On Searching for a Dream Apartment But Finding Only Nightmares

Parkdale certainly has characters. We lived beside a group home where people collected and sold scrap metal. Heaps of old toasters and bike frames in piles in the yard. Our neighbour once had a 24 hr karaoke party. I went to work the night shift at 8 p.m. and they were still singing at 9 a.m.

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On The Cost of Love

Ugg. I don't even want to think about this one. Two years of biweekly visits when we were long distance. Plus spur of the moment plane tickets to visit for a long weekend. His share of the rent for half of last year while he was finishing school. $2,000 towards his credit card because we are getting married and his credit rating is going to ruin mine. Panic when I think about how much a wedding costs. Can you get married for under $2,000 and not offend your family?

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On Why My Cat Has a Savings Account

This piece is me exactly. After I finished school I had $0 but a new job. I just started saving like mad, repairing clothes instead of buying new ones, waiting till the muffler fell off my car before bringing it to the mechanic. It is easy to become obsessed with saving while things fall apart around you.

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