On Friday Estimate

Hmmmm.... Today is lunch out $25, then a work event (free.) Brunch tomorrow will be around $40, then I'm hanging out and staying in. We need to buy some wood and stain for the shelves my man is building, so maybe $30 on that. It's my week to buy groceries, so let's say $60 or $70 for that. Sunday...no plans but quality time with the dude. Let's round out and say $200.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight we're going to a dinner party, so I've got to pick up some cocktail fixings as that's our contribution. Probably $40-50, but they're going back to restock our home bar so not too bad. Tomorrow I've got a lunch out, let's say $25, and a train ride $12. Then I have dinner with a family and a work party, so all free. Work party is sending me home via a car, wheeee, free and easy! Sunday my family is driving in a piece of furniture and we're paying movers to hoist it up the stairs. My half of movers is $50. Then we're being taken out to brunch by family, that'll be free. We probably need groceries after that. So, probably another $30 or 40 for my half. Yiiiikes, $200. Definitely not that much left in the budget, but we'll make it work I guess.

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On Earning 315,000 Credit Card Points in Less Than a Year

@Nola212 Literally anything with money can be dangerous. Spend all your cash too early in the month? Nothing to eat for the rest of the month! Same concept with credit cards. But basically, this dude shows you how to maximize your money to get the most from it. Under Points Guy advice, I've found out away to basically take a free trip every year thanks to my points. It's money I'd be spending anyway, but I want it to work for me. In the three years I've been trying to utilize CC points/cash back, I've netted more than $1200 of travel/cash back. I've spent perhaps $60 bucks interest on unexpected charges, so, seems like a good deal to me. Anyway, yay this post. Inspired me to finally downgrade my old Rewards Card (before the fee kicked in) to a no-fee version and then open a new, high rewards card with a big signing bonus.

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On Monday Check-in

estimated 100 - 60 going out and 40 groceries. i went over, but feel good about being thrifty outside of going out, which is not something i am generally thrify about. ended up spending $90 going out (burgers and cocktails for two, my bf got subsequent drinks and the cab home), $50 on a new pot (i ruined the other one last week) soap (hand and body, organic and fancy, what budget?), cleaner things, make-up remover wipes, and new tuberware that is insanely cute, $40 on groceries. maybe not the thrifiest home improvements and boozing, but they've made my life much nicer, so i'm on board.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

@ThatJenn Where are you going?!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

Ahahaha, everything went to hell the minute I set my savings goals. So, January ’14: $1600. February '14: $1000. Womp.

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On A Relationship Ends, But the Lease Does Not

@isabellebleu No but really

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On Slashing Our Grocery Bills and Cooking on a Budget

@meatcute CSA!!!! We spend ~$400-500 each year and get POUNDS of fresh veggies and fruits every week for like 4-5 months. It MORE than feeds two of us, with some added meat.

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On Monday Check-In

$25 on groceries, $14 cab, $15 on prosecco. THAT'S IT. Yay.

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On Tuesday Check-In

Spent all the money. A planned (cheaper) vacation was cancelled when a friend we were going away with got sick, so we did a staycation. Since it was my BF's birthday, I paid for all our fun! $40 dinner with his friends (who also chipped in to pay for him), $50 drinks (friends helped on that front, too), $70 brunch, $120 special coupley bday dinner. Weekend of fun - $290. Look on my man's face when he saw the restaurant menu last night - priceless.

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