On Does Anything In The SOTU Affect Us Personally

I really wish Obama would support free *vocational* school instead of community college. Without restructuring the entire student loan industry, upon which college tuition has soared over the past three decades, I struggle to see how this is a good thing in the long term for the economy. It will further water down the value of a bachelor's degree, pushing more people to graduate school to get ahead, who will then take on more loans to pay for that graduate school and start full-time employment (earning income) later in life. This taxes the already-taxed (no pun intended) social security and Medicare systems, which need the revenue from young earners to survive. Vocational education, on the other hand, would be a big boost for the economy. I fully support the idea that not *everyone* has to--or should--go to college. The world needs welders and mechanics and electricians! It would also give lower-income kids a better shot at a stable career, and they will be employed younger, paying taxes for longer, and doing jobs that our economy needs.

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On $100 Million For An Apartment & It's Not Even Pretty

If it makes you feel better, I'd bet that none of those castles/chateaus have heating and it would cost roughly $100,000,000 per year to heat that kind of cavernous square footage.

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On Hey, Wait, I've Got a New Complaint

@lisaf You'll never know unless you ask! It's been under a month, so I feel like that's within a reasonable timeframe.

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On Dollar Guilt in the Land of the Collapsing Ruble

This is fascinating and so well written. Thanks for sharing.

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On Who Is the Wealthiest Woman in Each State?

@moreadventurous Yeah that can't be right, maybe it's a typo and it's supposed to be $360 million? Alternatively, it could come from a pre-nup or something of the like, since they only got married in 2012. If it's that, there's still no way she's the richest woman in DC.

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On Friday Estimate

@avianbonesyndrome Also, if you're going tomorrow, I highly suggest trying to go to the Kyrgios-Robredo match. Kyrgios is an up-and-coming 19-year-old, and he's the real deal, and extremely fun to watch. I would bet that match goes on the Grandstand.

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On Friday Estimate

Ahh Mike, I'm so jealous, the US Open is great! I highly recommend checking out a couple of matches at the Grandstand--you'll feel like you are basically on the court. In contrast, Ashe is so enormous that, unless you're down in the front sections, you can't see much. The time to go to Ashe is for night matches. Armstrong is also a great stadium. This weekend is the best time to go because you start getting great match-ups, but there is still plenty of tennis being played everywhere. I'm a tennis nut, but watching players practice at the practice gallery is also awesome. Have a great time!

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On Chatting About Amusement Parks

I'm on the nopetopus train with water parks. So much bacteria and general grossness! A second grade class in my school district went to White Water (the water park that is now part of Six Flags Atlanta) when I was a kid and a bunch of them got E. coli. Not a fan of the over-chlorination used to get rid of the gross stuff either.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@garysixpack "Immigration is an issue, but not really something that gets in the way of hiring someone we want." Depending on where you live, immigration can definitely get in the way of hiring someone you want. If you're a STEM person in the DC area, immigration can *absolutely* be a huge factor in getting a job/hiring someone, because most of the STEM-related jobs involve government contracting somehow.

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On The Cost of Getting a Green Card

@garysixpack And I know many people who had to go back to their home countries after graduation because companies (mostly investment banks and the big consulting firms) wouldn't pay the $10-20k extra to sponsor a visa while the person was awaiting permanent residency approval. To be fair, this was late 2008/early 2009 in primarily investment banking. However, my experience is that it companies do not want to sponsor a visa on the way to a green card if they can hire someone who is already a US citizen or permanent resident. This ends up being a catch-22 for a lot of people who want to immigrate legally (and are already in the country on an H1-B) because you need a job to get a green card, unless you fake a marriage or other documents as described in the article, but not many professional firms in my experience will hire someone pre-green card.

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