On Why Don't American Women Bike To Work?

I bike, and I think reading this post and the comments took me more time than I have ever thought about biking to work. I live about 2km from work, so I typically try to add another 6 or so by taking a long way around. I wear jeans/blouse to work, so I bike in my jeans, some keds, and a tank top, and do a quick baby-wipe swipe before I put my blouse on. I carry it in a grocery bag with my stuff, and I use a milk crate on a rack to carry everything I bring in. I do a messy (or neat if I remember a brush) bun, and call that fine. I leave shoes under my desk. I wouldn't trade bike riding to work for anything!

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On The True Value of Taking The Greyhound To Spring Break

When I was 21 and going east to university, I took the bus from Vancouver to Ottawa (about 5 days). It was such an eye-opening experience, both mentally and physically. I was no stranger (and am still not) to long distance bus travel in Mexico, but doing it in the country I grew up in was really different.

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On The Cost of Getting Hit By a Car

@madrassoup I mean he did it on purpose, and I guess that was pretty obvious at the time, but still! Stop for peds!

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On The Cost of Getting Hit By a Car

My partner was once hit by a car like this, in a marked crosswalk. He was fine, but on his way down, he brought his heavy umbrella handle down as hard as he could into the hood of the idiot's Benz. She tried to get compensation out of him, but our insurance corp laughed her out of the building.

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On An Interview With a Friend Who Got Bedbugs The First (And Last) Time She Used VRBO

Reading the reviews and responses on the listing is wonderful. Mary sounds like a treat!

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

@samburger HI PAL! See you on Friday? I can't think of anything good for our thread :/

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

My partner and I save about $20k a year, of the 80k gross we make, but like @nnlsbin says, it's not very interesting. I think being a married couple helps, and being really compatible.

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On Is Debt Management Just Part of Being an Adult?

@taekvideo Oh tell me more! I just ordered the stuff to do this with. What kind of base juice are you using? Can you still see?

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On Is Debt Management Just Part of Being an Adult?

@beastlyburden Thank you so much for your sentiment on MMM - of all the "financial gurus" out there, MMM is the philosophy I follow most closely, and I've struggled to articulate my feelings towards it a lot.

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On Eating on Airplanes

Pro-tip - on flights offering complimentary meals, when you book request the Indian vegetarian or vegan meal. I've had a number of tasty curries on the major trans-Atlantic carriers.

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