorrow's housewarming party, maybe some more eggs for brunching tomorrow, say $40. We're having beers on a friend's roof tonight, already have the beverages. Tomorrow is the party, that's all been taken care of. Sunday we'll probably recover, eat bagels, sleep, and cook for the week. $70 bucks. $145ish. Not too bad.

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On Monday Check-in

Well, I had an estimate I'm sure and I'm sure I also blew that estimate so far out of the water it's in outerspace and traveling towards Pluto, complaining that it should really be a planet. $150 on a coworker dinner. We did not eat or drink this much, but large bills, what ya gonna do? $32 for my mom to get an Uber Surge Pricing car to the train during a torrential downpour. I'm a good daughter, I guess. $7.50 on lunch. $20 getting downtown to another party. $60 on train tickets for me, bf, and half of birthday friend's train ticket for a trip out of town $100 lunch at a brewery Nearly $400. OUCH. And then, today, of course, it was time to re-up a stupid expensive package of spin classes. Damn you Soul Cycle!!! ($320.) OK, going to go curl up and never spend money ever again.

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On Monday Check-in

Went to DC to visit a friend, which was ill-advised as I was sick. We went home early on Sunday morning. $60 on cabs in DC, $55 on liquor stock-up in Delaware on way home from DC (BF was driving bc I was very sick with a head cold, so I paid for booze as prize/thankyoufornothatingmycoughing), $106 dinner for the two of us, $95 on room service and parking at the hotel, $8 at CVS for snacks, and $55 cash that was in my wallet that is no longer in my wallet. Tolls and snacks I assume? Oh and $58 for dinner when we got home. $550. Welp. I estimated $250? Yikes. Someone take away my cards.

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On Friday Estimate

Shoop da doop, heading to DC even though I'm wicked sick. The hotel has a one-night cancellation fee (on a two night stay) so I decided if I'm going to be sick I might as well be sick with room service. Hoping to keep the whole shebang under 250. BF owes me 180 for his share of the hotel and I'm figuring I can 70 bucks at it. It's been far too spendy recently, but next week I think it'll calm down. Only highlight of being sick is that I will definitely not be drinking much, which should reign in costs.

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On The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

Is it just me or does this seem totally affordable for what it is? Then again, I live in Manhattan and have a very skewed (read: everything = $$$$) sense of the world.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated 60 on drinks and potentially $200 on a fancy dinner, depending on who picked up the tab. Friends got that tab so what was left was spent $70 on drinks, $38 on lunch, and $20 on a couple cabs. Considering the amazing, jam-packed weekend I had, $130 is a pretty fine price to pay.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

Last time I checked in, it was February. Stuff was busy and money was very up in the air (it was oddly one of those inexplicably spendy times), but we just had a three paycheck month and boyfriend moved in, so expenses are down and cash flow is up! My very lofty and intense savings goal is $500 a month. (For context, this is 15% of my take-home income.) I will be pleased and proud if I can do $400 a month, but $500 is THE GOAL. I gave myself a breather to get through the moving-in and business this month, but next month I am going to ROCK THIS GOAL. Currently: $1450. Goal: $1950 by July 1. These savings are for travel/future wedding (not engaged, but we are making a concerted effort to save well before we get there!)/ and general emergencies. SUCCESSFUL SAVERS: Does it really help to have multiple accounts for multiple savings goals? I should probably do high yield?

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