On Places I've Lived: "Living Alone Encourages Bad Habits and Interrogations"

Homemade Nirvana shirts?! I hope you kept them but if they need a good home... I may know a place...

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On I Saved My Own Money to Move to Paris (But My Parents Taught Me How)

@Emma Peel I am dying to know about the visa/healthcare thing too. As a US citizen living and working legally in the UK, I've realised there are so many aspects of immigration (law) to consider. Jenna, let us know how you've worked it out! Would love to just up and move to another country someday. My sister lined up an internship in Cambodia and within 3 months someone at the organisation left and they gave her the job. These things do happen but it really seems to depend a lot on putting yourself in the right place at the right time.

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