On The Year I Saved $10,000

@samburger HI PAL! See you on Friday? I can't think of anything good for our thread :/

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

My partner and I save about $20k a year, of the 80k gross we make, but like @nnlsbin says, it's not very interesting. I think being a married couple helps, and being really compatible.

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On Is Debt Management Just Part of Being an Adult?

@taekvideo Oh tell me more! I just ordered the stuff to do this with. What kind of base juice are you using? Can you still see?

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On Is Debt Management Just Part of Being an Adult?

@beastlyburden Thank you so much for your sentiment on MMM - of all the "financial gurus" out there, MMM is the philosophy I follow most closely, and I've struggled to articulate my feelings towards it a lot.

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On Eating on Airplanes

Pro-tip - on flights offering complimentary meals, when you book request the Indian vegetarian or vegan meal. I've had a number of tasty curries on the major trans-Atlantic carriers.

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On I Don't Own a Microwave, AMA

@RiffRandell If I'm feeling super lazy, I just wrap what I want in tinfoil with a splash of water and put it in the oven

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On Our Feelings Aside, Sex Work Is a Labor Issue

The image of Laura Palmer just slays me. Nice work.

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On Let Me Tell You About My Vacation (My Dental Vacation)

@Jake Reinhardt Well, from my own experience. I have struggled with recurrent UTIs. Like really really recurrent. Currently they are pretty manageable without the use of antibiotics. When I have one, I know, and I haven to go to a walk in clinic, wait for like 3 hours, explain my symptoms to a doctor, pee in a cup, etc (I do have a family dr, but it would take me about three weeks to get an appointment [Canadian]. Last time I was in Mexico I went to a pharmacy, spoke to the pharmacist, and left with the exact same antibiotics that the clinic doctor would prescribe. if I need to take them, I just do in the exact same way the doctor would have told me to, except I can start them about three days earlier.

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On The Doctor Will See You in 18.5 Days

My partner needed a specialist for a minor issue, and it was a six month wait, and he was bumped from his original appointment, and the subsequent appointments. Total wait was maybe nine months. We're in Canada, so it was free for the most part, but an annoying experience. It usually takes me about three weeks to get into see my family doctor for anything.

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On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

@grobel I check my bank account and credit card every day, making sure that everything lines up to what I remember. I pay my credit card off everyday, because mastercard is never getting a dime from me.

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