On Hustles

@Aconite A+ comment, would read again

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On Fronting

@garli As an owner of a few Longchamp bags, I will say they are remarkably durable. Part of the appeal is definitely the status symbol element, though once I graduated college and got over that I have continued to use them because (1) I like monochromatic, simple bags and (2) I will pay $125 (what I last paid for one, like 5 years ago) for a bag that can fit my laptop plus all my general purse contents and will last literally forever.

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On Budget Super Bowl Snacks

"Your guests will definitely do a weird little dance when they taste this dip." I die. This is perfect.

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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@Joe Shmoe Ok, you seem to be a reasonable person, so I'll ask this question. Why does it seem to be such an accepted part of dental culture that it's ok to be a judgmental asshole to your patients (reference the two comments above)? It's not like dentists and dental hygienists are the only medical providers who see people not taking the best care of themselves. I know plenty of people who don't like going to the doctor, but not on this anxiety level, seemingly because other doctors can manage to be more compassionate about it. I'm not even in a medical field, and I get frustrated with coworkers and clients who do really stupid things every day, and yet I don't feel the need to be a jerk about it. I understand that people are frustrating, but I truly don't understand where this pervasive culture of judgment and condescension comes from.

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On Computer Predicts the Balance of Your Bank Account

@grobel For each question, the top of the page lists your bank account and also the computer's prediction of your bank account, and you can see how each answer influences the computer's prediction--it's pretty interesting to watch!

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On What Happens to Olympians After They Win Gold?

@TheDilettantista Yes yes yes, I absolutely loved that movie, and the most thought-provoking tidbits come from Kevin's father on the topic of sponsorships and the athlete's relationship with the sponsors. Seriously, everyone go see it, it's a beautiful film.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

@WayDownSouth Well said, and in a much more gentle and reasonable manner than I did.

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On The Specter of Our Horrible Bosses

@Kthompson My read on the "problematic" part of your post called out by @Jake Reinhardt is that there is a difference between being opinionated and being disrespectful and borderline manipulative. The fact that you list "being nasty" in a list of ways you deal with someone telling you something you disagree makes you seem immature and also seems to indicate that you are the type of person that has to be right and acknowledged as right all the time. An authority figure, whether it be a teacher, a boss, a cop, or whatever, telling you something you don't agree with does not always equal being "pushed around". Don't get me wrong - I am very sorry that you had such a terrible and abusive boss, and I am glad that you are in a better place. It's just that sometimes not being The Boss means doing things you don't want to do or think are the "right" thing to do in a situation--that's just a part of life (exception for a boss asking you to do something illegal or unethical). ETA: I also know it's especially hard to accept direction from a bad person who treats you terribly and whom you don't respect. I'm not meaning to be confrontational and obviously I don't know the whole story--this is just what I'm getting from the word choice in your posts.

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On Can We Talk About the Aldi Grocery Store Chain?

I like Aldi, but nothing compares to Wegmans.

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On Figuring Out Laundry

@gyip I recently learned from my great aunt that you can use plain old white vinegar as a fabric softener! Just throw in about 1/4 cup with a load of laundry and when they come out of the dryer, your clothes/towels/sheets will be super soft and there is no vinegar smell. Seriously, vinegar does everything.

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