On Repair or Replace: The Smartphone Conundrum

@clo depends on the market for the old phone - I just sold an iPhone 4 (no S!) for $120, which is slightly under market rates. It's worth taking a quick look at Craigslist if you are thinking about selling it - might have more value than you expect!

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

@CMD+click I know you didn't ask me - my husband and I spend about $35/week on food for ourselves. We always stock up on pantry items (dried beans, noodles, flours/grains, cheddar cheese) whenever they are on sale. Weekly we only need to purchase fresh veggies/fruit, milk/yogurt and tofu/seitan. We eat very little animal protein, and our meals are typically Asian or Mexican. We both love cooking, and talking about food, so we meal plan once a week and make sure things we are planning to buy can overlap between meals. It's certainly not for everyone, but this works for us, and we both feel as though our meals are luxurious and something to look forward to!

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On Traveling Lighter

@CaitlinChats Yeah, plastic safety razor has never been an issue for me!

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On How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

@erinep My husband and I share a 98 Toyota Solara - the 2 door "sport Camry" - it has over 200k KM and runs great. I love that car!

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On Broke With Bad Skin, UNTIL ...

I have to say, Epidou (Tactu here in Canada) has made such a difference. It was several weeks of bad times, but people actually compliment me on my complexion now, my scars are fading, and my face doesn't hurt. It was hard to get through the bad weeks, but if you have serious skin problems, it is worth trying to tough out.

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On The Cost of Stress Baking

@garli Haha that much butter where I live would be like five dollars

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On The Cost of Stress Baking

@garli They seem right to my Canadian eyes.

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On "Working Has Become More Expensive"

@MemphisBlues THANK GOD I'm so vengeful and angry I can't be bothered to even care what men think of how I look.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

@samburger Thanks! Every week or so we do a big search to look. To really increase incomes I think we'd have to move provinces, which is fine, although logistically challenging. Neither of us have big fancy skills or degrees (history grad school drop-outs!), which adds to the challenge. We live on about 29k net now, so 25k seem pretty doable, especially somewhere with a cheaper cost of living.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

@samburger huh, we have the same 10 year financial goal, basically (ours is 600K). We've got a leg up in the money pile though, mind if I use you an impetus to try to find a better paying job?

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