On Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

taken pre-tax: whatever the max my company will match for 401k, 60$ for transit monthly, and 125ish for health, dental, vision insurance take-home salary 3300, will probably jump to 3400ish next month w/ annual cost of living hikes 812.50, rent (my half of a one bedroom) 400 general savings 183, gym (my 2015 gift to me, totally worth it) 125, laundry service & dry cleaning. 100, cleaner 1x a month, which gets axed when i overspend anywhere else 25 coned 70, cable/internet 60, taxis to work every morning (i work very early in the morning; my company compensates me for the other 140 a month this costs, this is my share which is ~1.50 more than taking public transit) $1775. the other $1625 goes to everything else, and i operate on a go-with-the-flow budget, which is not strict at all. i'd like to save 500 a month, but can't really do it right now bc i live in an expensive city!

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On Monday Check-in

Spent tooooo much. $50 on cabs to jazz and then to party, boyfriend got drinks. $20 on hangover pizza delivery, oh god so embarrassing and delicious $65 on two meals and drinks in one sitting at our local pourhouse. Planned not to eat! Oops. Hangry fail. $25 at drugstore for TP and body washes. Had hoped to spend almost nothing! At least I brought lunch today.

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On Friday Estimate

MEXICOOOOOOO. 150 bucks for the car to and from the airport; 100 bucks for fancy tequila, probably. And that's it! Already paid my share of the vacation.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

Savings check in (including a deposit of cash I'm making later today.) Oct. 1 - $1625 Dec. 1 - $2676 I am fiercely proud of this because it's been a profoundly expensive and often shitty couple of months, so this is my victory. Just gotta keep it up for a few months.

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On Friday Estimate

A week ago today I paralyzed my foot, by damaging the nerve. It's been the crappiest crap heap that a week can be, but I made it through!! That probably merits that cable knit dress from LOFT and takeout for one, because I DESERVED it. Also, the necessary cabs to get to doc appts today. Sigh. Boyfriend is working late, so I might have some wine delivered (see also: paralyzed foot) and partake in a little bit of that. Tomorrow: train tickets to CT, where Mom will feed me wine and good food. Sunday: cabs, brunch with a friend when we get back. Having a paralyzed foot is MIGHTY expensive.

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On It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Don’t Do 1 Thing

I'm going to say today's song was totally my one thing. :) :)

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On She Wore a Raspberry 1 Thing

Every week when this is posted, I hum Ella F.'s "It don't mean a thing" except I change the words... "It don't mean a thing if you don't do that thing." It's not really 'on message', but it is cheerful!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

So, the problem with saving is spending. Aug. Balance: 2100. Oct. 1. Balance 1625. didn't do my normal deposit in september because we went on vacation, so that was fun money, and i paid my mom $500 for my (very small) portion of family vacation fees. she still hasn't deposited the check (it's just chillin' in my savings, making me feel falsely flush), because it seems she doesn't want to us (bf+me, who threw in a combined 900) to pay for anything, but she really should, because it will be expensive and this will help offset a little bit of it! I guess if she doesn't this money will just go back into savings. that's the last of the vacations this year, so i'll be depositing $400-500 a month regularly from now on. Goal for the New Year is $2500. Goal for 2016 New Year is $7000.

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On Friday Estimate

This estimate is going to be a doozy -- I'm on vacation for this weekend, next week, and next weekend. Here's my rough, very rough estimate... $750 dollars, including eating out, random expenses, and some outlet shopping. We already paid for hotels. I am hoping to come under that, but traveling is expensive!

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On Cleaning House With Jenny

@pterodactylish (should I be tipping more???)

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