On Six Lessons I Learned After Becoming a Full-time Freelancer

@jfruh I am SO emailing you. I have a full-time salary job and do some freelancing outside of that and I hate even trying to figure it all out :(

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On How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

@RocketSurgeon I'd definitely like to see a survey about how much people set aside/have left for fun money! I know that eating out would be a part of that, but I'm interested in the overall number.

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On Open Thread

was reading a fitness magazine and apparently there are such things as trampoline workout classes, and I want to try one, but there aren't any in Austin. The city does have places that have room sized trampolines, but those are generally marketed to kids and teenagers for parties and events. I was thinking about just going in there and working out, but I'm thinking that a 23 year old jumping around for cardio while kids and parents are there for fun might look weird? Idk

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On Money That I May As Well Have Put In the Trash, Burned, Made Confetti Of, Etc.

$600 on a Kaplan GMAT prep class. I took the classes, but didn't take the test. After thinking about it, I decided to listen to popular advice and get work experience first since I just graduated almost a year ago. So yeah, I prepped and will likely have to do it all over again in a few years :(

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

I live in Texas so I cannot attend, but Happy Birthday! I love this website.

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On Up And At 'Em

@DickensianCat This is what I'm struggling with currently. I know it frees up more time later in the day if I work out in the morning before work...but more often than not, my alarm goes off, I hit snooze and roll back over for another hour. Evening workouts just seem to work better for me.

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On Financial Archaeology

@highjump yes, definitely should make this a regular series.

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On Friday Estimate

Going to Houston for All Star Weekend, limiting myself to $130 for meals out and shopping. But I'm hoping I'll come in well under that.

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On Homers and Purple Squirrels

@Nucking Fux Nix If you've submitted an application via a job board or the company's job portal, is it frowned upon if you try to find the possible recruiter or manager who will likely oversee that position, and email them to ask about the status of the application and express you interest? Or is it just better to wait until a recruiter calls you? Lately I've heard that it's better to try to talk to someone who's directly involved with or somehow linked to the person in charge of the position.

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On Open Thread

@aperson I went to Padgett Business Services in south Austin last month because I was confused as to how to pay quarterly estimated taxes. I worked with Matt and he was really nice! I think his general rate is $100 per hour, but pro-rates if it takes less than that.

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