On More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

@LB That makes sense that soy would be used primarily for non-human purposes, similar to corn. Thanks for the link!

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On More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

I don't know that I'd agree with veganism being better for the planet. Taking animals out of the equation reduces greenhouse gases, yes. However, a lot of vegans get most of their protein from soy, which is being planted all over Brazil and other parts of what were formerly Amazon rainforest, so you can't discount the lost environmental benefits that come from tearing down rainforest. Not to mention the animals that are being killed in the destruction of the forest where the soy is then being planted.

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On Does Success in One Area Mean Failure In Another?

Nicole, that last tag is begging for its own post.

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On Health Insurance Isn't Supposed to Work Like This

@Trilby If you have cancer, I imagine you should be spending your energy fighting the cancer, not the insurance company that you've paid large sums of money to handle things like this.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2014 Check-in

@katerrific I was coming down to say the same thing! It looks like her new job is really serving her well financially. Yay Logan!

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On French Restaurant Institutes Fine For Wasted Food

@sheistolerable Ha, I did a double-take on that too. Then I realized it's a French restaurant in Switzerland, and those stubborn (smart) Swiss won't go on the Euro.

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On Should This Kid Quit His Job To Spend His Parents' Money?

I'm impressed that his parents are sticking to their guns. If you want to quit your job, use your own savings. You should have plenty to live on for a year given that $150k salary. Also see #9 here: http://the-toast.net/2014/04/17/lessons-learned-therapist/

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On Hustles

@Aconite A+ comment, would read again

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On Fronting

@garli As an owner of a few Longchamp bags, I will say they are remarkably durable. Part of the appeal is definitely the status symbol element, though once I graduated college and got over that I have continued to use them because (1) I like monochromatic, simple bags and (2) I will pay $125 (what I last paid for one, like 5 years ago) for a bag that can fit my laptop plus all my general purse contents and will last literally forever.

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On Budget Super Bowl Snacks

"Your guests will definitely do a weird little dance when they taste this dip." I die. This is perfect.

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