On Our Feelings Aside, Sex Work Is a Labor Issue

The image of Laura Palmer just slays me. Nice work.

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On Let Me Tell You About My Vacation (My Dental Vacation)

@Jake Reinhardt Well, from my own experience. I have struggled with recurrent UTIs. Like really really recurrent. Currently they are pretty manageable without the use of antibiotics. When I have one, I know, and I haven to go to a walk in clinic, wait for like 3 hours, explain my symptoms to a doctor, pee in a cup, etc (I do have a family dr, but it would take me about three weeks to get an appointment [Canadian]. Last time I was in Mexico I went to a pharmacy, spoke to the pharmacist, and left with the exact same antibiotics that the clinic doctor would prescribe. if I need to take them, I just do in the exact same way the doctor would have told me to, except I can start them about three days earlier.

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On The Doctor Will See You in 18.5 Days

My partner needed a specialist for a minor issue, and it was a six month wait, and he was bumped from his original appointment, and the subsequent appointments. Total wait was maybe nine months. We're in Canada, so it was free for the most part, but an annoying experience. It usually takes me about three weeks to get into see my family doctor for anything.

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On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

@grobel I check my bank account and credit card every day, making sure that everything lines up to what I remember. I pay my credit card off everyday, because mastercard is never getting a dime from me.

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On When You Have Enough

@Derbel McDillet @samburger I'm glad to hear there are others like us! Sometimes I feel adrift in a sea of people agreeing that they simply "couldn't live" without a dishwahser and looking down their noses at us.

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On When You Have Enough

@samburger You sound like you're in the same boat as my husband and I. We have a very modest standard of living, and a long term goal of freedom 45 - having each other, and the feeling of being part of an "us against the rampant and conspicuous consumption that defines so much of our current society" team makes me feel like I have more than enough.

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On The Cost of Skiing

@MissMushkila Yes, I totally hear you on your budget ski tips. My husband has nice gear, mainly gifted from generous family over many years' holidays, and I bought everything of mine second hand, even my outerwear, and I do my own ding repairs and keep good care of my stuff. Every year now my costs are basically just lift tickets and apres ski beers.

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On The Cost of Skiing

@RachelG8489 yeah, I skied religiously as a wee one, back in the 90s, with no helmet. I wouldn't now though. Heads got more fragile since then or something :)

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On The Cost of Skiing

Well, I love skiing. Anyone else love skiing? It can be done on a budget - anyone want to swap budget ski tips? Also, to the author, wear a helmet! Honestly.

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On Questionable Mailer Sent By Bank

@Fig. 1 Oh boy, I work with a girl who just did something like this with her husband. We went to their new little house (which anywhere else in Canada would be a tear down) and they were bragging about how they managed to "trick" the bank and the gov into a 0% down mortgage with a series of loans and rrsp withdrawls - like they had pulled a fast one on the housing industry when really the did exactly what the industry wanted them to do. No critical thinking! You're ot going to "beat the bank"!

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